February 27, 2011

An Excerpt from "Gypsy Charm" by Icy Snow Blackstone

A Chance Meeting with a Gypsy....

Lisa had always been considered kind-hearted…in fact her roommate Annie generally thought she was too trusting for this world.

Take that business with the gypsies, for instance. She’d been on her way home when she saw the angry store manager throwing the old gypsy woman into the street.

The next thing Lisa knew, she was paying for the groceries the old woman supposedly stole and offering to drive her to the trailer park where she’d stopped for the night. It seems Mrs. Lee always pays her debts, so she gave Lisa a magic charm—“Good for one wish—didn’t spend it on pizza—” and assigns her cat Tomas to watch over the girl.

Tomas is the perfect pet…clean, companionable, funny, attentive… If he was human, says Annie, he’d be the perfect man. Tomas appears to be ready to defend Lisa against everything from her roommate’s barbs to a lustful boyfriend…but there are a few things he can’t protect her from. One is the dream she has of a man she feels she knows, a man with the shadow of a giant cat looming over him…the other is a criminal preying on women living alone…

I had a lot of fun writing this story, especially the scenes told from Tomas’ point of view. I like cats and it was easy to get into seeing his side of the story.


He'd gotten a good look at the layout of the house while Annie washed the pizza dishes, and now—while those two were out of the way—he was making certain the house was secure. Protecting Lisa. Just as Mrs. Lee ordered.

Studying the kitchen door, he gave a cat-nod.

Okay, backdoor shut and locked. Trotting briskly into the living room, he looked at the two windows opening onto the front lawn.

Hmmm, better check that left one. He scampered over, standing on hind paws to tap the bottom of the sash with a front paw.

Good, shut tight. The front door was locked also.

So...that leaves only the bedrooms...
 For just a moment, he stood there, looking from Annie’s room with its open door to Lisa’s on the opposite side of the living room.

Which one to check first? Tomas didn’t really want to bother with Annie. The girl was rude, sharp-tongued, and had made some pretty crude comments.

What does she eat for breakfast, anyway? Cactus?
 Sauntering cautiously over to the open door, he peeped in.

Empty. Good.

A few steps brought him to the bedroom window. A quick swipe at the curtains knocked them out of the way to reveal the sash in place and locked. So far, so—

“Hey, what are you doing in here?” Annie appeared in the bathroom doorway, toothbrush in hand, mouth smeared with white foam.

Tomas backed away. He stared at her face, eyes wide. My God, she’s foaming at the mouth!

“What's the matter? Haven’t you ever seen anyone brush her teeth before?” Annie spluttered toothpaste as she spoke. Tomas turned his head, making an odd disjointed little sound sounding suspiciously like laughter. Cat laughter.

“Get out of here!” Picking up a pillow, she swatted at him, and as he galloped for the safety of the living room, tossed it back on the bed and returned to the bathroom.

Okay. Fine.
Tomas watched her disappear inside Let someone break in and steal you. See if I care...

...but he knew he’d better not let that happen. Mrs. Lee had entrusted him—not Isaac or David—and for a very good reason, and he’d better not screw up this time. Turning his back, he stalked with feline dignity into Lisa’s room.


Gypsy Charm
is a paranormal romance in novella-form, and will be available from Class Act Books March 15, 2011.
Tomas was going on his self-appointed rounds.

February 25, 2011

Relay Romance Raffle


Last year the romance community helped me raise $500 for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life by donating signed books to my first Relay Romance Raffle. Well, this year I am at it again and I am going BIGGER! 
This week I am starting to gather signed books, ebooks, and swag/merchandise from authors all over the romance spectrum. I will be holding 2 online raffles with all donations going directly to Relay For Life via my Relay For Life team page (http://main.acsevents.org/goto/eromanceraffle  for ebooks and http://main.acsevents.org/goto/relayromanceraffle for signed print books). Each ticket will be $5 or 3/$10 and is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for the buyer, so you know the money will be secure and well spent. 95cents on every dollar donated to Relay For Life is spent on research and patient services, an amazingly high percentage!
We will host the raffles at our blog with a special page dedicated to the event. (http://decadentpublishing.blogspot.com/p/relay-romance-raffle.html ) We’ll be listing author donors with a hyperlink to their author page for the duration of the raffle May 1. All genres welcomed, all lengths welcomed, my teammates and I just sincerely wish to raise money for Relay and FIGHT BACK against cancer. It is my personal cause as I lost my father and 2 uncles to cancer within 15months in 2008.
If you would like to join me in the fight against this horrible disease, please email relayraffle@gmail.com and let me know what you would like to donate and the URL you would like posted. I can send you our American Cancer Society tax ID # with a receipt for your donation amount once we receive your books. 
Thanks you for your time and have a RELAY wonderful week!
Heather Bennett
Relay For Life Team Captain


