February 27, 2016

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February 25, 2016

#BlogTour For #WolfsBlade By #ClareDargin #Erotic #Menage #Romance #PNR #Paranormal #Shifter

Wolf's Blade
The Paladins Book One


Samantha Dixon rescues a wounded wolf shifter in the woods near her home … and unwittingly gets drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a murderer. Callum Blake is on the trail of an evil man who would be king of all wolf kind, no matter the cost … it’s up to Callum to stop him. How can Callum fulfill his duty to protect his pack and save the woman who is destined to be his mate?

Wolf's Blade
Author Clare Dargin
Series The Paladins
Book # 1
Genre Contemporary, Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves
Heat Level 4
Words 32,000
Content Notes Intense, Extreme Violence, Non-Sexual Physical Assault
Publication Date 12/28/2015


Callum Blake growled and grabbed his forearm. He opened his clenched fist as the nails on his hand morphed into long dark claws. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as he fought the urge to shift. He pounded the tree and glanced up at the night sky and prayed in agony to the wolf goddess. He pleaded for help. He’d take anything she had to offer if it would provide even the smallest amount of relief.

Nothing. The pain continued. He shook his head and grimaced in an attempt to remove the fog that was starting to shroud his mind. He silently cried out to her again.

Why are you silent? You’re the reason I took this mission and now you’re allowing me to suffer?
His frustration mingled with his physical pain, adding to his misery. The beast fought its way to the surface. He opened his mouth and howled. A mixture of a roar and a yell, it relieved some of the tension within him, but it did not drive away the urge to shift. Leaning against the tree, he dug his claws into the bark, burrowing deep grooves as he exerted his strength against the muscle contraction. His pulse pounded in his ears as sweat poured down on his face. Unlike his wolf self who resided peacefully inside of him, his lycan did not have the same kind of placating nature. It yielded only to the strongest of commands exerted to it from his mind. It was supposed to live in harmony just as his inner wolf, but it refused.

For wolf shifters, their human and wolf self were like two individuals abiding in one nature. One innately human, sharing some of the same abilities and desires as regular people only with keener senses and more powerful instincts. The other, their wolf side was wild and untamed. It acted on a gut responses, using its innate sixth sense to interact with the world around it. The wolf freely gave into its passions, choosing strength and cunning over calculated reasoning.

The lycan, however, was a being whose nature lived far beyond that of the wolf. Not present in all wolf shifters, it was like a curse of their wolf self causing them to revert to a primitive version of their wolf self. Acting on impulse and rage, the lycan did not use reason or soft emotions like joy, love, and happiness, it understood violence.

Erotic Excerpt 

He finished loading their bags into the truck and walked over to her and kissed her. She leaned into the kiss. It was both sweet and sexy, filled with the same passion he showed her the night before. She gave in to it, his heat, scent, and licorice taste. Heat surged through her, setting her nerves on fire. Her nipples puckered against her shirt and her pussy dripped moisture, wetting her panties.

“Mmmm,” Callum said, pulling away with a hiss. “I can taste your arousal.”

“I guess the alpha can wait a while longer,” she replied in between nipping his lips.

They chuckled as they ran inside the house. Stopping in the bedroom, they hurriedly undressed as their mouths hungrily kissed. She reached her hands out and grabbed his shoulders. She leaned onto him as her legs quaked beneath her. She blinked up at him and almost gasped at the glance he directed to her. His gaze was so intense, it glowed. Her skin prickled from her arousal. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. His wolf had power and that was so hot. Her breath shuddered. He kissed her shoulders and her neck, then sucked where he had kissed. Her nipples pebbled because of his touch, while her pussy gushed.

All rippling muscles and hard angles, he was a work of art. Her gaze traveled down his body, toward the stacks of defined muscle covering his abdomen. Her mouth watered at all that tight toned flesh. Her teeth ached to bite into the wall of hard muscle, to nip into the dense flesh.

He took the tip of each of her nipples, suckling them and pulling moans out of her. She fisted her hand around his cock and pumped. His body stiffened as pre-cum coated her fingers. She knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. Thick and long, she ran her mouth up and down its length, savoring his spicy taste.

She tipped her head forward, licking and sucking the thick cock, taking more of it into her mouth. She wanted to please him as much as he did her. She treasured the idea that she was able to make him so hard. Callum slowly thrust in and out of her mouth. She added suction as he pulled out while teasing the underside of his cock. She reveled in the small grunts he gave as he responded to her ministrations.

He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her away from his dick.

“Enough. Any more and I’ll come down your throat.”

“So, I don’t mind.”  Her own need to come pooled inside her.

“I do. I want to come inside your pussy.”


Buy Links-  

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019VS3IZK?redirect=true&ref_=s9_simh_gw_g351_i1_r

Liquid Silver Books-  http://www.lsbooks.com/wolfs-blade-p1090.php

Author Bio

Clare Dargin is a multi-published romance author. She has written for several publishers in different genres, including erotic romance, military romance, contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi. She lives in the mid-west, and when not surfing the web, she is hard at work writing her next romance novel. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Amazon.

Web Links-  

Clare's Blog 2 The Haven- http://claresblog2thehaven.blogspot.com

The Embraced: Scribal Love- http://theembraced.blogspot.com

Facebook-  www.facebook.com/clare.dargin

Twitter- www.twitter.com/clare_dargin

Google +  https://plus.google.com/u/0/113201930657713285351/posts/p/pub


Author Page:


February 24, 2016

What You Crave by #LandraGraf #BDSM #Romance #Contemporary


Sigmund Bermudez has spent the last year out of the BDSM scene, mourning his father, and rebuilding the family business. When he loses a bet to his bodyguard that Madame Eve won’t locate a woman who’s down with his type of kink, he finds himself committed to a date he’s not sure he’ll enjoy.
Lauren Elser has heard about kinky escapades from one of her more challenging patients, and never taken part in one. When offered a chance to explore this undiscovered side of herself courtesy of 1Night Stand she jumps at it.

Neither of them are prepared for the emotional roller coaster that comes with their date, and soon shibari bondage play turns into so much more. The only problem is Sig’s not ready to open up and Lauren doesn’t want to be sued again. If they work past the issues there’s a world of wonder in store.
Short Blurb: Sigmund Bermudez has spent the last year out of the BDSM scene. Lauren Elser has heard about kinky escapades from one of her more challenging patients, and never taken in part in one.

When both of them sign up for a 1NS, courtesy of Madame Eve, they're not prepared for the bonds formed over a little rope play. It's time to confront their fears or faced getting burned.

Excerpt  (PG-13): 

Damn. Nervous energy had Lauren’s arms and legs shaking in some strange dance as she stood in front of the hotel room door. She’d read the information Madame Eve sent her half a dozen times over the last week and jumped up and down in joy when the date night details were emailed to her. The turtleneck sweater dress, panty hose, and black suede ankle boots seemed too prim for a rendezvous at a swanky hotel, but the chilly weather had her choosing comfort and warmth over sexy. Besides, scenes weren’t sex.

She knocked, a couple light taps. Maybe he’d changed his mind. A lie since she’d already checked with the front desk.

The barrier swung open and the picture became a reality. Hell, the picture didn’t do him justice. A two-piece pinstripe suit, black hair long enough to run her fingers through, and russet brown eyes taking her in from head to toe…scrumptious.

