Want To Be A Guest Reviewer On My Blog? Authors That Review Are Welcome Too!

Would You Like To Be A Guest Reviewer On My Blog?

I'd love to host you.  But here's the thing.  The review has to be about a romance novel only.  Any heat level or romantic combination is allowed.

However what that novel features or contains is a different story.  Here are a few things that I will get you on the 'ick' list - which means a permanent ban-- since you like to read those sorts of things.

This includes:

Pedophilia- any one under the age of eighteen years old.  This is also includes- 'I'll be turning 18 next month, week, year or tomorrow!'  You try to post it on my blog you are out!

Rape-  Glorifying rape.  Showing an act of rape in a book.  Committing rape.  Serial rapists who will commit the act again in the novel even if it is behind closed doors and the infamous BDSM- rape fantasy.  Hell No!  Will not fly here.

Bodily fluids- such as excrement of any type, urine or blood play in any book is unacceptable.

Necrophilia- if one of the characters has a thing about having sex with dead bodies and/or it is portrayed in the book.  Hell No!  Not wanted on this blog.

Bestiality-- Doing it with a wild or domestic animal is unacceptable.  The only exception are shifters but.... no sex between a human and shifter in animal form is allowed.

Racism-  no glorifying it, nor promoting it here.

Politics-  hating on one group or another-- no.  This is a romance novel blog not a political one.

Anything not listed-- as the owner of this blog, I have the right to refuse anything I deem not topical to this blog or I deem offensive.

But this leaves a lot of space open for a whole bunch of other romance novel topics---

From Sweet to Erotic Romance.  Plus any romantic combination from m/f to LGBT to menage... it's all welcome here.


Review Format--

Please e-mail your request to me first-

Review must be at least 2 paragraphs long

Must include your rating- as in 'I love it,' 'I hate it,' 'Four Broomsticks,' 'Three Stars,' 'Two Dragons.'  Whatever, it doesn't matter as long as the rating isn't gross (which will have your posting privilege revoked) and you just have to have some kind of recommendation or not at the end of the review.

Also please include book cover pic that you are reviewing.


Authors if you are sending a review

Please be advised-- no thinly veiled reviews of your own books will be allowed.

Please follow the format listed above.

You may also send a promo of your own book.  One book per author please.

You may include-  blurb, excerpt (five hundred words or less), book cover, author pic, bio, buy links, and author web links.


Please send all of these things--

Reviews- as an attached file

Author blurb, excerpt, bio, buy links and web links- in one document as an attached file.  If sent in the body of the e-mail, I will discard.  I write too and it is too much work to format otherwise.  Generally I cut and paste.

Pics-  all pics as attached files.


Still interested?  E-mail me with your request here.

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