Jessica Barksdale Inclan http://www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com/
-The Beautiful Being, Believe in Me, Being With Him

 Amanda McIntyre
-Diary of Cozette, Tortured, Winters Desire, The Pleasure Garden, The Master and the Muses, Naughty Bits, Vol III

- My Reckless Surrender, Captive of Sin

February 24, 2011

Run Devil Run Anthology

1/22/11 ~ Decadent Publishing announces the release of a Paranormal-romance fiction anthology rooted in rock ‘n roll and ripped straight off the Sunset Strip.
Run Devil Run, an L.A.-based rock band well known locally for their dynamic live performances, diverse musical talent, and humorous video antics has lent their faces, titles and lyrics as inspiration for a five-book series with the publisher.


February 19, 2011

Deanna Talks About Her Love For Writing Erotica and Specifically in the M/M Genre!

Well, first things first, I am ever so grateful that Clare has allowed me to hijack her blog today. You rock!

We all know what holiday just passed, the ever popular and often dreaded, Valentine’s Day. And while we all may have different ideas about VD (I just love calling it that) we all know that during February everyone wants to talk about LOVE. Being in LOVE. Getting some LOVE. Showing LOVE. Reading about LOVE.

Therefore, in the spirit of LOVE, I wish to remind everyone LOVE knows no bounds. LOVE knows no gender.


And as a romance writer, I suppose I am in the business of spreading the LOVE.

A literary Cupid!

No, I am not wearing a diaper or those gold shorts that Angel of Love is wearing either.

What kind of LOVE am I spreading lately? Where are my arrows of Love and Lust being directed?

Why hot man on man luvin’ of course!

My fave thing to read and write.


Have you ever read an m/m romance? That stands for male/male as I so awkwardly had to explain to my mother. As a woman who still cringes at the P-word (you know which one I mean)and finds that same bit of anatomy ‘icky,’ how could I convince her of the appeal of two gorgeous men together?

I couldn’t.

So I just lied and said, “Well, it’s popular, Ma and I wanna sell books.”


Um…. (((hangs head to hide evil grin))))…yeah, I lied. But what mamma don’t know won’t hurt her! LOL

In truth I have been avidly reading m/m for only a short time. I was introduced to it about a year ago but I was hooked from the get go. As a writer who suffers from WADD (Writers Attention Deficit Disorder) I never have a shortage of ideas simmering. And all of them lately are m/m.

Why is this?

Because two men in LOVE is a beautiful thing. What a gift to be allowed to follow the special journey of two strong males as they let their guards down and become intimate together amidst prejudice, hatred, fears, intricate plots and obstacles! It is a Happily Ever After you have to read to believe.

As a “Literary Cupid,” my goal is to convert as many women as possible into reading m/m. I have converted most of my friends, I am happy to say!

The rest of you have no idea what you are missing!!!

If you are already an m/m reader you KNOW what I am talking about. If not, might I suggest stopping over at my BLOG, where you can read my FREE m/m short story LEAKING PIPES. You will never think of plumber’s crack the same way again!

LEAKING PIPES is one of 25 m/m stories available for FREE download in an anthology put together by the awesome group M/M ROMANCE over on goodreads. The collection is called STUFF MY STOCKING and the download link is on my BLOG. He, he, he, see how sneaky I am making you visit my blog, too? Don’t worry there is plenty of eye candy to make it worth your while. And believe me…you won’t regret snatching up these naughty boys for your Kindle!

I also have one more m/m book to add to your collection— which I know you will start building once you read your first m/m romance. It is my holiday erotic short story SECRET SANTA.

All this weekend at Rainbow eBooks you can download SECRET SANTA for FREEE!!!

Did you hear that?!

I just hooked you up with two FREE BOOKS!!!

Now before you leave the awesome Clare’s blog in your rush to get a fix of hot man on man luvin,’ I would LOVE to know whether or not you have ever read an m/m novel or short story.