“Lauren?” Her name came out pure and sensual when spoken with a perfect rolling ‘r’.
A large lump took up residence next to her vocal cords and she responded with a nod. She’d always been more of a listener than a talker.

“Would you like to come in?” He stepped back making a path for her. Beyond the entrance the room sat bathed in shadows and orange light from a lit fireplace, beckoning to her.

Excerpt 3 (Rated: R): 

With her limbs tied, her chest wrapped in blue nylon… the sight of those ropes did something to her insides, and she bucked upward. “Yes. Now your hands.”

She wanted his tanned skin against her pale white. Those fingers and palms back on the pearls he’d complimented moments before.

Her limited verbal plea worked because his palms brushed over both peaks. A moan escaped her and she cried, “Please.”

His head came low then, the visual blocked by his hair, but she felt everything. Hot mouth replacing skin, teeth grazing. The seconds dragged on with the administered torture and pleasure to not one, but both of her nipples. Then he whispered, “Do you want me to touch other places?”

She nodded, and a feral smile replaced his neutral expression.

Hot, callused skin connected with hers, sliding down her stomach, past her waist, and heading for the juncture between her thighs. More adventures led her to waxing earlier in the day, and she had a perfect landing strip, trimmed for this occasion. Not that she’d planned on this, but she’d hoped.

“I don’t normally do this.” One hand slipped between lace and flesh.

She shivered. “Then I’m the lucky one.”

A single digit glided over her clitoris and flicked the nub. Panting became her natural state like a dog, and she didn’t dare move for fear he’d stop. Another finger joined the fray, tracing the outside of her labia minora— holy hell! She’d reverted to high school biology terms. The slow movements, the careful exploration, made her crazy. The urge to scream, to cry out for penetration sat so close to the surface and the best way to stow the impulse involved reviewing what he did to her, how he did it.
Finally, he plunged both fingers inside at once and she let out a cry, some insane mewling noise. Her orgasm grew closer. Closer than she expected, but John had been right— delayed gratification increased the satisfaction.

He moved quickly, pumping in and out while tweaking her nipples. The pressure rose, a coiling sensation in her lower back and abdomen preceding the coming eruption, like a balloon ready to explode. She tugged at her bindings, straining against them and loving the burn, the pain they left while the peak rose higher.

As she crested, she called out “John!”

“No,” he said, his voice guttural and rough. “Call me Sig.”

Before she could ask what the hell? her release rushed forth, her legs jolting against the ties and moisture coating the fingers inside her. Eyesight blurred momentarily, the force stronger than ever before but all too soon reality came seeping back in. The name in her mind, the name she’d called, wasn’t real? “Who’s Sig?”

“I am.” He stared her straight in the eyes. The words were true and she felt exposed, manipulated, and embarrassed.



Buy Links: 

Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/What-You-Crave-1Night-Stand-ebook/dp/B01BXDZ354/ 

ARe : https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-whatyoucrave1nightstand-1986672-147.html 

Smashwords : http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/616490 


Author Bio:

Landra Graf has been crafting stories since the tender age of too-young-to-watch-rated-R. When she finally got old enough for adult material, she believed adult meant anything besides the smexy. Then she discovered erotic romance and all things kinky. Since then it’s been a journey down a rabbit hole. Landra writes BDSM erotic romance and historical erotic romance, among other less smexy offerings.

Author Links:

Website: http://landragraf.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LandraGraf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/landra.graf

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7847192.Landra_Graf

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/landragraf/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Landra­Graf/e/B00IESJED4/

#MWTease #Erotic #Romance #MM Finding Your Mate In The Most Unusual Place

You ever hear of the term that you can't control who you love?  Well if you're an alien living on Earth, you can't control where you find your love.  

From My WIP- Alien Love

He ignored him.  As he continued to walk down the aisle, a sweet clean scent cut through the noxious odors around him.  The enticing aroma tugged at his heart and his cock.  It drew him to the end of the block to the last cell.  His instincts screamed that his mate was the owner of this alluring smell.  How could his mate be a prisoner?  His mate, a thief or a murderer?  A criminal is not worthy of a mate for person in his clan. Why would the fates play such a horrible trick on him? 

Damian dismissed the preposterous thought.  It had to be a mistake.  Perhaps his nose was wrong.  If eyes can experience hallucinations maybe the nose could have something similar.  He still had a patrol to complete so he continued walking down the aisle to the end of the block.  He fought the need to run to see the owner of the sexy scent.  He had a job to do and nothing was going to keep him from doing it, even if it was his so called mate.  

Damian slowed his pace and looked into each cell making sure the right prisoner was still inside as he journeyed down the block.  As he made it to the last cell, the aroma was like a bouquet of flowers in a garden paradise.  The scent overwhelmed him making him heady.  He grabbed hold of the bars to keep from falling.  His heart pounded in his ears.  He growled as his desire to rip the bars off their hinges to claim the man behind them.  

You are a sentry.  You must be strong.   

February 19, 2016

I Used Wen And I Think It Made Some of My Hair Fall Out- They Are In The Midst of A Lawsuit


Since coming out of the hair relaxer more than four years ago.  My hair has stop breaking off and my scalp is healthier.  And all around my hair is healthier and longer.

Now that I wear my hair with its natural texture which is wavy spiral curls, it stays very dry-- any one with textured hair would feel my pain!

The other problem I experience with natural spiral curls is that my hair tangles very easily.  So when I started watching the WEN infomercials I wasn't really convinced until I started watching the demonstrations on QVC.  When they showed two black women with similar hair textures as mine and the remarkable things it did for their hair I was sold.

So I bought it and started out with a small bottle of the Pomegranate fragrance that smelled like Tea Tree oil to me but supposedly it was good for dry hair.   Any way, I used it as directed including as a leave in conditioner.

I have to admit, I loved it. My hair was softer, more manageable and less tangly and it kept it hydrated.  No more dry frizz!  And for the most part the ingredients were as advertised...fruit oil extracts and the like.  I mean this stuff really worked!

But then one day, after talking with my mom about her hair problems I absent-mindedly touched the top of my head and I thought-- hmmm....this isn't as thick as it was before.

I told my self I was going crazy.  But I set it aside.  I figured maybe it was just the way my hair was being worn.  I had it pulled back into a pony tail.

So eventually I wind up going to a hairdresser who commented on how soft and manageable my hair was and that it had a lot of spiral curls.  She washed, blow dried and flat ironed it.  After styling it I looked in the mirror and said what the??

The hair style was great.  My hair was super long because I had been treating it right etc.   But my hair density was down at the top of my hair.  A year prior when I had my done at a stylist who did the same thing-- my hair was shorter but very thick.  I was thinking I need a hair straightener it was so thick because it lack a light flow.  My hair was light airy now because I had less of it!!

It turns out there is a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit from other women who experience similar things. I didn't know about the lawsuit until fellow romance author #TymberDalton mentioned it in her facebook status and a mutual group we are in.

Instantly I made the connection and I stopped using it immediately.

This may not happen to you!  But beware.


February 18, 2016

#Amazon Hides #Reviews Warning To #Erotic #Romance #Authors

I just received this notice in an e-mail from Night Owl Reviews.

