June 7, 2015

Something Unexpected, A Paranormal Contemporary Erotic Romance by AJ Jarrett


After years of captivity and being treated as a science experiment, Dax Garrett is free. He’s scared of the world around him but he refuses to be a victim anymore.

Colt Perry is a hunter who’s been placed on a mandatory leave of absence. Not what Colt wanted and he’s complaining to anyone willing to listen. All he has is his work and without it he feels lost and alone, two things Colt despises more than anything.

Everything changes when Colt meets a shy Dax. Dax isn’t sure what to think of this strong and sexy man but he can’t refuse what is so clearly right in front of him.

Life’s short and Colt is sick of living alone. Loving Dax means everything to Colt but along with that love comes an unexpected surprise. Will Colt be able to handle the changes about to descend on his life or will he disappear back into a world of loneliness?


Colt couldn’t get enough. He stabbed his tongue at Dax’s tight opening over and over again until finally it gave way and Colt could get the tip of his tongue into Dax’s tight hot channel. The sweet, musky scent of Dax’s body filled Colt’s nose and he growled against the soft flesh.

“You taste so fucking good, baby.” Colt ran his tongue up and down the length of Dax’s crack then spat at the small bud. Using one finger, Colt slowly pushed at the tight barrier. He felt as Dax’s body went tense then slowly relaxed once Colt had his finger all the way inside. “You feel that, Dax?” Colt asked as he pulled his finger in and out of his tight hole. “I’m inside you. God you’re so tight and hot.” Colt’s breathing sped up and his chest rose and fell hard with each intake of oxygen.

Dax raised his arms above his head and grabbed at the blanket beneath him. His body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and his thick, hard prick twitched against his stomach with every inward thrust of Colt’s finger. In all of Colt’s years of having sex he had never seen a more delectable sight. It was as if Dax felt things with his entire being. Every small touch, every kiss, Colt could see that Dax hungered for more. Dax’s body responded so acutely to Colt’s and it made that warm gushing sensation filling his gut explode until all Colt could think about was fucking Dax. He wanted, no, he needed to be the first and only one to ever know what it was like deep inside Dax’s body.

What the hell am I thinking? Colt’s body froze as his mind started to have a silent tug of war inside his head. This was all getting too serious but Colt couldn’t stop. All the reasons he should put an end to this right here and now just weren’t enough. Colt wanted Dax so badly it hurt.

Dax’s whimpering and quivering body pulled Colt out of his silent musing of what was right and wrong. If being with Dax was wrong Colt would deal with that later, but right now everything felt so perfect and right. They both needed this.

Colt bent back down and licked around his finger, then added another. Dax’s muscled clenched down tight but Colt continued his inward push with his fingers until he found that secret little nub inside Dax. Colt massaged his fingertips over Dax’s prostate and Dax’s let out a loud deep growl that sent the birds in the nearby trees to flight.

“Colt.” Dax grunted, his eyes clenched tight, hands fisted by his head. Colt let his gaze roam down the pale flesh of Dax’s body, his pink, round nipples hard and his cock red and thick, filled with his unspent desire. “Colt, I need—” Dax thrashed around on the blanket as Colt added another finger, scissoring them in and out of the tight opening.

“What do you need, baby? I’ll give you anything you want.” Colt scooted closer and leaned down to kiss Dax’s lips. He could taste the faint traces of blood from where Dax had bitten his lip. “Just tell me,” Colt whispered as he kissed along Dax’s jaw.

“You.” Dax’s hands came up to grab onto either side of Colt’s head. “I need you, Colt.”

Colt stared down into Dax’s light blue eyes and in that moment there was so much he wanted to say but couldn’t. Colt pulled his fingers free of Dax’s body and went to work on his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. Having sex wasn’t something he had anticipated when Colt invited Dax out for dinner. He wanted things to go slow and he wasn’t properly prepared but he’d go slow, give Dax time to get used to him.

Colt spit into his hand, using that combined with the oozing pre-cum leaking out his tip to lube up his cock. Dax’s pupils were blown wide as he stared up at Colt, his legs spread wide open. Colt held onto the base of his cock and slowly guided it forward.

“Dax, baby, this will hurt at first.” Colt positioned his body over Dax’s, their sweat-soaked bodies sticking to one another. “I need you to relax and breathe, okay?”

“Okay.” Dax nodded his head, his eyes still wide open.

Colt ran the wet tip over the small opening. Dax’s eyes rolled up into his head and his breath whooshed out of him. Colt thrust his hips forward, guiding the swollen cap at the center of Dax’s tight bud. Colt moved slowly, pressing against Dax’s resistance until the head popped inside. Tight hot heat engulfed Colt. Dax’s grip was so tight it was as if Colt’s dick was being strangled but in a very good way.

“Ouch, Colt!” Dax’s fingers scratched at Colt’s back. Sharp claws dug into his skin.

“It’s okay, baby.” Colt lifted his hand to comb Dax’s floppy blond hair out of his eyes then leaned down to rest his forehead against Dax’s. “I’m here. There’s no rush. If you want to stop we can.” Colt lifted up just enough to look into Dax’s eyes. So many emotions seemed to filter over Dax’s eyes, pain, happiness, fear, and hope.

“No,” Dax whispered. “I want this.” Dax took a deep breath then wrapped his legs around Colt’s hips. “I want you.”

“I want you, too.” Colt went in deep, pushing his tongue deep down Dax’s throat as he pressed forward with his cock. He swallowed down Dax’s cries and held still once he buried his entire length into Dax’s scorching channel.

