October 31, 2016

Happy #Halloween From Your Pack Of #Shifters, They Will Be With You All Night Long- Your #Wolf #Pack

When You Go Out Tonight, Don't Worry, Our #Alpha Shifter Will Be With You All Night Long...

He Has Decided To Leave His Home In The Woods Just For You Because He Believes in Protecting Every Member Of His Pack...

So Walk Amongst The Ghouls and Goblins With No Fear,

Because Your Pack Is Always Near....

Happy Halloween From Me and The Rest of The Pack!

The Haven For Romance Books...
Paranormal Erotic Romance at Its Best.

Happy Reading


October 27, 2016

Switching Mercedes by Jan Graham- She's A Domme Not Looking To Be Shared By Two Doms But They Are Determined To Change Her Mind- #MFM #BDSM #Erotic #Romance


Zane Reynolds believes he’s found the perfect submissive for he and his brother but there’s a problem.  Mistress Mercedes Harris-Shore doesn’t want to submit to anyone. Zane hopes a bet will solve that issue, along with providing the key to finally win not only Mercedes's submission, but also her heart.

Ash Reynolds knows he isn’t a good man for any woman to fall in love with. He’s a paid mercenary, disillusioned with life and his ability to fit into the civilized world. Zane insists he’s found the perfect woman for them to share, but the problem is, Mercedes has no idea Ash exists.

Mercedes has more to worry about than a wager where she plays submissive to Zane for a week. She’s just become a serial killer’s new target and met the man assigned to protect her, Zane’s twin, Ash Reynolds. Ash appears as interested in her submission as Zane, but Mercedes isn’t looking to be shared.

Story Excerpt:

Her thoughts were interrupted by a commotion taking place on the far side of the taped-off area of the house. The yellow tape began to flap in the breeze, and officers tried to block access to the scene as a Hercules of Scandinavian appearance barreled his way through their defenses. Mercedes smiled when she heard her name.

“Where is she? Mercedes Harris-Shore, I demand to see her now.” His command boomed out for all to hear in a deep baritone that sent an erotic chill down her spine.

“Do you know him? Should I lock the ambulance doors or tell him you’re over here? He seems really…terrifying. Is he your boyfriend or something?”

She nearly lost track of the young ambulance officer’s rapidly fired questions, too intrigued by the circus unfolding before them.

“Yes, he’s something alright.” Mercedes nearly laughed at the terrified look on the medic’s face. “Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not in any danger.”

Zane reminded her of a Viking. Tall with the broadest shoulders of any man she knew. She watched as muscles rippled beneath the tight black T-shirt he wore, as he swatted uniformed officers away like they were flies. His shoulder-length blond hair, usually neatly combed, swung freely around his face, his strong, square jaw set firm with dogged determination as he worked his way to the front steps of the house, attempting to get inside.

“Would you like me to tell him you’re over here?” the medic asked, an edge of concern in his tone as they watched Zane grab an officer from the front line of defense, lifting him off his feet with ease.

“Where. Is. She?” The larger-than-average uniformed officer hung in the air like a rag doll at the mercy of a petulant toddler.

“No, he’ll find me soon enough, he always does.”

Mercedes watched the action with delight. Not only was he divine to look at, but he knew how to make her laugh. Even when he was being an infuriating jerk she found him amusing. If he’d just stop being so dominantly determined she’d be his submissive then he’d be the perfect man for her. After all, what woman wouldn’t want a sexy bad-boy-Viking to come to her rescue? It was certainly better than any puny Prince Charming or a clunky knight in shining armor.

“Put that officer down, Zane Reynolds, before one of my guys shoots you.” Christian’s voice matched Zane’s for volume as he stepped through the doorway and onto the veranda.

“Excellent, Christian Shore, just the man to give me the answers I need.” Zane dropped the young policeman before walking toward her brother. “Where is Mercedes?”

“Once you’ve assured yourself my sister is fine I want you back over here explaining exactly how you found out she was here.” Christian spoke in his don’t-fuck-with-me tone as he pointed toward the ambulance.

It didn’t appear Zane even heard what her brother said because the moment their gazes met Zane stalked toward her, a deep frown creasing his normally relaxed brow.

“Why are you in an ambulance—are you injured?” The ambulance dipped under his weight as he climbed in beside her, meticulously eyeing her for injuries.

“I’m fine. I got upset when I found out what happened to Samantha, so Christian suggested I sit with the medic.”

She glared over at the young medic hoping he read the tell-this-guy-nothing look she flashed him. The last thing she needed was for Zane to discover she’d fainted. She maintained a case of show no weakness in relation to Zane, and Mercedes wanted to keep it that way.

In less time than it took to blink, Mercedes found herself perched on Zane’s lap, pressed firmly against his hard chest, his strong arms wrapped around her like a protective shield. Her body warmed instantly, unaware she’d been cold. Frazzled nerves calmed as she rested her head against his chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heart. She wanted to wrap her arms around him in return, resting in the cocoon of safety he’d covered her in, but that wasn’t how they rolled and she knew it.

“Of course you were upset. Anyone would be under these circumstances.” His rich, smooth voice and understanding words soothed her weary nerves.

How did he know she needed him, that she wanted to be held and comforted after all she’d witnessed today? How did he always know when to show up, cheering her day, offering support, or annoying the shit out of her then making her laugh? More importantly, why did she always push him away?

Her fingers rested on the leather belt at his waist. All she had to do was put her arms around him, accepting the embrace. Then he blew it, like he always did.

Adult Excerpt:

God she was adorable. He felt like he was a schoolboy being given a good dressing down by an angry principal. If he was any way inclined to that sort of thing he’d be hard as a rock by now. No wonder she was considered the best professional Mistress in the city. Instead he grew hard for other reasons. The black leather dress she wore fit her like a glove with the zip front pushing her breasts together and up to show the most alluring cleavage, like two soft pillow tops he wanted to bury his face in then bite just for the pleasure of hearing her moan. Her thigh high boots allowed for only the smallest peek of sheer nylon-covered flesh between boot top and dress hem. He wanted to raise the hemline and see what lay beneath.