New Amazon Update

Hi Reviewers, authors and the publishing industry,

Author D. Renee Bagby / Zenobia Renquist let us know that Amazon has implemented a new "Hide Reviews" system. After reading her letter I personally went to check our account and found we needed to change our settings as she directed. So a big thanks to Renee.

Please take a look at her letter below if you post reviews to Amazon are an author or have anything to do with reviews on Amazon.

The Night Owl Reviews Team

Check Your Privacy Settings

I just found out on FB that Amazon has a function to hide your reviews on what they deem "sensitive products," which translates to pretty much anything in the Romance section of the Kindle store, and especially stuff in the Erotica section, like Her Fantasy Reality.

Here's how to see if your reviews are being hidden:
- Log into Amazon
- Go to Your Account
- Scroll down to Personalization
- Click on Your Public Profile
At the bottom of the page will be an image that looks like this

- Click the "Privacy Settings" link
- Scroll down to the bottom of the page
- UNCLICK "Hide Sensitive Activity"
- Save

Now all your reviews should be visible to everyone as they were intended, because if you didn't want it to be seen, you wouldn't have left a review, right?

Spread the word to others, who might be affected.

Have a happy,
~ Renee


Hope This Helps.


February 16, 2016

Tempted, Twisted, and Taken (MFM) by #TonyaRamagos

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]


Structural engineer Autumn Johnson only has eyes for her career. But destiny throws her a twist that puts Engine Company Lieutenant Zach Torren and lead paramedic Casey Macon in her sights. She’s had her fill of obnoxious men in the fire service, but Zach and Casey are determined to show her how hot and enjoyable fate can be.

Zach knows how to put out fires. He knows how to keep them burning, too. The spontaneous flames that erupt when he meets Autumn need fuel, not water. But, someone wants her dead and, in the end, he'll need skill more than charm he to keep her alive.

It’s been years since a woman caught Casey’s heart. Autumn does it on sight, but is she everything Zach thinks she is? When her life is threatened, he pushes that question aside and focuses on keeping her safe. But, when he discovers who’s behind it all, it might be too late.


The firefighter’s voice was smooth and melodious, like an FM radio DJ’s voice. Autumn pulled her gaze up, skipped over the strong chin with a day’s growth of stubble, and paused at the slightly parted, way too kissable, set of lips. Her heart rate kicked into double time as heat unfolded in girly
parts she’d thought had gone dormant long ago. Those lips moved as he spoke again.

“Are you okay?”

No, she absolutely wasn’t okay if her system was reacting to this man this way. Hadn’t her body learned anything? She tore her attention from his mouth, dragged it up the bridge of his nose, and met his gaze. Hazel eyes stared back at her with a mix of concern and unadulterated attraction flaming in their depths.

*Firefighter. Firefighter. Firefighter!*

Her mind screamed the word at her like a mantra as her traitorous gaze took a quick stroll over his short, light brown hair and drool-worthy face before locking on his eyes again. He was decidedly a young firefighter at that. Then again, since passing the big 4-0 last year, anyone under the obvious age of fifty had started to look young.

“I’m fine. I just wasn’t watching where I was going.”

His lips kicked into a charming lopsided grin. “Neither was I.”

His gaze dropped, slid slowly down her body, and inched its way up again, drinking her in as if his eyes were straws and she was suddenly his favorite beverage.

“I am now.”

*Oh, God.*

That look absolutely should not have had her nipples beading to hardened points that poked against the cups of her bra. It should not have ignited a slow burn in her clit and had juices slicking her feminine folds.

But, *damn it*, it did.

“Again, I do apologize.”

Needing to make a fast escape, Autumn kneeled to retrieve the bag she’d dropped when they had collided, unable to keep her gaze from taking in every long, stupendously toned, and­—*oh, wow*—outrageously packed inch of him clad in tight-fitting uniform pants and black combat-style boots.

Apparently having the same idea, he kneeled with her and reached for the bag. Their fingers brushed and a zillion volts of supercharged white-hot desire zinged up her arm.

*No. No. No!*

Didn’t her hand know she wasn’t attracted to men like him? She had suffered more than her fair share of obnoxious, egotistical, I’m-too-hot-in-my-uniform firemen like him.

“I’ve got it,” she told him as she took the bag and quickly straightened.

“Thanks. Have a good evening.” She started to walk around him, but his long fingers closed on her forearm, sending another unwanted zing ricocheting through her.

“Hey. You can’t run off without at least telling me your name.”

She took a deep breath and met his gaze again. *Holy hormones!* His hand on her arm coupled with the flames still present in his hazel eyes was more than enough to have her envisioning hot, sweaty bodies—his and hers—tangled in rumpled sheets.



The way he repeated her name in that smooth, melodic voice added sound to her vision, the kind that had him whispering her name as he settled his narrow hips between her wide-spread legs.

“Different, but beautiful. Do you have a last name to go with it?”

“That one’s not so different. It’s Johnson.”

“Zach Torren.” His hand slid down her forearm, leaving a path of sizzling heat in its wake as it closed around hers. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Autumn Johnson.”

*Not so obnoxious.*

In fact, he was polite, well mannered, and too freaking nice. The man should’ve been covered in warning labels. Ones that read something like, *Caution: Any form of physical interaction will result in third-degree burns* and, *Caution: Prolonged eye contact will be damaging to the system.*

Those labels might not be present, but the one on his shirt was enough to set off the sirens in her head, even if her body didn’t seem to hear them. Almost any man could give off the first impression of being a nice guy if he wanted to.

“You, too, Zach. Now, if you will excuse me.”

The radio on his hip squawked and Autumn’s belly churned at the sound.

“Hey, Lieutenant. What’s your ETA? We’re starving out here.”

He reached with his free hand, snagged the radio from his belt, and keyed it up to speak. “Hold your horses. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

His other hand was still holding hers. She eased hers free and immediately felt the loss of the warmth from his touch as she started to back away. “It sounds like you need to go, too.”

“They can wait.” He took a step forward, reclaiming more than half the distance she’d put between them in a single stride. “Can I buy you a drink sometime? Take you to dinner and a movie?”

Yes, the sirens in her head were doing their job. They drowned out the screams of her body to accept his offer for a date and reminded her she had thankfully thought to put on her ring before leaving the house. That ring was her defense mechanism, her way of keeping herself from doing stupid things like forgetting the misery men had brought to her life, especially men like the panty-wetting lieutenant currently asking her on a date.

She held up her left hand, showing him the silver band and matching diamond ring on her third finger, and gave him her best apologetic smile. “I don’t think my husband would approve.”

Disappointment threw water on the flames in his eyes, but it didn’t put them out completely. “He’s a lucky man.” He turned slightly and bent at the waist to snag the handle of the basket she hadn’t realized he’d dropped when they had collided. When he straightened, he gave her a smile that sent
more of those zings bouncing from one erogenous zone in her body to the next. “But I’m still glad you ran into me. Have a good evening, Autumn.”


Tonya Ramagos
Tackling the fiery ones with water, steel, and sex appeal.

A NEW Siren Publishing Bestselling Series Available at

February 14, 2016

Happy #Valentine's Day

May your day be filled with love and romance!  <3

Feline Valentine by #TaraQuan

A year ago, I released Fireworks at Midnight, thinking I would leave the world of A Witch’s Night Out forever (I’d planned the series as a trilogy). Unfortunately, my characters had other plans. Since I’d sicced Madame Eve on her cat familiar, earth mage Shelley Dupree insisted I make things right. To be fair, I’d already given her a magical handicap, forced her under house arrest, and buried her in bills—taking away her feline companion did seem a cruel and unusual punishment.

