February 19, 2016

I Used Wen And I Think It Made Some of My Hair Fall Out- They Are In The Midst of A Lawsuit


Since coming out of the hair relaxer more than four years ago.  My hair has stop breaking off and my scalp is healthier.  And all around my hair is healthier and longer.

Now that I wear my hair with its natural texture which is wavy spiral curls, it stays very dry-- any one with textured hair would feel my pain!

The other problem I experience with natural spiral curls is that my hair tangles very easily.  So when I started watching the WEN infomercials I wasn't really convinced until I started watching the demonstrations on QVC.  When they showed two black women with similar hair textures as mine and the remarkable things it did for their hair I was sold.

So I bought it and started out with a small bottle of the Pomegranate fragrance that smelled like Tea Tree oil to me but supposedly it was good for dry hair.   Any way, I used it as directed including as a leave in conditioner.

I have to admit, I loved it. My hair was softer, more manageable and less tangly and it kept it hydrated.  No more dry frizz!  And for the most part the ingredients were as advertised...fruit oil extracts and the like.  I mean this stuff really worked!

But then one day, after talking with my mom about her hair problems I absent-mindedly touched the top of my head and I thought-- hmmm....this isn't as thick as it was before.

I told my self I was going crazy.  But I set it aside.  I figured maybe it was just the way my hair was being worn.  I had it pulled back into a pony tail.

So eventually I wind up going to a hairdresser who commented on how soft and manageable my hair was and that it had a lot of spiral curls.  She washed, blow dried and flat ironed it.  After styling it I looked in the mirror and said what the??

The hair style was great.  My hair was super long because I had been treating it right etc.   But my hair density was down at the top of my hair.  A year prior when I had my done at a stylist who did the same thing-- my hair was shorter but very thick.  I was thinking I need a hair straightener it was so thick because it lack a light flow.  My hair was light airy now because I had less of it!!

It turns out there is a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit from other women who experience similar things. I didn't know about the lawsuit until fellow romance author #TymberDalton mentioned it in her facebook status and a mutual group we are in.

Instantly I made the connection and I stopped using it immediately.

This may not happen to you!  But beware.


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