She appeared to be on a roll, although he’d given up listening to the barrage of insults she fired at his brother. If he was Zane, which of course he wasn’t, he’d wait for her to calm herself, get the fact he’d annoyed her off her chest, and then proceed. But he wasn’t Zane, and the one inherent difference between the two of them was his brother was far more patient with women, especially when they were upset. Ash, on the other hand, knew exactly how to soothe this savage beast.

He casually butted out the cigar on the wall, pocketing the extinguished two-thirds. After all, with trade embargos, Cubans were hard to come by unless one visited the country, and he wouldn’t be back there for the foreseeable future. He expected his target to step back when he pushed away from the wall and stood upright, but she didn’t. Too busy explaining how she was happy with a casual sex arrangement and that was all a Neanderthal like Zane could ever hope for. Too bad he wasn’t his brother. He’d probably reconsider what he was about to do.

With lightening speed he reached out his arm and circled her waist, pulling her toward him. A quick one-eighty-degree spin had her in the shadows, back to the wall, surrounded by his larger frame.

“Enough.” He covered her mouth with his in their second, long overdue kiss, swallowing her fury and any objections she may have been about to voice. She responded with a seductive moan as their tongues entwined. He had her, and this time he wouldn’t let her go until she screamed his name. Well, his brother’s name actually. Damn it, he should just tell her.

All notions of confession were blown away when she looped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled herself up onto his body, her legs circling his waist. He clasped the globes of her ass in both hands and assisted in repositioning her, standing taller and wedging her more tightly between the brickwork and his body. He moved his hands in turn, repositioning them under the leather of her dress, dragging it up as he cupped the bare flesh of her ass cheeks. She was either commando or wearing a G-string. Knowing the latter more likely to be true, he slid his fingers to the crease of her ass until he found a thread of material. Following the thin trail of lace to the wetness between her legs, he moved the lace aside, allowing his fingers to delve between her lips before sliding effortlessly inside her… one…two…three.

As the third long digit pushed inside, Mercedes broke the kiss, exhaling a breathless moan of pleasure, her cunt tightening around his fingers.

“Fuck my fingers and come for me, baby.” He’d prefer to have her come on his cock, but he refused to be caught with his pants down if Bethany chose to show up for their meeting.

“Not here, please, Zane.” Despite the request for a change of venue, Mercedes thrust downward. Ash extended his thumb to rub over her clit, resulting in another mewling of delight from his now totally aroused and compliant little hellcat as she rode his fingers, driving them deep inside.

“No one can see you, baby, I’ve got you covered.” Sweet pussy juice spread over his hand as her cunt began to pulse around him in a flurry of release. She pulled his hair and buried her face against his chest, muffling the passionate cry as she came. “Again.”

This time he did the maneuvering of his fingers, thrusting them deep and fast within her, quickly bringing her to another climax.

“Please no more, not here. You know I don’t like public displays.” Mercedes cupped his face between her hands and rested her forehead against his. “I need you buried deep inside me, your skin against mine, but not here.”

Not here, great.

“Your place or mine?” It was obvious Beth was a no-show, so leaving the area didn’t matter. He’d contact her later.

“Neither.” She lowered her legs and pushed away from him, straightening her hem as she headed straight for the staff entry door. “The perfect place is right inside. You have a lock on your office door so we won’t be disturbed.”

Fuck, no. She was inside the club before he could stop her. Zane was working tonight, which meant he needed to stay the hell out of there, but instead he followed, hoping to drag her back into his arms and change her mind before anyone found out Zane Reynolds had a doppelganger.


Buy Links:

Bookstrand: http://bit.ly/2dWk72S

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2d3Cz3u

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2dOgv1b 

Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/2dK7kgb 

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/2dbQ5W4 

October 26, 2016

His Big Bad Vampire Mate by A.J. Jarrett - A #Vampire Comes Face To Face With A Witch And Discover His Soul Mate #MM #Erotic #Paranormal #Romance


All Ridge Alder wanted to do was live a quiet existence, but that changed when a vampire knocks on his door claiming Ridge has the power to save an innocent soul. That’s insane, and Ridge does the only thing he can think of, slamming the door in the man’s face.

Giovanni Morreti didn’t realize when he agreed to fly across the country in search of a witch that he’d be coming face to face with his soul mate. All that would have been nice if the sweet, enticing witch didn’t break his nose upon meeting him. Nothing in life has ever come easy for Giovanni and this is just another example of life kicking him when he’s down.

Getting Ridge to agree to help him was easy, but getting him to admit they belong together is a different story all together. Can a vampire and a witch make a lifetime together work, or are they doomed from the start?

Story Excerpt

“If you don’t take a breath, you’re going to pass out, Bello,” the man whispered against Ridge’s ear.

The sound of his voice was like warm honey being poured over his tingling flesh. Ridge tightened his grip on the railing and held his body still, refusing to sink back into the warm, solid heat this man’s body offered.

Ridge took a deep breath, then another. The smell of burning wood surrounded him. The smell and heat coming from the stranger was sinking into every pore on Ridge’s body. It was if he was drowning in a sizzling fire.

“Relax, Ridge.” The man lifted his hand to place against Ridge’s stomach. The damn thing covered his whole abdomen.

“How do you know my name?” Ridge’s voice shook as he spoke. Something wasn’t right. Ridge didn’t know this man because he sure as hell would have remembered that knee-weakening scent that clung to the stranger’s skin and that sultry accent.

“Who are you?” Ridge asked as he spun around to face the man.

“Oh, shit,” Ridge groaned. He instantly recognized the man. It was Giovanni Merroti. Giovanni’s dark eyes bore into Ridge’s, and his heart thumped loudly in his ears.

A smile curled the man’s lips, but Ridge wasn’t buying it. Ridge didn’t know Giovanni personally, but he’d heard enough about the man to know he didn’t want to be caught alone in a dark alley with him. If Asher hadn’t been such a good friend, he would have never helped Asher find this vampire.