It took me two months of fictional time to even the scales with Feline Valentine. Part of Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series, my interracial paranormal romance is set in Washington, D.C., where magic-wielding folk try to live alongside us pesky humans. It’s my first true “shifter” AND “foodie” romance (talk about ticking two boxes with one book), and a quick read of the blurb should tell you what I mean.

To celebrate this unexpected return to my favorite series, I’m giving away a $15 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post [or at my website: http://www.taraquan.com/felinevalentine].

Feline Valentine (A Witch’s Night Out) by Tara Quan

Under magical house arrest in her great-grandmother’s suburban cottage, college graduate and reluctant earth mage Shelley Dupree whiles away most mornings spying on the warlock next door. Though erotic daydreams offer some distraction, she faces long working hours, cash flow problems, and a repeat burglar. On Valentine’s Day, she sets a trap for the mysterious intruder, intent on ending his crime streak once and for all. But her scheming cat familiar foils her best-laid plans, and, with a little help from Madame Eve’s 1-Night Stand service, she discovers a far more dangerous species of magical feline.

After moving in next to a ramshackle building on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., pastry chef Adrien Chatdurois is plagued by repeat sexual fantasies starring the same curvy brunette. In a state of constant arousal, he devotes his early mornings to grueling exercise and spends the rest of his day handcrafting the city’s best chocolates. When his younger brother stirs up trouble on the shop’s busiest day, the frustrated shifter is forced to pay a surprise visit on his reclusive neighbor. He soon learns not all witches are wart-covered hags, and one in particular might prove the most delicious of desserts.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural

Excerpts, in increasing order of heat level, from PG to R-Rated

Excerpt –  

Her doorbell rang.

An ominous crack followed the box’s impact with her yellowed kitchen floor. Sweat dampened the back of her neck. She must have imagined the sound. Her doorbell had been broken for weeks—months even. She’d taped a scribbled sign telling food delivery people to leave items on the porch. No one other than her family ever visited.

Everything, including the array of curiosities in front of her, must be part of a hallucination brought on by prolonged celibacy. Sweets wouldn’t dare sic Madame Eve’s service on her. Everyone Shelley knew who’d used it had—

Ding dong.

Okay, she could fix this. She’d meet the guy and tell him to scram. No way could the matchmaker’s mojo work in less than five seconds.

Muttering curses under her breath, she marched past the counter, through her makeshift office, and across the small living space, to stop in front of the thick wood barrier. Peepholes hadn’t been in vogue back when this place had been built. Since she hadn’t bothered to switch out the bulbs after the porch lights died, she couldn’t have discerned more than shadowy shapes regardless.

Pulling her shoulders back, she summoned her inner bitch. She had to run the guy off. Failure would end in disaster. Acting rude and obnoxious was a matter of determination, persistence, and effort.
She swung the door open.

The warlock next door stared back at her.

Her next breath erupted as a cough. “F—udge cakes.”

As opening lines to Shelley Channeling the Shrew went, she could have done better. She blamed her parents. No matter how many times she’d thought, read, and heard four-letter expletives, she couldn’t shake the ingrained childhood habit of modifying them for polite company.

It didn’t help that the man had a brown cake box sandwiched between his waist and left arm. Responding to the stimuli, her stomach had short-circuited her brain and demanded sustenance—ideally, in the form of fudge cake. Her gaze dropped to the bottle clasped in his hand. She’d had a champagne craving since this morning.

Her hunky neighbor’s green eyes had widened to a comical degree. Perspiration beaded his forehead. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. When his mouth opened, no sound came out.

What did he have to be shocked about?

Of course, only now did it occur to her she could have pretended not to be home. Just because someone rang the doorbell didn’t mean she had to answer.

It would be so rude not to, her goody-two-shoes inner voice who sounded suspiciously like her mother countered. I raised you better.

As she contemplated slamming the door, an act that met with immeasurable resistance from the metaphorical angel on her shoulder, her neighbor croaked, “It’s you.”

As first exchanges between potential soul mates went, this might be one for the books. At least the guy came with more than one bribe. A covered plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries balanced precariously on his other palm. Her gaze drifted over his bare forearm and along tensed biceps. The short sleeve of his red T-shirt accentuated his muscle definition.

Her mouth watered. Her gluttonous heart did a little flip. She couldn’t settle on what tempted her more—the food or the warlock.

Adult Excerpt 

Since she’d removed the plastic wrap but had forgotten to eat, Adrien reached over and brought a strawberry to her lips. Shelley stared at him for a long moment. With a shrug and a grin, she swirled her tongue along the chocolate before clamping her teeth over the fruit. Biting off a chunk, she drew back and licked her lips clean.

Shifting his stance, he tried to focus on anything but the blood rushing to his groin. He hadn’t thought his jeans could get any tighter. He’d thought wrong.

The activity in the kitchen screeched to an abrupt halt.

She studied him through lowered lashes. “What? Is something wrong?”

Two could play this game. Caging her between the counter and his body, he brushed his fingers over her upper arm and along her neck. When she tilted her head to the side, he lowered his head so his lips grazed her earlobe. Grinning when her breath caught, he reached around her, his arm missing her breasts by a millimeter as he wiped her lower lip with the pad of his thumb.

“You missed a spot.”

Her skin darkened to the color of milk chocolate. Though he couldn’t wait to find out how she tasted, he mustered enough self-control to return to the task at hand. The sooner he fed the witch, the sooner they’d shift to more delicious activities.

“Keep eating. I don’t need another tantrum on my hands.”

“Oonn ieet.”

As she polished off the strawberries, he whisked a pair of eggs in a separate bowl before combining his two mixtures. He placed a small container of butter in his palm. A few seconds later, it softened and melted. Shifters generated far more body heat than humans or elemental mages, which came in handy since his host’s microwave seemed to have been rescued from a 1980s Dumpster.

Soft footsteps approached him from behind. “Can I help?”

He turned, glanced at the empty plate on the counter, and answered her sheepish grin with a smile of his own. “Feeling guilty?”

“You’re not off the hook, or anything.” Her cheeks darkened. “But my temper might have been a bit more…explosive than usual. I’m sorry I punched you in the face, but you’re not forgiven for acting like a horny asshole.”

“I kind of am horny thanks to—” He managed to shut his mouth before allocating part of the blame to her vivid sexual fantasies. “Erm…. Anyway…. All is forgiven. Blood sugar dips make women’s moods go haywire. When paired with my lack of filter…let’s say there’s a reason I learned how to cook.”

Her nose wrinkled. “I’m pretty sure male moods are affected by hunger as well.”

“Yes, but we tend to prioritize filling our stomachs over most other tasks.”

Finding an empty patch of counter space, she seated herself and watched as he finished off the batter with freshly grated orange zest. “Do you always say what you think?”

“Yup. It’s a hazard.” Covering the bowl with plastic wrap, he placed it in her fridge to rest. “Then again, there’s no point getting someone to dig a fake version of me.”

He turned in time to catch her rolling her eyes. “You might want to give them some time to warm up.”

