July 19, 2017

#MidWeekTease This Sexy Human Has Turned His World Upside Down #MM #Shifter #RomanceNovel

Hi everyone welcome to my #MidweekTease.  Today's excerpt is from my untitled WIP.  It's an M/M erotic shifter romance.  The snippet for today features our hero Edmund and he is upset that this stranger that he has just met is about to turn his carefully organized life upside down.  If you would like to read another excerpt from this story go here

My Inspiration for Edmund

        Edmund loosened his tie.  He laid it across the tie rack blankly staring at the wall in front of him. His bedroom suddenly seeming too large for one man.  It lacked his mate.  He closed his eyes and shook his head.  What had looked to be a quiet evening turned into a beautiful nightmare featuring the most exquisite creature he'd ever seen.  Hair the color of gold and eyes so blue they reminded him of an ocean.  And his body so lithe, graceful and slender with skin the color of honey made him want to claim him immediately.

       He groaned as his dick filled with blood.  Aroused by this stranger, his wolf growled surprised by his response.  He'd purposely isolated himself for years not wanting to partake of the cares of the world only bothering to do the barest essentials in caring for his land.  His people were not starving and peace abounded though not a joyful one but it was there nonetheless. He did not need this human coming here and rocking the status quo.   

     “My Lord,” Gudrun said entering his private chambers. “It seems our guest did not fancy our meal.”

      “Perhaps our food is too rich for his system.”

      “I'm not so certain of that,” Gudrun said while setting out his night clothes. “I've seen quite a few of them eat succulent meats with the thickest of cream sauces poured all over it.”

“Yes, but were any of them as frail looking as our guest?”


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