“Hello, Bello. Have you missed me?” Giovanni caressed the back of his hand down the side of Ridge’s cheek.

The sexual excitement at having this man so close evaporated in an instant. Giovanni played for the wrong side, and getting caught in his grasp could only mean bad things for Ridge. He had to get away.

Ridge didn’t like physical confrontations. Growing up, his father had taught him how to fight and protect himself, but Ridge was a laid back kind of guy, and he hated having to use his fists to get his point across. He was a pacifist like his mother, but right now it was fight or flight, and Ridge thought he better incorporate a little of both in order to get away.

“Oh, come now, my sweet.” Giovanni rubbed his thumb over Ridge’s bottom lip. “Don’t be afraid.”

Don’t be afraid? Is this guy for real? Ridge was shaking in his boots. It was weird he was scared shitless but also really turned on. It was a weird combination, one he could decipher later, but now he needed to get away.

The music picked up and someone bumped into Giovanni’s back as they walked by. It was the momentary distraction he needed. Giovanni took a small step back to regain his balance, and that’s when Ridge moved. Ridge jerked his head back then flung it forward, catching Giovanni in the chin. The adrenaline pumping through his veins numbed the pain, but Ridge was positive he’d feel it later.

Giovanni spat out a curse and reached up to grab his chin. When he did that, Ridge stomped on his foot, which caused Giovanni to shout in pain and reach down toward his foot, and that’s when Ridge raised up his knee to connect with Giovanni’s nose. He felt the crunch against his kneecap. Giovanni stumbled a few steps, and Ridge shoved him hard in the side, knocking the larger man over.

Ridge didn’t stop to see if he was being followed, he just ran. The fight had caused people to stop and gather around them, and Ridge was able to slip past them as he darted toward the door. He pushed his way outside into the cool, evening air. His chest was heaving as he took off running. He didn’t stop until he was a few blocks away and was able to hale down a cab.

The whole drive home he kept looking over his shoulder to see if Giovanni was behind him, but it was too dark to see much. His heart pounded in his chest, and his hands trembled from fear. He wasn’t sure why Giovanni was here or why he was looking for him, but Ridge didn’t want to stay and find out.

The cab pulled up along the curb to his apartment, and Ridge handed him a couple of twenties and quickly got out. He punched in his code and took the elevator up to his floor. He ran toward his door, and it took a couple of tries to get the damn thing unlocked. Ridge got the door opened and rushed inside, slamming the door behind him. He stood with his back pressed against the hard wood.

Tears burned at the back of Ridge’s eyes. He was going to have to leave. Staying in San Francisco was no longer an option. Giovanni knew he was here and that made staying in the town he’d called home for the past thirteen years no longer safe for him.

The sadness filling Ridge’s chest overcame him. He slid down the door, sobbing into his hands. He didn’t want to move away, but he couldn’t stay either, not knowing why Giovanni was searching for him. Ridge tried to convince himself it was an accident that he saw Giovanni tonight, a coincidence, but Ridge was only fooling himself.

One good deed to help a friend has forever changed his life. If Giovanni knew about Ridge, that meant that something terrible had to have happened to Asher. Ridge wept for his friend and for himself.

Ridge wasn’t sure how long he sat on the ground crying into his hands when a knock startled him. He climbed to his feet and, without thinking about it, opened the door. Standing before him, with dried blood down the front of his shirt, was Giovanni.

“Oh, my god,” Ridge whispered. Panic flared to life deep in his gut. His grip tightened on the door knob, but he couldn’t move. He was frozen in fear.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” Giovanni swiped his hand under his nose, glaring down at Ridge.

Ridge forced himself to take a deep breath. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now, but the look on Giovanni’s face didn’t ease the terror he was feeling. Ridge was completely and utterly screwed.

Buy Links

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Warriors-Publishing-Everlasting-Classic-ebook/dp/B01M10EP1J/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477330945&sr=8-1&keywords=aj+jarrett

BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/his-big-bad-vampire-mate

AJ Jarrett


October 25, 2016

The Black Swan by Tinnean- A Matchmaking Agency Created For #Vampires During The Revolutionary War #MM #Erotic #Historical #Romance

The Black Swan was the response to a call for a story about slightly different vampires. A black swan isn’t a vampire but is close to one.  It began with the supposition: what would happen if a matchmaking agency was created for vampires? And it took off from there.


Gabe Granger gathers intelligence for George Washington, even after he’s bitten by a vampyre in the service of the British. Remember Littlebury, his longtime friend, stays with him as his black swan, keeping him safe from sunlight and getting messages to General Washington.

After the war ends, they continue working for the fledgling government through one conflict after another. When Gabe loses Remember at the Battle of Gettysburg, he’s ready to give up, but his country still needs his services. And there are many black swans for him to choose from. None are any more fortunate than Remember, and one by one they’re killed in various wars.

All Noah Poynter wants is to be a black swan, and he’s devastated when his pop tells him he’s just a normal. In spite of everything, Gabe and Noah become friends. Is there any hope for the two of them?


      Chapter 1

      The war between the former colonies and England had been raging for almost three years, and now, once again, it was early autumn. The leaves had turned to red and gold, and had started to fall.

      Gabe Granger made his way cautiously through the forest. He had been sent out to reconnoiter the British encampment about twenty miles to the north. One of his greatest accomplishments was his ability to retrieve information with no trouble at all. In addition, he was a good tracker, one of General Washington's best.

      That was why he couldn't understand how anyone could sneak up on him without his being aware of it.

      And even though the night was moonless, it seemed as if a shadow flowed around him, blotting out the stars.

      "You're quite attractive for a barbarian," the owner of the shadow murmured. And while the voice was feminine, French, cultivated-the grip was as powerful as any man's. "Shall I make you even more so, my pet? Would you like to belong to me forever?" She didn't give him the chance to say no. She twisted his head and the pain came as a shock as she sank her fangs into his throat.

      He'd heard of these creatures of the night. Even the Tuscaroras, who had raised him for a time after his parents had been killed by renegade white men, had tales of them.