“Oh, stop pretending. You like me. Admit it.”

She looked him up and down. “I hate to break this to you, but while I might think you’re hot, your attitude leaves much to be desired.”

He worked on the oranges and lemons for the sauce. “What’s wrong with my attitude? Here I am, slaving away to put food on the table—”

She snorted.

“What? It literally describes what I’m doing. And what about the repairs I did before finding out what you looked like? All my altruism has to count for something.” He floated a pan over to the stove and started melting some sugar and butter. The distinct smell of caramel soon filled the kitchen.

Rolling her shoulders, she arched her back. The stretch puffed out her chest, and his physical reaction almost made him lose control of his telekinesis. He’d never met a female so unaware of the gorgeousness of her boobs. At this rate, he risked permanent damage to a very important body part.
An idea hit him. With a slow wave of his finger, he sent melted sugar into the air, allowing it to cool for a moment before directing a slow stream toward the witch. When she opened her mouth, he deliberately dripped the caramel over her chin and down her neck before bracketing her body with his.

“What”—her voice turned husky—“are you doing?”

“Snacking.” He ran the tip of his tongue from the base of her throat, up the column of her neck. The sauce’s smoky sweetness lingered as he followed the sticky path to her mouth.

When he caught her lower lip between his teeth, her fingers trailed up his forearms to clench over the sleeves of his shirt. He sucked, teased her with light nips until she sighed and melted against his chest.

She tilted her head back, and he took it as permission to devour. Hidden under layers of chocolate and strawberry, he discovered his personal addiction. He pushed her further, forcing her to meet him stroke for stroke.

“This is a bad idea,” she murmured between sipping kisses. “Madame Eve isn’t any old dating service.”

“I don’t care.” He circled one arm around her waist and pulled. Her thighs parted, the counter height positioning her for his taking. He ground his tented fly between her spread legs, relishing her soft moans as she hooked her ankles behind his back.

Lifting a hand to fondle her breast, he pumped his hips. His quest for relief only aggravated his arousal. He channeled his mounting frustration onto her neck, leaving hickeys as he nibbled his way to her collarbones. Pulling down her hoodie’s zipper, he marked the swells of silky skin then tugged at her neckline so he could explore.

When he lifted his head to examine his handiwork, he found her flushed and panting. Each labored breath lifted her plump breasts, their perfection marred by his dark brands. The rush of possession brought an indescribable high, the cat in him recognizing what neither human seemed ready to admit.

“Your clothes,” Adrien rasped. “Take them off.”

“You first.” A split second before Shelley surrendered to temporary insanity, the sharp crack of breaking glass yanked her from the brink. Cursing her wayward hormones, she jumped off the counter and headed for the back door.

With a rumbling curse, Adrien grabbed her upper arm and swung her behind him, using his much larger body as a shield against the harmless kitchen exit. “Stay inside. I’ll handle—”

“Oh please. It’s my house. All you’ll do is stumble around the backyard half-blind. I’ve got this.”

Spinning on his heel, he gaped at her. “You’re seriously pulling a women’s lib moment on me now?”

“Yup.” She pointed at the stove. “Finish the dessert like a good househusband while I deal with the break-in.”


To celebrate an unexpected return to my favorite series, I’m giving away a $15 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post [or at my website: http://www.taraquan.com/felinevalentine].


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About the Author

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures.

Her characters, armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. To receive updates about her new releases and get a free sexy read, subscribe to her mailing list at www.taraquan.com/newsletter.

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February 13, 2016

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February 12, 2016

Flight of the Dragon Queen by #TheaLanden

Mysterious Alizeira is trapped and needs Caleb to rescue her, but can he set her free in time?

Decadent Publishing: http://www.decadentpublishing.com/

Date Published: 
January 18, 2016

Erotic romance, fantasy

Heat/Content Rating:

Page Count:

Long Blurb:

For his entire life, Caleb has always been more comfortable surrounded by books and games than other people. When 1Night Stand is recommended to him, he contacts Madame Eve but is too shy to actually meet any of the women she finds for him. Together, they reach a workable solution: a simulated dating experience in a setting reminiscent of his favorite stories.

After following Madame Eve’s instructions, Caleb finds himself in a vivid fantasy world, complete with a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. His objective is clear, but he must find a way around the many obstacles standing between him and Alizeira, the mysterious woman imprisoned in an underground cell.

While working on his plans to save her, Caleb spends time getting to know Alizeira beyond her role as prisoner, and a mutual attraction develops between them. He is unsure whether she’s a real person playing a part like him, or if she’s simply one piece of the elaborate simulation that’s been programmed for his date. Setting her free is the first step to discovering the truth, but how many secrets is Alizeira hiding


The full moon illuminated the path. I moved quietly and knelt beside the dark hole in the ground. “Hello?” I whispered. “Are you there?”

The woman appeared beneath me, her upturned face bathed in moonlight. Luscious lips curved into a smile, a reward I might not have deserved. I froze, transfixed by her ethereal beauty, and tried to think of something brilliant and charming to say. “Hi,” I mumbled.

“Hello.” She beamed at me. “You came back.”

“Of course I did.”

“Are you feeling okay?” she asked. “You were unconscious when I first saw you. I feared you might have been hurt.”

“I’m fine.” I ruffled my hair, noting I no longer suffered from a headache. “But what about you? I’d hoped when the guards let me out, they’d do the same for you.”

She shook her head and sighed. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Her dark curls obscured her face when she ducked her head and paced back and forth in her cell. For the first time, I saw the iron shackles around her wrists and ankles. Heavy chains dragged and clanked behind her as she moved about. “I knew I shouldn’t go beyond the river, I’d be putting myself in danger, but then when I saw you there….”

Guilt tightened in my chest. Before I could apologize, her hand flew up to her mouth, giving the chains another rattle. “Oh, forgive me! Where are my manners?” She stopped walking and looked back at me with striking eyes. “All this time, and I haven’t even bothered to learn your name.”

“It’s Caleb.”

“I’m Alizeira.”

She extended one pale hand toward me. I reached through the spaces in the grate and took it, wrapping my fingers around hers. Despite the dingy, uncomfortable appearance of the cell, her skin felt soft and warm.

“It’s nice to meet you. Well, not nice, I mean, since you’re stuck down there in the dark and that’s not nice, but I meant you are…uh….” Heat flooded my cheeks as I rambled on. Calm down, I told myself. None of this is real, remember?


Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Flight-Dragon-Queen-1Night-Stand-ebook/dp/B01A7F2WVW/
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/flight-of-the-dragon-queen-1night-stand
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/flight-of-the-dragon-queen/id1072029783?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Thea_Landen_Flight_of_the_Dragon_Queen_1Night_Stan?id=VntRCwAAQBAJ
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/flight-of-the-dragon-queen-thea-landen/1123276402?ean=2940157991838
All Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-flightofthedragonqueen1nightstand-1959046-340.html
BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/flight-of-the-dragon-queen-1night-stand
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/605285

Review Excerpts:

“I don't want to give anything away, but this is a great short romance that mixes fantasy, romance, and can help any gamer get over the shyness of meeting someone!” – Amazon.com review

“I grew up in that age of old arcade and progressed to fantasy games. I so wish this one in this story was real, but who knows, some day it may be.”  - http://kimmiesuesbookreview.blogspot.com/

Author Bio:

Thea Landen lives in New York with her husband and two children. A former educator, she strives to encourage creativity and passion in all those around her, and uses writing to help inspire. Though she reads and writes in nearly all genres, she has a special fondness for science fiction, fantasy, and adventure and anything that pushes the imagination beyond its usual limits. When she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games.