If you have, what was it that you liked about it?

If you haven’t, please leave a comment, as well.

Everyone who leaves a reply will be entered in a random drawing to win my m/m erotic retelling of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW from DECADENT PUBLISHING.

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks Clare for having me!

And please don’t forget:

Love is Love! It should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed in all of its many facets!



Deanna Wadsworth is an erotica and m/m author.

Her books are available at http://decadentpublishing.com/ and on http://amazon.com for Kindle.

You can visit her blog http://deannawadsworth.blogspot.com/ and hang out with her on

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001206469235 where she enjoys posting pics of hot guys and chatting with folks about anything canine, book, sex or alcohol related!

February 17, 2011

An Excerpt from 'Catch of the Day' by Lily Sawyer

Here's a quick blurb:

Kellan Murphy is a successful car dealer in Chicago, but he isn't happy with his life. He finds his job boring and wants a change.  After the sudden death of his lover he decides to move someplace warm. He sees an ad for the Florida Keys in a magazine and packs everything and moves to the Keys.

Kellan starts his new life as a fisherman and tour guide. He has his own home and boat, but the one thing missing is someone to share his life with. On a rare day off he decides to go fishing and what he finds at the end of his fishing line changes his life forever.

 An Excerpt:

Kellan grabbed a cup of coffee and carried it out to the back deck of his beach house.  It had been a year since he moved from Chicago to the Florida Keys.  The two places were as different as night and day.  Back home there was a foot of snow on the ground and here the temperature didn’t make it down to the freezing point.  He certainly didn’t miss having to deal with the icy winds and the endless winters.

He’d worked as a car salesman for one of the biggest automakers, and had been recognized as their top seller two years in a row, but the accolades didn’t mean anything to him.   He felt like he’d become like a robot in the corporate world and he desperately needed a change.   He’d been looking at a travel magazine while sitting in his doctor’s waiting room and spotted an ad for the Florida Keys.

There was nothing holding him in Chicago, his parents had died a few years ago and they’d left him a nice inheritance.    He’d been in a serious long-term relationship, but after losing him in a tragic accident he decided this was the final straw and it was time to start a new life somewhere else.    

Now he had sunny days and a new business venture that got him excited to get up in the morning.    He’d always loved nature, he remembered going on family vacations to the mountains with his parents and his father taking him out on the boat they kept up there.    It was one of his fondest childhood memories.   Now he was living his dream of owning his own boat; he enjoyed taking people on tours of the Keys.  Kellan also took people deep sea fishing, his clientele ranged from the locals to big wigs who wanted to land the ‘big one’ to the vacationers who came from all over the world to experience the Keys.    Ernest Hemingway was to blame for the influx of visitors, the famous author put the place on the map, but Kellan wasn’t complaining.  He loved meeting new people and seeing the joy come over their faces when they caught some fish.    The really big ones were the marlin and sailfish; they could really give you a run for your money.   

So here he was sitting in the Keys enjoying all this new life had to offer.   While he enjoyed his time with other people during the day, his evenings were spent in his house, alone.    Maybe one day he would find someone, he just wasn’t in any hurry, he was still grieving over Frank.

Kellan heard his empty stomach rumbling and made himself scrambled eggs for breakfast and filled two thermoses with coffee then drove over to the marina where his boat was docked.

This morning Kellan didn’t have any charters and he decided to take off on his own.  He filled up an ice chest with beer, bottled water and sandwiches, made sure his tank was filled up with gas, weighed anchor and was on his way.

The weather was gorgeous and Kellan still marveled at how blue the water was. He’d dreamed of seeing the ocean one day and now here he was, there was nothing like smelling the fresh ocean breeze and feeling the salty mist on your face.

After spending some time out in the open ocean he sailed into his favorite private spot, a deserted cove and picked up his lucky fishing pole and cast it into the water.  It wasn’t long before he was catching fish, they’d make a delicious dinner and whatever he didn’t use he’d freeze.   He worked up an appetite so he took a break to have lunch.  He was sitting in a chair on the deck finishing the last bite of his sandwich and drinking from a bottle of beer when he saw the fishing line he’d left in the water start to bob up and down.  He put the bottle down and went over to check it out.

“Damn!” Kellan grunted as he pulled on the line; it felt like it weighed a ton.  “What’ve I got on the end of this line a whale?”  He blurted out.