      Gabe had always been able to depend on his body. Now he was frightened by how easily she seemed to overpower him. He couldn't even cry out for help.

      He felt her draining the blood from his body, and he knew the best he could hope for was to die. The worst was for her to complete what she was doing and have him return as one of the undead.


      Gabe would have whimpered in relief, but not a single sound could get past his lips.

      The suction at his throat ceased, but the woman didn't remove her fangs. It hurt.

      "You know we have need of him as a spy. Will you make him your childe?" This voice was male and was equally cultivated, although it was British.

      The woman withdrew her fangs but her lips remained fastened to his throat and she stroked her tongue over the wounds she'd made in his neck. In spite of himself, Gabe felt his prick harden. Oh God, what was wrong with him?

      She raised her head. "A colonist? A Yankee? No." Scorn filled her words, and she tossed him aside. "Besides, his blood isn't in the least what I would want to sample again."

      "Did you hurt him? I told you I needed-" The Redcoat spat out a curse, and Gabe realized the woman must have left. "Stupid Frenchwoman, wasting food. Just like her queen."

      Gabe had the impression the man objected more to her nationality than to her sex.

      The man cut his wrist. "I don't have time for the entire procedure, little Yankee. This will have to suffice. Drink."

      Gabe didn't know what the man was talking about, but the scent of blood was intoxicating. He latched onto the wrist that was offered to him and began to work the wound to obtain what he needed.

      "I know you were General Washington's spy." The man chuckled and stroked Gabe's hair with his free hand. "You'll spy for me now, won't you, little Yankee?"

      Gabe froze. "What?"

      "Washington won't want you-no normal person will. You're too dangerous. He won't be able to trust you around his men. But I? I'll give you free rein-feed from all the Yankee soldiers you'd like. You've stopped drinking." There was a frown in his voice. "Continue. Once this melding is complete, you'll belong to me. You'll do whatever I ask of you."

      "And that includes betraying my country?"

      "You're British."

      "I'm American."

      "Don't be tiresome." He nudged Gabe's lips with his wrist. "Do as I say."

      "I won't." Gabe shoved aside the arm and spat out the blood.

      "Then die, foolish Yankee." The voice had grown so cold, Gabe couldn't prevent a shiver from running down his spine. The Englishman tossed Gabe aside much as the Frenchwoman had, and then Gabe was alone in the forest.

      He wanted to weep. He'd failed in his mission. Soon it would be sunrise; he was going to die. From what he had learned, he knew the sun's rays would melt the flesh from his bones. He sank back onto the bed of leaves and felt his heart stutter and slow. But he was a loyal American. He would not feed on men who trusted him-trusted that he'd find the information that would get them through another battle.

      He prepared to meet his Maker...

      No, goddammit, he wasn't going to lie down and die like a... a Macaroni. He could hear the faint scrabbling of some small creature-possibly a squirrel or a raccoon. He'd find it and drink its blood.

      He launched himself at it and only succeeded in hitting his head against the tree.

      Face it, Gabe. You were born under an unlucky star. Except when it came to having a good friend like Remember Littlebury. And thank God, Remember wasn't here. Vampyres could be unpredictable, and did they even recall who their friends were? Could Gabe trust himself not to attack Remember? No, this was for the best. Gabe was ready to die if he must, but being unable to say goodbye to Remember... It sorrowed him greatly.

Buy links:

JMS Books: http://www.jms-books.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=29_94&products_id=1886&zenid=LUrYwuK5BCoqtVg,qgy9W3

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Black-Swan-Tinnean-ebook/dp/B01M11SY1G/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1475280822&sr=1-1&keywords=tinnean

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-theblackswan-2140608-340.html

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-black-swan-tinnean/1124730305?ean=2940156842384

 Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/665116

October 24, 2016

The Perfect #Movie To #Celebrate #Halloween

Actually that would be movies....

Yes you guessed it.  It's Halloween.

The movie Halloween is a 1978 American independent slasher film directed and scored by John Carpenter, co-written with producer Debra Hill, and starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut.

The film was the first installment in what has become the Halloween franchise. The plot is set in the fictional Midwestern town of Haddonfield, Illinois. On Halloween night in 1963, a six-year-old Michael Myers inexplicably murders his sister and is committed.

Fifteen years later, he escapes and returns home to kill again, all the while eluding his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, who suspects Michael's intentions, following him back to Haddonfield.

While escaping, 21-year-old Michael (Nick Castle) kills a mechanic and takes his uniform. He drives home to Haddonfield and steals a white mask from a local store. The next day, Halloween, he begins stalking high school student Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) after she and Tommy Doyle (Brian Andrews) drop off a key at his old house so her father can sell it.

Laurie's best friends Annie Brackett (Nancy Loomis) and Lynda van der Klok (P. J. Soles) dismiss her concerns that she is being followed. Michael's psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence), anticipating Michael's return home, meets with Annie's father, Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers), and watches Michael's old house, believing he will show up there.

I won't tell you more lest I spoil it for you.  Nevertheless... Jamie Lee Curtis revised her role twenty years later in the movie Halloween- H20.  This is supposed to be the definitive and canonical sequel to the first movie- where we finally wrap up the story line between Jamie Lee's character, Laurie Strode and the character of Michael Myers- note I didn't mention the actor's name because over the years many guys have portrayed the notorious homicidal maniac. 

Set twenty years after the events of the first two movies, H20 centers on a post-traumatic Laurie Strode living in fear of Michael Myers, who attempted to kill her all those years ago. When Michael eventually appears, Laurie must face evil one last time, while the life of her teenage son hangs in the balance.

The Halloween franchise promises to add the right amount of fright to the spookiest night of the year.  
In fact if you want to know more, go to the definitive site for ALL of the films.  

Halloween Movies... http://halloweenmovies.com/

At this site you'll find fun facts about the films, news regarding the cast members, locations of screenings and where you can find them to watch all in the comfort of your own home...probably with the lights on and all of the doors and windows locked.  And perhaps the police on speed dial?