Colt held perfectly still, giving Dax time to get use to his thick, long cock. Ever so slowly he felt as Dax’s body relaxed around the invasion and Colt pulled out slowly then pushed back in. He never once tore his eyes from Dax’s.


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June 6, 2015

Safe In His Arms, Contemporary Erotic Romance by A. J. Jarrett


A chance encounter six months ago has changed Elliot Nolan’s life forever. It was only supposed to be one night of great sex, nothing more, but once Officer Sam Lancaster steps back into his life, Elliott doesn’t know what to do. He’s suffered abuse from a man who claimed to love him before and allowing someone so close again is a fear Elliot’s not sure he can ever overcome.

All Sam wants to do is fall in love and settle down. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently when it comes to Elliot it is. Sam tries to be just friends with Elliot but that is proving to be a lot easier said than done.

People come in and out of your life for a reason and Elliot is starting to see that maybe Sam’s worth the risk. A lifetime alone is a safe option but living without Sam is something Elliot isn’t sure he can do.


“I’m here and I’m not leaving until you make me come,” E said as he traced a finger down the center of Sam’s chest, only stopping when he reached the waist of his jeans. Sam let out a deep growl, pushing their chest closer together. E gasped as Sam’s hard cock pressed into his stomach. “Do you want me, Sammy? Do you want to pound into my ass until I scream out your name?”

“Fuck yes.” E shuddered as the warm air fanned over his ear from Sam’s rough spoken words. Sam dropped his head down into the crook of E’s neck and started licking and sucking at the sensitive skin. E started to squirm and buck against Sam. Sam worked his way up to E’s ear and nibbled at his lobe.

E reached up and wrapped his arms around Sam’s neck. Sam ran his large hands down E’s back until he was grabbing E’s ass, pulling E closer until their jean-covered cocks were rubbing against one another.

“I want you so fucking bad,” Sam rasped, breathing heavily, his hands hard and soft all at once on E’s thin body.

“What’s stopping you?” It was as if E’s words unleashed a beast.

Sam grabbed E’s ass, pulling upward until he wrapped his legs around Sam’s hips. Sam carried him down the hallway toward his room. Once inside he walked over to the bed and dropped E on the bed.

“Get naked and do it fast.”

E started to remove his shirt as he watched Sam rush through an open door off to the side of the bedroom. E could only assume that it led to the bathroom. He watched as Sam came back into the bedroom with lube and condoms. He set them on the night stand and started removing his clothes. E couldn’t help it. He stopped to stare.

Sam was tall and covered with muscle, his abs were so tight it was like looking at a marble statue. With the short blond hair, blue eyes, and strong built body, Sam could be anyone’s walking wet dream. To put it simply, Sam was gorgeous.

“Baby, I told you to get naked, now do it,” Sam ordered. “I want to taste that beautiful cock of yours before I fuck your tight little ass,” Sam said in a sharp, demanding tone.

E moved in a frenzy of arms and legs to get his shoes and pants off. Once he was laying completely naked for Sam’s viewing, he scooted up on the bed to make room for Sam to climb between his legs.

“I don’t know if I told you this last time, but I love that you have no hair down around your cock, or on your balls.” Sam stopped to kiss the area just above his cock. E was so hard Sam had to push his dick to the side as he mouthed the smooth hairless spot. “I love the feel of your soft skin.”

“I’m glad you approve.” E groaned as Sam dropped his head and started to lick small circles around the base of his cock.

“I do.” Sam leaned down and engulfed E’s entire shaft. E wasn’t a large man but his cock wasn’t small either. Sam sucked him down until he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Sam’s throat. When Sam swallowed around the engorged shaft, E cried out. Sam was overloading him with sensations and E loved it.

“God, Sammy, your mouth is amazing.” E looked down his body to see Sam smiling around his cock. It was the sexiest thing E had ever seen. A man giving him head as if he was worshipping his body.

Brayden had done that for E in the beginning of their relationship but it wasn’t long until he just started using E’s body to get off, not caring if E enjoyed it or not. The care Sam took with E made his heart swell, but E shoved all those feeling of want and need aside. This was just two men getting off.

E lay back on the bed and moaned when he felt a slick finger push at his back entrance. He didn’t know when Sam lubed up his fingers but he had, and Sam wanted admittance into E’s body. E spread his legs a little wider for Sam to have better access to his tiny hole. Sam didn’t hesitate, he pushed one large finger inside E, down to the knuckle as he continued to suck E’s cock.

“God, Sammy, I’m close. Don’t stop.” E clenched his muscles around Sam’s finger. He knew he was close to coming, between the feel of Sam’s warm wet mouth and the finger inside him, it was too much stimulation.

Sam didn’t stop. He added another finger to stroke E’s inner walls and pulled off his cock just enough to suckle at the weeping tip. E felt Sam push his fingers forward to rub against his prostate. E couldn’t hold off his orgasm any longer and came so hard he hoped he wouldn’t choke Sam with the force of his seed shooting out of his body.

Sam sucked it all down like a pro. E’s dick twitched as vibrations from Sam moaning tingled up the sides of his shaft. Sam licked E clean then pulled off, but not before giving the sensitive head a kiss. E gasped and goose bumps crawled over his skin.

“Pull your legs up and keep them spread.” Sam smacked the side of E’s hip.

“Wh…what?” E asked. His brain was still foggy from the blowjob he’d just gotten and wasn’t sure he heard Sam correctly.

“You heard me.” Sam brought the condom wrapper up to his mouth and ripped it open. He smiled evilly down at E. “I’m going to fuck your tight ass until you scream.”

“You think so, do you?” E let his lips curl up into a smile, he loved a good challenge.


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