“Uhhhh,” He put his back into it as he pulled on the pole and reeled in his line.  Kellan figured he could have snagged a mackerel or maybe even an old tire.   You came across pollution from time to time, even down here in a pristine place like the Keys.

He could see a shape in the water and it definitely was not a fish.   The front part of the animal was hidden under the boat; he could see the tail flukes and thought it might be a manatee.  

“Oh man,” he was worried he’d get in trouble with the fish and wildlife conservation commission; manatees were a protected species.   He quickly tried to get the animal out from under the boat so he could get a better look at it and see if it was hurt.  As soon as the lower half of the animal cleared the underside of the boat it became clear what the catch of the day was.  “Oh my gawd!”  Kellan couldn’t believe his eyes.   It wasn’t a manatee; in fact it wasn’t like any manner of marine life he’d ever seen.    The tail looked like a manatee or whale but he saw the head and torso of a man attached to it.   ‘A merman!’    Kellan thought.    He didn’t have time to think about it.  He could see the man was hurt.  So he quickly pulled him onto the deck.  The fishing line had tangled on his tail so he took a knife and cut the lines.    

“Hey, uh, bud.  You okay?” Kellan wasn’t sure what to make of this creature.  Was he a man or a fish? Kellan’s instincts took over and he checked the merman for injuries.  As his hand disappeared into the dark hair, he found a bump on the back of the merman’s head.  His arms weren’t broken, he felt along the well-built body for broken ribs but found nothing then he looked down at his waist.  Instead of hips, thighs and two legs there was a long torso that ended in a tail.

Kellan was at a loss as to what to do next.   

End Excerpt

To buy it now! http://silverpublishing.info/product_book_info/coming-soon-c-2/catch-of-the-day-p-183

February 15, 2011

Author Cynthia MacGregor Introduces Her Library of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Sometimes it seems I spend more time writing promo than I do writing books. <sigh> It's a necessary part of the whole deal, but I miss the days (my age is showing) when publishers did all the advertising, and we writers were free to just WRITE BOOKS.

Yes, my age is showing...and I don't try to hide it. I'm 67. A YOUNG 67, but still...67 is 67, even if people who meet me do assume I'm on the young side of my 50s.

I have 54 conventional (printed) books to my credit (some of them still in print, others long since out of print), and a plethora of e-books already released or scheduled for release this year.

I've already survived the demise of one e-publisher, who contracted for a slew of my books, released some of them, faltered, and went under...without paying me any royalties. <long sigh>

This e-publishing world sometimes feels like taking a step into the darkness without knowing if I have solid ground under where my foot is about to fall...or if I'm about to step off the edge of the precipice.

Still, I believe e-publishing IS the future, and I'm committed to it. (Although I haven't totally forsaken printed books either.)

My first book to be published came out in 1993. It feels like it just happened. It's hard to credit that that was damn near 20 years ago. I LOVE writing. (I also edit, and enjoy that too, but not as much.)

But I love writing BOOKS far more than I love writing promo. It's a relief when, faced with the need to write promo, I can just sit down and vent, like this, instead of having to try to find a new way to tell the world how wonderful my latest book is.

What IS my latest book, anyhow? (Ah-HAH--here comes the advertisement.)

Actually, I have a bunch of them. (I'm both prolific and diversified.)

Though I mostly write nonfiction, I have a novel out with the Living & Learning imprint of Secret Cravings Publishing. 

What Child Is This? is a mainstream novel (as opposed to a specific genre). Here’s a blurb about it. See if it sounds like something you’d like to read:

All Marie Levy Erlig wants is to have a nice normal baby.

All Adam Josephson and Rev. Argyle each want is for their respective churches to grow.

Van Jordan, Channel 11 newsman, wants a Big Story.

When two kids see an apparition they believe is the Virgin Mary, and shortly after that Marie gives Share the Harvest an eggplant that seems to bear the likeness of Mary on it, it causes a huge uproar in her small town.  Adam, Reverend Argyle, Van, and others see in her a way to pursue their own agendas. They are joined by many who truly believe—but Marie wants to be left alone to give birth to what she keeps telling them is just a normal baby.  

Only Pastor Hemmings has no selfish agenda. He helps Marie to make a getaway, complete with a new identity.  But can she really escape the public eye permanently?