Either way, don't miss this classic franchise.  I'm sure it will be fun if not scary good time for everyone who has the courage to watch!

October 22, 2016

The Orchard: Revive Me by MacKenzie Williams - This Master Is Drawn To This Emotionally Wounded Sub #BDSM #MF #Erotic #Romance


A horrific experience when Zoe was just a teenager has left her emotionally scarred and closed off. Tragically, two people very close to her ended up dead, which is exactly how she feels inside most of the time. There is a permanent gloom in her heart that never completely lifts. However, when she is at The Orchard, it lessens just enough to allow her a bit of peace.

Master Luke is intrigued with the black-haired sub with melancholy eyes. He can see that she carries a great burden. He doesn't completely understand why, but he has a deep need to help wounded subs. This has hurt him before, though. His only claimed sub used him in more ways than one.

Does Master Luke want to risk being taken advantage of again for Zoe? Should Zoe let this tattooed Dom into her injured heart?

Author Bio:

Mackenzie Williams lives in the Midwest.  She grew up in a large family with four younger brothers. Mackenzie went to college to study Education.  Shortly after graduation, she married her husband. They still live in the Midwest with their son.

Mackenzie Williams writes erotic romance because she enjoys reading the genre herself.  She finds the genre to be full of romance and emotions, as well as, excitement.  When she isn't writing, Mackenzie enjoys listening to music, watching movies, or hanging out at a sports bar.

October 21, 2016

Make Me Forget by Jacqueline Anne - She Moved In A Rhythm That Made Him Want To Drop To His Knees - #Erotic #Romance #MF

Bestselling romance author, Paige Mattheson, is experiencing the worst case of writer’s block. She hasn’t written a word in weeks and is struggling with the intimate scenes in her book. With deadlines quickly approaching, she goes on a weekend getaway to the beach to clear her head. She promises herself she will relax and find her true self again, along with some inspiration to see past her heartache and complete her novel.

Fun loving, Tyler Barrow, is vacationing in Montauk, New York. He is passionate about his career as a teacher and about surfing. When Tyler misses his original flight home, a miscommunication with the owner of the rental unit finds Tyler staring at a beautiful woman in his kitchen. He is instantly drawn to her and eager to find out why, even if it is only for the weekend.

Paige is initially annoyed by the naked intruder who has interrupted her quiet vacation. She sticks to the promise she made herself and tries to let go and have some fun.

Will Tyler be able to make Paige forget about her past? Will fate prove to be more than just a weekend fling even though they live on different ends of the earth?

Only time and a bestselling novel will tell.


He got up and sauntered out to the kitchen, stark naked. It was how he’d slept, how he always did. He made his way around the corner and froze.

Standing in his kitchen, lightly tapping her fingers on the countertop as she waited for the coffee to finish brewing, was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Her straight, light brown hair draped over her shoulders. She was wearing boy short panties, revealing the bottom curves of a sexy, plump ass and a matching tank top.


The side view of her breasts looked amazing in her tight shirt. She stood on her tiptoes reaching for a coffee mug from the top shelf. Tyler’s eyes traveled from the top of her head all the way down to her pointed toes. His breath hitched at the sight before him. All thoughts went out of his mind as he took a step…and tripped over the rug in the hallway.

Her eyes darted toward him, and she let out a high-pitched scream. She pulled a knife from the wooden block on the counter.

“Stay back,” she yelled, holding the knife away from her, preparing for battle. “Who the hell are you?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Tyler put his hands in the air to show her he was unarmed and harmless. He tried to speak calmly to her, but his racing heart and the excitement he was experiencing was making it difficult. A small smile found his lips. This gorgeous woman was holding a knife to him and yelling at him, and it was turning him on.

The woman’s green eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she studied him.

Just then, Tyler realized he was naked. His hands quickly covered his junk—or tried to. His morning wood, turned full-on erection from seeing a beautiful woman in her panties and a tight-ass shirt, was not helping.

“Why are you in my condo?” she demanded to know.

“Your condo? It’s mine. I have been renting it for the past few weeks.”

She vigorously shook her head. “No, no, no. I just rented it a few days ago because it was available this weekend. The owner told me the renter left earlier than expected.”

“I told him I needed it longer than expected because I missed my flight home. Shit. I’m sorry. I—” Tyler took a step forward.

“Oh for crying out loud! Could you please put some pants on? I can’t talk to you while you’re naked!”

Tyler nodded and scurried back to his room to put on a pair of shorts.

When he came back, the beautiful woman was frantically pacing the kitchen, waving the knife around.

“This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening! I am supposed to be unwinding. I have work to do. I have a fucking book to finish,” she ranted.

Buy Links:
Totally Bound: https://www.totallybound.com/book/make-me-forget
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1lEUEJI
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1ObGpHo
Amazon Canada: http://amzn.to/1lEUYZ4
Amazon Australia: http://bit.ly/1P327Pd
B&N: http://bit.ly/1HikhtI
Google: http://bit.ly/1NLscfD
iTunes: http://apple.co/1LvLS5y

Get to know Jacqueline Anne…

Struggling through health issues, I discovered my love for reading romances. Writing then became my escape and in some ways, a depiction of my spirit. I enjoy creating strong female characters who overcome hardships, reflecting on some of my own adversities, trials, and triumphs. The relationships are sweet and sexy with characters who embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness, and love.

I lead a full and exciting life in Northeast Ohio. I love to bake, create, workout, dance, and read. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. My life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day, doing it all in a pair of 4" heels ;). Who says you can't have it all?

October 20, 2016

Finding My Highlander by Aleigha Siron - This Foreign Woman Kindles His Desires Like No Other #TimeTravel #Romance #Laird


On a windswept cliff above San Francisco Bay in 2013, 27-year-old Andra Cameron, the last member of her family, prepares to scatter her family's ashes to the wind. An earthquake catapults her to the Scottish Highlands in 1705. She wakes, aching and bloody, to the sound of horses thundering through the trees. Terrified and with no other options, Andra accompanies these rugged warriors. She can't deny the undeniable attraction that ignites between herself and the handsome but gruff Kendrick. Will she trust him to provide protection in the harsh reality of 18th century Scotland and with her secret, or will she find a way to return home to the 21st century?