Contact Details:

Email: thealanden@gmail.com
Website: www.thealanden.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thealanden
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheaLanden
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5782229.Thea_Landen
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00948YAXW
Google+: https://plus.google.com/110059409754775712023/posts

February 10, 2016

Owned For Christmas by #WillaEdwards

Title: Owned For Christmas
Author: Willa Edwards
Release Date: November 28th, 2014
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Buy Link: https://www.totallybound.com/owned-for-christmas
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Menage BDSM 


Christmas with her boyfriend’s family seems like a lovely idea—until she finds her previous Dom staying for the holidays too.

Kate Baker is nervous about meeting her boyfriend Daniel’s family. When she walks into the family home to find Grant, her former Dom, spending the holidays with them too, her world turns upside down. How can she spend Christmas with the man who shattered her heart and broke her trust in the whole BDSM scene?

Although she had no idea that Grant and Daniel were brothers, Grant revives all those needs that Daniel can’t fulfill. But she won’t give up the man who helped mend her broken heart after Grant shattered it—even if she has to bury the submissive part of herself to do it.

A year ago, Grant Farrell left the woman he loved—and the best sub he’s ever controlled—to tend the family ranch after his father’s death. It almost tore his heart out to leave Kate but he had no other choice. But he doesn’t realize how much it hurt them both until she shows up at his family’s home on his brother’s arm.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex and double penetration.


“Are you sure your mom will like me?” Kate threaded and unthreaded her fingers together. The snow-covered Rocky Mountains filled her passenger side window. The ground crunched under their tires, illustrating that they weren’t in Texas anymore—that and the sub-zero temperature.

When her boyfriend had asked her to spend Christmas with his family in Colorado, she’d been ecstatic. Now she was rethinking her decision.

She stared out of the window, focusing on breathing deeply. The last thing she wanted was to have a panic attack the second she walked into her boyfriend’s childhood home. What a great first impression that would leave. For years to come, she’d be known as the crazy girl he brought home that one Christmas who stopped breathing right inside the front door.

Daniel pulled his hand from the steering wheel and reached across the car for hers. He gave her fingers a gentle squeeze. “I’m sure she’ll love you.”

She nodded and tried to believe him. It had been a long time since she’d met anyone’s mother. She’d stopped being the type of girl a man would take home to his family a while ago. She had never thought she’d be back in this position again.

That was until Daniel had appeared in her life. She looked over at the man sitting beside her. He’d glance at her with his warm, honey-brown eyes every once in a while. He’d combed his sandy hair back neatly. He was her savior. He’d found her, picked her up and helped her to glue her heart back together when she’d given up any hope that it was possible. The least she could do for him was meet his mother.

“What is there about you that’s not to love?” He smiled over at her.

There was a lot not to love. There certainly had been before. Enough to force someone to leave her. Or at least one very notable person. The one who had broken her heart and left her behind to pick up the pieces.

But that was all before Daniel. She tried to smile back.

They took a left turn, pulling off the highway onto a winding dirt road. Snow, a few inches deep, was piled up on either side of the road. White blanketed the trees and rocks. The car shook and dipped down the bumpy road. She braced herself against the car seat. This was a long way from her normal commute to school each morning. She’d never complain about Dallas traffic again. At least it didn’t have potholes the size of cannonballs, or ice.

“Trust me. It will be great. We got through the plane ride, didn’t we?”

Kate nodded. She had survived the plane ride. Thanks in part to Daniel and two mini bottles of vodka. But somehow, she’d lived through the flight. Her hands had even stopped shaking. “Of course I trust you.”

Daniel turned another corner, shifting onto an unpaved drive. It was hard not to notice the house so covered in twinkle lights it could almost be seen from space. It was beautiful. The quaint, tiny farmhouse sat nestled back into a hill. With the snow covering its roof and the lights decorating the porch, it almost looked like the front of a Christmas card. The kind she would have found and looked at longingly as a child from her Dallas bedroom.

If only she could stop her stomach from churning, she might be able to enjoy the sight.

Daniel slowed the vehicle before parking the rental car to the left of the small house.

“We’re home.” He grinned over at her.

Kate took a deep breath. He looked so happy, so excited. Her stomach churned more violently. She wished she felt the same as he did.

He scrambled out of the car toward the back to get their bags. Kate opened the door, stepping out into the cool air. Her boots squished in the snow. Good thing she’d gone for the heavy winter coat. She’d never seen so much snow in her life, besides on television. The bitter wind brushed her face and her nose burned slightly. But the snowfall was pretty, decorating everything in white and ice.

Daniel slammed the trunk before coming to meet her beside the car, a bag cradled under each arm. Always the gentleman. Just another reason she loved him so much.

“Don’t tell me it looks that bad,” he joked, a wide smirk on his face.

Kate tightened her coat around her chest, schooling her features into a more excited expression. She’d hate for his mother to see the dumbfounded look she must have been sporting. She didn’t want to give his mom the impression she was judging them, or that she was disappointed in what she found—she certainly wasn’t.

She didn’t think his childhood home looked bad at all. In fact, the little house in the snow was very pretty and picturesque. So different from her parents’ house, so different from the Christmases she’d always known.


Submit to the Heart -- www.willaedwards.com -- Blog

February 8, 2016

Fully Involved by Tonya Ramagos


Skye Britt barely escaped a horrible marriage, only to discover she was pregnant. For seven years, she’s worked to get her life together and be the best single mother she can be. Trusting men isn’t easy, especially when it means letting them get close to her daughter Sunny. But Squad 14 firefighters Dustin Jasper and Bryson Niles are determined to break down her defenses and, soon, she finds herself wondering if she’s ready to give love a chance again.

Uniform bunnies can be fun, but Dustin and Bryson are looking for more than a one-night stand. They find it when they meet Skye, but they aren’t the only ones that have found her. When a demon from her past comes after her, it takes the skill and knowledge that earned them their uniforms to save Skye and her daughter from certain death and prove to Skye just how fully involved they want to be in her and Sunny’s lives.

Adult Excerpt:

“Which room is yours?”

He’d already carried her out of the kitchen and was stepping into the hallway before his question registered in her sex-fogged brain.

“The last one at the end of the hall.”

He took a couple of steps, paused at the closed door to Sunny’s room, and looked down at her. “Should be check on her? Does she get up in the middle of the night?”

His concern for her daughter catching them tied a knot around her heart. She shook her head. “She shouldn’t as long as we’re quiet.”

Seemingly satisfied by her answer, he started walking again.

Skye lifted her head from where it had fallen to rest on the front of his shoulder, looked behind him, and saw Dustin following. Her heart drummed double-time at the sight of him, the realization of what she was about to do really sinking in. She was allowing two men into her bedroom, her sanctuary, the only private spot she called hers. Even Sunny wasn’t permitted to enter her bedroom after she’d been put to sleep unless there was an emergency. She had instilled that rule, wanting her daughter to grow up feeling a safety in her surroundings she, herself, had never felt.