Check it out at: http://www.secretcravingspublishing.com/CynthiaMacGregor.html

If nonfiction is more your style, and if you happen to be a “solo parent” (divorced, widowed, never-married, mom or dad), you may want to pick up a copy of Solo Parenting. 

Who am I to write such a book? Well, previous (print) books of mine include After Your Divorce, The Divorce Helpbook for Kids, The Divorce Helpbook for Teens, and  Jigsaw Puzzle Family. I’m the siteowner of www.TheSoloParent.com. I’m the host of Solo Parenting, seen Saturday mornings at 8:00 in South Florida over WHDT. And yes, I raised my own daughter solo—I was divorced when she was two. 

Interested to learn more: http://www.secretcravingspublishing.com/CynthiaMacGregor.html

Or maybe you’re already remarried and finding yourself cast in the role of stepparent. (Or perhaps it’s your new spouse who’s the stepparent, suddenly helping to raise your kids.) If that’s the case, the book you need is “Step” This Way.  


Finally, on a much lighter note, if you’ve got a funnybone, tickle it with Dust Bunnies Ate My Socks. It’s subtitled A Bachelor’s Guide to Housekeeping, but you don’t have to be a bachelor to laugh your way through Dust Bunnies Ate My Socks. Co-authored with George Moyer, a genuine bachelor (divorced once, widowed once, and on his own for quite a few years now) with a crazy sense of humor, the book evolved out of a series of emails from George, a former boyfriend whom I’ve remained good friends with. George is totally off the wall, and so is this book. Buy it for your bachelor friends. Buy it for yourself. Buy it and laugh. (Different publisher from the above three.) 


Finally, on a much lighter note, if you’ve got a funnybone, tickle it with Dust Bunnies Ate My Socks. It’s subtitled A Bachelor’s Guide to Housekeeping, but you don’t have to be a bachelor to laugh your way through Dust Bunnies Ate My Socks. Co-authored with George Moyer, a genuine bachelor (divorced once, widowed once, and on his own for quite a few years now) with a crazy sense of humor, the book evolved out of a series of emails from George, a former boyfriend whom I’ve remained good friends with. George is totally off the wall, and so is this book. Buy it for your bachelor friends. Buy it for yourself. Buy it and laugh. (Different publisher from the above three.) 

On or after Friday (the release day is 2/18), go to:


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for buying one or more of my books, telling your friends about my books, and just for reading in general. We writers count on readers like you.

One last thing: If you want to learn more about me (or see a picture of me so you can put a face with these words) go to: www.CynthiaMacGregor.com.

And if you’ve got feedback for me, you’ll find me at Cynthia@cynthiamacgregor.com.

Thanks, Clare, for letting me guest in your blog today.

Hugs to y’all -
Cynthia MacGregor 

February 14, 2011

Who Was St. Valentine?

St. Valentine

Today is February 14th, commonly called Valentine's Day or St. Valentines Day.  This day, which is commemorated around the world (from China to Pakistan not to mention all of over the western world) is the day that lovers celebrate love and romance!

We are very familiar with the trappings of Valentine's day, such as hearts, candy, love, roses, balloons and the all too symbol of love and passion- the color red that permeates this day, but the real question is where did this day come from?

In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius inaugurated, February 14 to celebrate and remember the martyrdom of St. Valentine who was a Roman Priest who was martyred during the reign of Emperor Claudius II for marrying Christian couples and for aiding any Christians who were being persecuted by him.  

Once imprisoned, one legend says that while Valentinus was there he restored the sight of his jailer's blind daughter and another legend says, on the eve of his death, he penned a farewell note to the jailer's daughter, signing it, "From your Valentine."

So even while under immense persecution he still remembered to love others.  As should we.  So, who is your Valentine?

February 12, 2011

February 11, 2011

February 8, 2011

February 6, 2011

Share Your Soul- An Excerpt from the Anthology 'Run Devil Run'


An Excerpt-
On the fifth anniversary of my murder, I took action against inaction. I set out to find what I wanted the most—revenge. Others warned me that the whole project could be risky, but getting even with my killer husband seemed worth the danger. Turned out, I made an appointment with the Angel of Death. Perfect.

I’ve always had a weak spot for bad-boy, rocker types but Gabriel the bad-boy angel surpassed my fantasies. He looked like Bon Jovi in his long hair days, which destroyed my ability to concentrate. Plus, he claimed he could help me only if I trusted him. The last man I put my faith in shot a bullet through my heart. How the heck could I trust the Angel of Death?