Laird Kendrick MacLean and his men, escaping a recent skirmish with their worst nemeses, clan Cameron and their Sassenach allies, are shocked to find an injured, unprotected female in their path. How could she not know her kin and how had she landed in the middle of the wilderness alone? His men suspect she's a spy or a witch. Still, Kendrick will not abandon an injured woman, even if she speaks unusually accented English, and her name is Cameron.

Will he ransom her to others or will their closed hearts open to each other? Although he questions her every utterance, this feisty, outspoken woman inflames his desire like no other.



“Lass, can I help you?” His voice was softer than the others, his stance relaxed, composed, despite the dirt and blood splattered over his massive arms and clothing. He seemed to be a quiet, gentle man, though physically as imposing as the others.

“You could bring me my bag.”

He moved his hand from behind him and cautiously extended her mother’s old carpetbag. “Do I need to check it for weapons?” A slight crinkle lifted the corner of his mouth. A piece of leather cord tied wavy, light-brown hair at the nape of his neck and tight braids spilled alongside sharp, scruffy cheeks. His eyes were dark and shadowed.

“Thank you…it’s Rabbie, correct?”

“Aye,” he nodded.

Andra granted him a guarded smile. “I’ll pull no further weapons if you promise to be kind.” The slight attempt at humor from both of them eased the tension coiled in her gut.

He swept an arm gracefully in front of him and bowed, “Always, m’lady, as I learned at me mother’s knee.” Then he left her to tend the horses.

She searched her bag for the washcloth, hand towel, and first aid kit she always carried when traveling. The washcloth came to hand first. She dipped it into the cold water and wiped the dried and clotted blood from her face and hair. Then she dunked her head in the pool several more times.

“I seem to be awake,” she whispered, just for the comfort on her own voice. “My surroundings feel solid enough,” she pounded her fist on the dirt, “so it must be real. Accept it, Andra, and decide what to do next.”

She could hear the men speaking Gaelic, hushed yet clearly distraught about the condition of their clansman. They gathered near another pool of water several yards from where she knelt. She watched them over her shoulder for a few minutes struggling to fit the scene into her new reality. A million questions rose in her throat.

“Not now. Patience and observation are what’s required. All will be revealed in time.” What a stupid cliché.

Should she offer her help with their friend; would they accept it? She could not sit here and do nothing when one of them was seriously injured. Besides, anxiety always spurred her to take action.

Her father had always said, “Move, keep busy, and don’t let dust gather under your feet.” With her father’s words ringing in her ears, she approached the men cautiously, keeping her eye on the mean one, Struan.

“May I be of assistance?” She stood with her feet firmly planted on the hard-packed, dirt floor, her head held high, one hand pressed flat against her side, the other rested on the cross dangling on her chest. It took an extreme effort to control her trembling body. Her palms moistened with sweat. She steadied her focus on Kendrick. His strong hands moved carefully over his brother’s body. The mean one harrumphed and growled.

A growl? Really?

Kendrick looked up, concern etched on his face. His dark, probing eyes bore through her. “Are you a healer, then?” he asked.

“Not a healer exactly, but I have cared for ill and injured persons and have some training in first aid. I wish to help if you’ll permit me.”

“I dinnae ken your meaning. What’s the first aid of which you speak? As you can see, we give him aid, but if you can do anything to help save my brother’s life, I will gladly accept your offer.”

The mean one growled again. “Don’t trust her, she’s the enemy and will just as soon slit his throat.”

Ignoring the slur, she continued, “Have you determined the extent of his injuries?”

“Aye, his shoulder is dislocated, several fingers broken, which we have straightened and bound as best we’re able. We need to stitch multiple, deep wounds, and he’s lost a lot of blood, though blood no longer flows freely.”

The injured man lay on a plaid, stripped completely naked, his kilt torn away from his battered body. Mud, blood, and all manner of vile debris caked the hard planes of his bronzed chest. Andra couldn’t identify the severity or location of all his injuries. He moaned but appeared unconscious, or so she assumed, since he hadn’t opened his eyes. Clumps of dried blood crusted over wounds on one leg and foot. Dark, matted refuse covered the entire other leg.

His manhood lay flaccid against his thigh, and none of the men seemed concerned about his state of undress in front of a strange female. She stood quietly, waiting for several breaths.


Buy links

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1SZ766h

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1rt3Nbk 

Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/finding-my-highlander-aleigha-siron/1123595128

Apple:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/finding-my-highlander/id1097148126?mt=11

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/625227?ref=cw1985 

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/ebook/finding-my-highlander


Author Bio:

After more than twenty years writing and delivering management and other training programs for modest-sized to Fortune Five Hundred companies, and ten years developing community crisis-intervention training programs, Aleigha turned her writing efforts to her first loves, fiction, and poetry.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and university presses over the past few decades.  Following a difficult period in her life, she discovered solace in romance novels that inspired her to write in this genre.  As she says, "who doesn't desire a guaranteed happy-ever-after scenario?" Always interested in the concept of time-travel, she knew her first few stories would follow that theme.

When not writing, her trusty four-legged companion/helper, Strider, accompanies her on sunset walks along the shore. During these quiet walks under an expansive sky, with the whoosh of waves across the sand and her gaze drifting over the rolling sea, her best glimmers of inspiration come to mind.  Following the recent discovery of distant Scottish ancestors, she embarked on a trip to the Highlands. Although she had already developed the characters for Finding My Highlander, her trip to the Highlands enriched the characters and enhanced the story direction. This is her first full-length romance novel.

Aleigha is working on a prequel to Finding My Highlander, and another time-travel novel set in a later period.

WWW (Aleigha Siron’s Webpage)

Aleigha Siron’s  Book page at Tirgearr Publishing

Tirgearr Publishing Home Page


October 19, 2016

Melting Her #Dom’s Heart by Suzy Shearer - The Love He Feels For Her Send Him Into a Tailspin #Erotic #BDSM #Contemporary #Romance

Melting Her Dom’s Heart is book 3 in the Dark Desires series.