Bryson stopped in the doorway of her bedroom. Dustin reached inside and flicked on the overhead light. That’s when reality really hit home.

Skye scanned the room, grateful that she’d picked up her dirty clothes that morning and put them in the clothesbasket. Nothing was out of place and the bed was neatly made.

Not for long.

The thought had her racing heart skipping a rapid beat even as juice leaked from between her feminine lips. Bryson started walking again and each long stride he took that brought him to the side of that bed made her pulse pound furiously and more juices escape her body.

He carefully lowered her to her feet in front of him, but his hands didn’t leave her. Instead, the closed on her hips, glided up to fist the hem of her blouse, and tugged it slowly up and over her head.

Dustin. Where was Dustin? She refused to forget about him again. He was there, closing the door quietly behind him before making his way to her and Bryson. He touched her, just the littlest brush of a fingertip to her bare shoulder as he walked around her. He stopped at her back, freed the clasp of her bra, and gently slid the straps down her shoulders and off her arms.

Naked from the waist up, her gaze locked with Bryson’s heavy-lidded eyes, the first dregs of uncertainty attempted to rear its ugly head. She wouldn’t allow it. She ruthlessly slammed the door of the green eyed monster’s cage, determined to allow herself this moment, this time, and worry about the consequences of her actions later.

“Will you think I’m a pig if I admit that I’ve been fantasizing about seeing you naked since the minute you stomped up to me at the park?”

Skye smiled despite the shiver that rushed through her as Dustin’s hands moved around to her front, found the button of her slacks, freed it, and went to work on the zipper. “It would be wrong of me if I did, because I’ve fantasized about the same thing with you,” she admitted. “Although the park and the upstairs deck at your place took turns for top spot after you introduced me to Dustin.”

It was true. Though she hadn’t wanted the visions to come, those were the things she’d been seeing nightly since she’d met the two of them. In those fantasies, she had been the one to come, over and over, with one or both of them inside her until they’d found their release, too. Then, the fantasies had started all over again.

“Christ, Skye,” Dustin whispered, his hands pausing in the act of lowering her slacks as he rested his forehead on the back of her shoulder.

Bryson was looking at her and the expression on his handsome face turned quite possibly more serious than she’d ever seen it. “You don’t know how much we needed to hear that.”

No, she didn’t. She didn’t even understand why they had needed to hear it. Deep down, she didn’t believe either of them had been hanging around simply to get her into bed. Still, why did it seem to matter so much to Dustin that she’d been dreaming of having sex with them?

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s okay,” Dustin told her as he lifted his head and resumed his act of tugging her slacks down her legs. “You don’t need to.”

“Don’t question it. Don’t question anything tonight.” Bryson’s hands floated up her body, turned when they reached her breasts, and palmed them. “Just let us make you feel alive tonight.”

The pad of his thumbs grazed over her taut nipples and whatever questions might have remained in her mind vanished. Lower, Dustin had pushed her slacks to her ankles, sent her panties to follow, and reached a hand between her legs to cover her bare pussy.

“Are we on the right track?”

“Yes.” Skye let her eyes close and her head fall back on his shoulder as one wide finger slipped between her sodden folds and pressed lightly over her clit.

“Are you sure?” Bryson’s hands moved to cover her breasts, squeezed, and drew a low moan from her throat.


Both men chuckled softly, but it was Dustin who spoke.

“Do you know what we want?”

Even as he asked the question, the pad of his finger began a pressured massage on her clit. With his finger doing that and Bryson’s hands manipulating her breasts, she couldn’t even fathom a guess. She didn’t bother to try. She settled on shaking her head.

“We want you to come for us, Skye,” Bryson told her as his thumbs and forefingers closed lightly on her nipples and gave them a gentle pinch.


Tonya Ramagos

Tackling the fiery ones with water, steel, and sex appeal.

A NEW Siren Publishing Bestselling Series Available at http://www.sirenpublishing.com/tonyaramagos

February 6, 2016

Caught on the Rebound by Clair de Lune

Thank you for hosting me for my latest book, Caught on the Rebound. This book releases on February 3rd with Siren Publishing. If your readers would like to they can post questions to me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nell.brown.353 and I will answer them as I see them.

Caught on the Rebound : Prometheus in Chains 14
Once bitten, twice shy. Jaimie Scott is determined he'll have no more dominating men in his life after escaping an abusive partner, then he meets trainee Dom, Niall Stewart. He's attracted to Jaimie and willing to woo him slowly, as he introduces him to BDSM. Another sub has different ideas. Believing that Niall loved her before Jaimie came on the scene, Gillian will stop at nothing to get Jaimie out of the picture, and it's only by putting himself at risk again that Jaimie can reveal her true nature.

Just when happiness is within Jaimie's grasp, Zack makes a play to regain him and Niall is devastated. How far is Jaimie prepared to go this time in the pursuit of love and happiness?

** MM… BDSM with spanking, Kinbaku and fire-play
BOOK COVER… in a separate attachment
Background to the story
Prometheus in Chains no 14 and the story of Jaimie Wright and Niall Stuart with the help of a few old friends.

"Jaimie, I'm home. I got you a present, come and see," 

"Zack, you know I love presents what is it? It looks big and expensive. Thank you." Jaimie started to unwrap the gift. He was excited and rather relieved. Things had been very tense lately between them and he hoped that this was a peace-offering. 

He wanted nothing so much as to turn back the clock and put the last six weeks behind them. He finished unwrapping the gift. It was a pink vanity-case decorated with butterflies.

"Go on open it. What are you waiting for?" Zack asked. Jaimie's heart sank. This was to be no reconciliation. He opened the case to find an up-market range of skin care products. Wordlessly he looked at Zack.

"These are so expensive," he murmured diplomatically.

"That doesn't matter at all. I want you to have the best. Your skin needs care. Using these will make you look so much better."

"I take care of my skin, you know I do. What's wrong with my own range?"

"They are too harsh. When you take off your make-up with these, they will leave your skin so much softer and cleaner," Zack explained.

"I told you I won't wear make-up, and I meant it," Jaimie said firmly.

"Won't you try one more time, just to please me?" Zack wheedled.

"I hate it. I look like a clown. Can't you leave it, just to please me?"

"No I can't and I won't."

Zack advanced and Jaimie retreated. He was smaller and slighter than his partner, and so he never won when things became physical, as they had, all too often, lately. Zack's handsome face took on an ugly sneer, as he backed Jaimie into a corner.

"You behave like a girl, why won't you wear the make-up. You need all the help you can get. I've no idea why I've put up with you for so long."

"Zack. Why are you doing this? I don't want to wear that stuff. What's wrong all of a sudden? You always said you liked the way I looked before. What's changed?"

"Maybe my eyes have been opened. I can do a lot better than you. You aren't much to look at, and you don't pull your weight. When I try to get you to improve your look you refuse," Zack snarled. Jaimie couldn't believe his ears.

"You always said I looked very smart before you started this business of the make-up. You were the one who didn't want me to take on more clients. You said you earned enough and we didn't need the extra," he said.

"Well I have a position to keep up. I don't want it known that my partner is a skivvy for all and sundry."

"How will it help your position if I wear make-up and garish clothes? I don't work for just anyone. I choose my clients carefully. They are all well-off and very kind."