So anyway, I told Gabriel that I needed retribution before I could move on. He granted me three days in a mortal body to gain closure. Great offer except for one thing—my dear husband had already been found not guilty so he couldn’t be tried again. No hope of ever putting him behind bars…at least not for shooting me. I also had no idea where the loser had dumped my body. How was I supposed to get vengeance?

After that, things got really complicated. I had to find dirt on my jerk of a husband while placing my faith in the Angel of Death and ignoring the forbidden things he did to my phantom heart and loaner body. Yeah, the whole situation sounded weird to me, too, but what was a misplaced spirit to do except roll with it?

Genre: Paranormal romance, contemporary romance, suspense

Heat: 3

Cover design by Fiona Jayde

*To obtain your free music download from the Rock band Run Devil Run, please send proof of purchase to: RunDevilRunBonus@gmail.com
Instructions for ‘capturing’ proof of purchase: Press Ctrl+PrntScr on your Decadent download page, copy and paste into the body of an email.

Run Devil Run, an L.A. based Rock band well known locally for their dynamic live performances, diverse musical talent, and humorous video antics has lent their faces, titles and lyrics as inspiration for a five-book series. The stories in this anthology are penned by popular and award-nominated authors Rachel Carrington, Mari Freeman, Susan DiPlacido, Valerie Mann and Becca Dale.

For more information about the band, please visit the Decadent Publishing blog.

February 4, 2011

Cold Weather Inspires Me

Some people think of cold weather and instantly associate it with lot's of snow, horrible roads and maybe the flu, colds and if their lucky hot chocolate.

I see cold weather as inspiration for my writing.  When I think of cold weather, I think of glaciers, pristine snow and ice and mysterious weather where only the heartiest can survive.  To me the winter is a time to write with my inspiration just outside my window.  With a glance I am there with my characters battling the bitter cold.

For instance winter weather plays heavily in my military science fiction series Cold Warriors where the main character Caitlin Driskoll has been scientifically adapted to live and survive and fight in cold weather.  In fact she needs it to survive.

Then there are the characters in the 'Fugue' coming soon from Secret Cravings Publishing.  The characters are  Navy Seals training in arctic conditions who are unexpectedly caught by an unknown enemy who not only out numbers them but also has them outgun.  In the cold, they must fight for survival.

So the next time when you see snow on the ground, see it as a time of adventure.  I know I do.

February 1, 2011

Writing Fantasy by Author of the 'Last Mage' by Nick Krimp


This genre is one of the hardest to write about. It is difficult because one has to create a world that is believable as well as entertaining. That said I must go a bit deeper and try to explain what a Fantasy writer has to go through to be believed. I myself believe that all other writers put us at the bottom of the list. Every time I say I write fantasy I get a smile from most people. I ask why are they smiling and they just shrug their shoulders, but why do copies of fantasy books sell so well when most folks laugh as the category. If I were to say, “I write mystery or romance or thrillers,” I would get a completely different reaction. Although it doesn’t deter me from writing in that genre, I find it sometimes frustrating. I love to pick up a good book and just lose myself in the story and for a short time enter a world that doesn’t exist. 

There are many different fantasy stories and most are well written and are able to place the reader into a world that was thought up by the author. I have been reading fantasy as long as I can remember. As a teenager I read all of Edgar Rice Burroughs books, from “At the Earth’s Core,” to, the “John Cater of Mars” series. I did not get into the fantasy of Elves and Dwarfs until much later when my son bought me a book called, “The Sword of Shannara.” It was then that I truly fell in love with fantasy. Terry Brooks inspired me to begin writing. I have his complete collection of the Shannara series and hope he comes up with more in the future. I do have my first book in the “Last Mage” series; subtitled “The Dragon’s Mouth” on sale at Mobipocket and a few pages on my blog at www.readerswriterscorner.net. I am working on the third book in the series as well as a Sci-fi story of marooned space travelers. I hope to finish both in the coming year.

Please visit my blog and let me know how you enjoyed the first few pages of the last mage. You can also drop me a note on face book there you can find me under nkrimp@hotmail.com. 

I always say that those who do not read a book are missing out on half of what the world has to offer.

Nick Krimp.