This series is about the secret cravings we have, the things that go on behind closed doors. Those dark desires we harbour and crave but sometimes afraid to ask for.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone so the books can be read in any order.


When Kallista Robins, 49, meets Alex Harrison, 51, she is instantly attracted to him but his obnoxious behaviour leaves her cold.

Alex has quite a reputation—he is a great Dom but he is cold and emotionless, never letting anyone get close to him. Nicknamed Alexander the Great by subs, he has locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub or get emotionally involved and always warns the woman before he begins any relationship, even going so far to have it written into their Dom/sub contract.

But when he meets Kallie Robins his world is turned upside down. Having never been in love before, the new feelings he experiences send Alex into a tailspin.

How will Kallie be able to stay in a cold, emotionless relationship? If he can't return her love will she decide to give up on ever Melting Her Dom's Heart?

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]

A Siren Erotic Romance


“Charles, can you bring the car around and take Miss Green home?”

Standing near his desk Alex hung up the house phone and turned back to the very attractive woman sitting in a chair near him. She looked infuriated as she stood and faced him. She was a truly beautiful woman, but at this moment Pamela’s face was distorted and ugly. Red suffused her cheeks, and her blue eyes seemed mean as she glowered at him with such undisguised hostility. Her lips were a thin line of anger, and her nostrils flared as she glared and then spoke.

“You know what, Alex? It’s over.”

With those words she turned away from him and flounced toward the door. Puzzled, Alex leant against the edge of the desk as he watched her.

“I don’t understand,. I thought you enjoyed our playtime.”

She turned back to look at the man she’d been involved with for the past six months and shook her head.

“This isn’t about playtime. This is about us. You hold every woman at arm’s length. You don’t get emotionally involved. You know nothing about any woman you chose to sleep with. To you I’m just a sub. I don’t even think you see me as a person.”

“That’s not entirely true.”

It was as if a dam’s wall had burst, and she had no desire to contain it. Pamela took a breath and then continued her tirade.

“Hell, you wouldn’t even know what my favourite colour is or my favourite flower, and we’ve been together for over six months!” She took a step then turned back to him. “Oh, and it isn’t bloody roses!”

She actually stamped her foot in disgust. Alex wondered what she was thinking. Judging by the resentful look on her face, it wasn’t good. She stormed at him again.

“You’ve locked your heart away.” Her shrill voice echoed in the room as she screeched at him. “Alex, you don’t feel anything!”

Her continued outburst had shocked him into silence. He just stared at her in surprise, wondering where all this was coming from.

“You really don’t get it, do you?”

“I’m sorry you’re unhappy if that’s what you mean.”

Pamela rolled her eyes as if exasperated with him. Cocking her head she went on in a more normal voice.

“I’m curious, Alex. Have you ever been tempted to collar one of your subs or even considered it?”

“Not that I understand why you want to know, but no, I haven’t and I don’t intend to.”

Infuriated she shook her head. “Of course not. Collaring a sub would mean you had to show some emotion, an attachment, some sort of affection for her. You might even have to get involved with her on a social level. Gee, there’d even be a chance you’d have to drive her home once in a while rather than getting your chauffeur to always do it.”

She turned and continued her walk to the door. Alex watched her, knowing his face was devoid of the regret he was feeling. She turned back to him, partly out the door, one hand on the doorjamb.

Here it comes, her final salvo.

“You’re a frozen bastard, Alex Harrison. You may be the best Dom I’ve ever had, but that doesn’t make up for the fact you are a cold-hearted emotionless prick!”

With that she completed her exit by slamming the door shut. Alex winced and stared at the closed door. He felt as cold as she said, his face a mask.


She looked magnificent. Her full breasts seemed to be trying to escape the lacy bra she wore. Hard nipples in the dark areola were beckoning him. Her tiny knickers barely covered her. Her luscious well-padded curves made his mouth water.

“Remove the bra.”

She reached around her back, unclipped it, and let it slide down her arms to the floor. Those breasts were even better now they were free. If he held each one, they would still spill over. He wanted more.

“Touch them.”

She looked up at him and ran one hand across her breasts.

“Do it properly, both hands.”

She began rubbing and squeezing them. He felt his cock pushing against his pants. She closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes and look at me.”

She obeyed.

“Pull your nipples hard.” He watched her tweak the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

He could see them grow harder and harder, the area around them pebbling. She never took her eyes from his. Huskily he whispered, “Remove your panties.”

As she bent forward to slide them down her legs, her lovely breasts swung back and forth. He wanted to touch her beautiful body. He reached out with one hand and ran his finger from her neck down to her belly button and then back up.

“Legs apart.”

She complied.

“Feel yourself. Prove to me you want this as much as I do.”

She ran one hand down between her legs and, as he watched, rubbed along her slit. She held out her finger. It glistened with her juices. Alex realised he had no condoms. There would be no way Kallie would have any either. Damn! He would have to satisfy her some other way.

“Come closer.”

“Now put one leg on the chair.”

He twisted to the side. With her glorious pussy at face level, he could see how very wet she was. He reached up with one hand and ran it along her shiny slit. He heard her swift intake and looked at her face. Flushed, Kallie was chewing on her bottom lip.

He began to rub against her clit. The tiny bead hardened in reaction. “Answer me truthfully. When did you last have a man touch you?”

“Four years ago, Sir,” she said, her voice soft and so sensual.

This was the voice that had haunted his dreams and now hearing her and seeing her naked in front of him he felt helpless. Strange feelings for her swept over him. He looked up into her gorgeous face. He nodded. She would be out of practice at playing. It would be unfair to expect her to hold orgasms or not to speak. Besides, he wanted to watch her come, wanted to see her face and hear her. He pushed one finger inside her while rubbing her clit. Her eyes widened as he began to push his finger in and out. He inserted a second and hooked it, trying to find her elusive G-spot. When he found it, he began drumming on it.