"Yes and there are precious few of them. They exploit you and laugh at you behind your back. You're still nothing but a glorified char-lady and that's not good enough for me. I won't have people poking fun at me because of you."

"I don't understand. Has someone said something? They don't matter, but they'd really go to town if I went out with you dressed in sequins, with a painted face," Jaimie said.

"You always have an answer for everything," Zack shouted and then he raised his hand and hit Jaimie. After the first one he seemed to lose all control of himself and the blows rained down. Jaimie had learned, from bitter experience, that to resist just increased the severity and duration of the beating. When Zack grew tired he threw the vanity case on top of Jaimie and stormed out, slamming the door.

Jaimie remained on the floor, curled in a ball. After a long while he got up. He didn’t know how long he'd stayed there. 

The dinner will be ruined. What a stupid thing to think about. I must get in the bath. 

He managed to get to the bathroom, where he ran himself a hot bath adding salt to the hot water. Then he undressed and sank gratefully into the blessed warmth. He was too tired and upset to think but he knew that things couldn’t go on like this. 

I have to do something, but what can I do? Where can I go? The rapidly cooling water told him it was time to get out of the bath. He was less stiff and sore than before, but he knew that it was only a temporary reprieve. 

He managed to eat a little of the dinner he'd made and put the rest in the bin. 

If Zack wants food he can get it for himself. It will serve him right and it may make him realise just how much I've been doing for him. Jaimie grimaced. He won't even notice. He got into bed and fell asleep almost at once.

He was awakened by the light's being switched on. Zack was there and cramming his belongings into a suitcase. Jaimie tried to sit up but he was too sore. Usually Zack would slam out of the flat, but when he came back hours later, he would beg Jaimie’s pardon and promise not to do it again. This time as he packed a bag he gave Jaimie an ultimatum.

"I'm tired of you. I want you gone. You have a week to get out of my flat. Anything of yours that's left here after that will be put into the dustbin.” 

The door slammed and Zack was gone. Jaimie was numb with shock. He lay back on the pillows, as his mind struggled to understand what had just happened. He went over the past six weeks and realized he'd been a fool to think it would all be all right. Something would have to be done, but what?

© Clair de Lune, Siren Publishing, 2016

Time to get things moving. I had to give him time to think about what we discussed in the club, but I just can’t hold off any longer.

Jaimie’s trim figure was encased in a tight dove-grey T-shirt and slate-blue tweed trousers, which were moulded to his firm buttocks, leaving nothing to the imagination as he moved from sink to chopping-board. Niall put down the small tray and walked over to Jaimie. He pressed himself to his man’s back, and his arms encircled Jamie’s waist. The knife clattered as it fell onto the board. Niall growled and bent to nip his man’s neck, and then he ran his tongue over the same place, soothing the sting. He was delighted to see Jaimie’s head drop forward, his whole attitude one of surrender.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I’ve tried to be patient, for your sake especially since we spoke about it in the club, but I can’t wait. If you don’t want it, say so now before it’s too late,” he said in a voice that was gruff to his own ears.

I’ve been wanting it, too. I couldn’t make up my mind if you fancied me or not. I thought I’d made my position plain when we talked in the club, and I didn’t want to push because I love living here and would hate to make our situation awkward.”

What a pair of silly buggers. Llewellyn would give us the length of his tongue for not talking about this,” Niall said with a chuckle, and then he pulled Jaimie round and took his mouth.

He tried to be gentle as their lips met, but his tongue slipped into Jaimie’s mouth and was so joyfully received that he forgot all caution and plundered the man’s mouth. Their teeth clashed, and he ground his hard length against a similar swollen cock and groaned. He moved them away from the vegetable preparation and bent Jaimie back over the kitchen counter and then he pushed the dove-gray T-shirt out of the way and bent his mouth to the beautiful, smooth skin he’d revealed. He licked and nipped his way over the pert nipples, hearing the groans of pleasure he elicited from the man under his hands. He looked up, and their gazes locked.

I’m going to clamp these very soon,” he said and heard, with satisfaction, the swift intake of breath and then Jaimie’s small pants of desire and arousal.

He began to lick and nip his way over the smooth, firm belly. Jaimie’s eyes reflected his desire and his growing need. Niall slowed and teased his way down over the firm stomach with the triangle of crisp hair that disappeared under the waistband of the tweed trousers as Jaimie squirmed. Slowly, Niall unfastened the waistband, and Jaimie lifted his hips, allowing Niall to push trousers and tight white trunks down over his thighs. The delicious cock that he revealed made his mouth water. It bobbed and beckoned for his attention. He’d been in a hurry to start with, but now he slowed, determined to take his time and make it memorable for them both. 

As he bent to remove Jaimie’s trousers and underpants, he breathed in deeply, enjoying the fresh-soap smell combined with the scent of his partner’s arousal. He stood up again and cupped the heavy balls. They fit perfectly in his hand, and he rolled and squeezed them lightly and then with increasing pressure as he watched Jaimie, who was enjoying the bite of pain. He bent and licked off the drop of pearly liquid that oozed from the slit in the swollen, purple head of his cock. He smacked his lips in enjoyment and watched the blush as it stained his man’s cheeks a deep-pink.

Adorable, you look like my Christmas dinner, lying there all ready to be devoured,” he said and proceeded to do just that.

Bending, he licked his way up and down one side of the rigid cock and then up the other. He sucked and nipped the ropey, pulsating veins. Once again, the sounds he wrung from Jaimie were music to his ears. Evidently Jaimie was very vocal here, too. Niall smiled as he thought of all the ways he could wring more sounds from him. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a condom and tore the foil wrapper, then, with infinite care and oh so slowly, he rolled it over his man’s swollen dick. Then he lowered his mouth and began to suck in earnest.

* * * *

Jaimie hadn’t heard Niall come into the kitchen. He whistled as he worked. He hadn’t felt so happy for weeks and weeks. He felt safe and appreciated for what he was, not what someone wanted to make of him. Dinner was almost ready, but he had a little spare time, so he decided to prepare the vegetables for the next couple of days. Stored in boxes in the salad crisper in the 'fridge, they would save him some time on his busiest days. When Niall seized him from behind and nipped his neck, he allowed the knife to fall from his nerveless fingers.

At last. After that talk in the club, I assumed he’d take things further at once, but he’s made me wait for a day and a half. How I’ve longed for him to do this. I hoped I wasn’t mistaken and he was attracted to me, but I needed him to make the first move. It feels so good to have his mouth on me and his arms round me. Oh, that cock feels like a monster, and he’s so hard.

Do you want this, now, Jaimie?” Niall asked him.

Yes, oh yes I do. I thought you’d never ask.”

Then all power of thought was taken from him as Niall turned him round and kissed him. The strength in the kiss made his legs turn to jelly, and his dick felt as if it had a mind of its own. Niall moved him away from the vegetable preparation, bent him over on his back, and began to play with him. He heard someone moaning and realised it was himself. He panted and writhed as Niall’s tongue and teeth nipped, laved, and sucked his chest, nipples, and belly. He squirmed and arched his back, wanting more as the Dom slowed and began to tease. Their gazes locked, and Jaimie knew that Niall could read all he needed to know. He realised that it would be futile to try and hurry him, so he surrendered and gave himself up to the pleasure.

© Clair de Lune, Siren Publishing, 2016

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