She hardened her bite on her bottom lip. He felt her muscles tighten as she tried to hold back her gathering orgasm. Pleased, he leaned forward and licked her while his fingers continued to play with her G-spot. She tasted so sweet. He sucked her clit and nipped at it. Her legs tensed and then began to shake as she tried to hold off her orgasm.

He lapped at her juices and sucked her clit. She began to wobble. He grabbed her leg with one hand and increased his assault on her clit and her pussy. He glanced up and saw her eyes were filled with tears from trying to please him. Delighted with her attempt he said, “You may come whenever you wish.”

The relief on her face was obvious. He went back to licking.

She tensed.
She moaned.
She screamed!
He grinned.
He laughed.

Buy Links- 



Melting Her Dom’s Heart is book 3 in the Dark Desires series. 

This series is about the secret cravings we have, the things that go on behind closed doors. Those dark desires we harbour and crave but sometimes afraid to ask for.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone so the books can be read in any order.


The Club series
The Club: Bound
The Club 2: Uncollared
The Club 3: Waxed
The Club 4: Displayed
The Club 5: Submit
The Club 6: Unmasked

The Hunters series
A Hunter's Heart - Book 1
A Hunter’s Choice - Book 2
A Hunter’s Challenge - Book 3

Dark Desires series (each book is a standalone)
Whipped Delights
Craving Her Master
Melting Her Dom’s Heart
An Artist’s Kiss

Single Titles
Daemons Are Forever
Build a Love
Perfect Three


Vol 1 - The Club (Bound and Uncollared)
A Hunter’s Heart
A Hunter’s Choice
A Hunter’s Challenge
Perfect Three
Daemons Are Forever
Build A Love
Whipped Delights Craving Her Master


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/suzyshearer

Angus & Robertson (Aust): http://ow.ly/CxcGa

Bookworld (Aust): Bookworld

Kobo: http://www/kobo.com

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/suzy-shearer


Best-selling and Award winning author Suzy Shearer writes contemporary and paranormal erotic romances filled with mature and interesting characters. Her books have consistently reached her publisher's Best Seller list with several reaching # 1.

Single, Suzy lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney Australia with one very spoilt dog and two equally spoilt cats keeping her company.

She is a Buddhist, an Author, an Artist, a computer nerd and a voracious reader. Suzy has a penchant for tattoos and for crazy coloured hair - pinks, purples blues even rainbowed.... it changes every month!

Her books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid-40s to 60s. The heroines are usually confident plus-sized women who are proud of their curves. Suzy feels it's important for readers to connect.

When she discovered many romance books seemed to cater for younger readers with their heroines and heroes in the 20s she decided to write about characters who were older but maybe not always wiser.  As she is in her 60s Suzy feels she can relate to her characters desires, fears and hopes and hopes her readers can as well.

Suzy also wants her readers to understand just because people are older doesn't mean they aren't intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment. Sexy isn't just for the under 30s.
When Suzy is not writing, she is usually painting - an accomplished watercolour Artist her subjects range from portraits and animals to nudes and landscapes.

Check out her artwork at: http://sooziiiart.blogspot.com/


Website :  http://suzyshearer.wix.com/suzy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuzyS

Blog:  http://suzyshearer.blogspot.com.au

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/SuzyShearer

Twitter : https://twitter.com/SuzyShearer

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sooziiis

Linkedin: http://au.linkedin.com/in/suzyshearer

Publisher: http://www.bookstrand.com/suzy-shearer

Email her at: suzyshearer@optusnet.com.au

October 17, 2016

Let Your Imagination Soar- A #Halloween #Writing #Prompt- Contribute Your #Sexy #Flash #Fiction- #SFF

In honor of Halloween,  I think we should have some fun, we romance readers can really enjoy.

Here are the rules- they're simple:

In the comments section below, write some #sexy #flash #fiction based on the picture.  It can be as long or as short as you like but involving the scene you see.  Can be any genre as long as it is paranormal in nature.

It can be as cross genre and bendy, combination you like such as scifi/paranormal/historical/time travel/erotic/comedy/fantasy/shifter/vampire or whatever else you can think of.

You must be 18 years old or older to participate.

Write your story and tag it is as #SFF #Halloween.  Be Creative and Have Fun!

Here's your inspiration!

I can't wait to read it!

October 14, 2016

City Nights: One Night in Sydney by Jan Graham- She Has Business To Take Care Of But He Is Too Hard To Resist- #Contemporary #Erotic #Romance #MF

Will passion win out over wise business sense in one of the most beautiful harbor side cities of the world?

They say you often meet the person of your dreams in the most unlikely places and when you least expect it. Abby Devon and Kane Matheson are about to put that theory to the test.

Abigail Devon is all about business, until the dream of keeping her company alive fails and she finds herself seeking distraction in the arms of a tempting stranger she met on the plane. Kane Matheson is a man like no other, and once Abby gives into her attraction to him, passions spark and a night of erotic pleasure begins.

Kane can’t believe his luck when his flight to Sydney places Abby along his path to a fun filled weekend. She’s his kind of woman—business minded, clever, and with curves in all the right places. When he discovers they have more in common than savvy business expertise and undeniable sexual heat, he’s faced with a daunting choice, and left wondering if pleasure can win out over wise business sense in one of the most beautiful harbor side cities of the world.


Have you ever met someone that's been too tempting to resist? How did it work out? Was it a one-night fling or the start of something great? Buy One Night in Sydney to find out where Abby and Kane's temptation leads them.


You know, if you like, we could hang out together in the city for a bit, maybe when you’ve finished your busy day.” Kane didn’t look at her this time; speaking from his reclined position, head tilted back against the rest with his eyes closed.

“I only have to try on a suit and then I’m done for the day. You could meet me there, let me know if you think I look okay, you know, thumbs up or down, and then we could grab a bite… or something. Whatever takes your fancy, beautiful.”

He raised his lids and angled himself slightly to look at her for the final part of his statement, the wicked expression and cheeky glint in his eyes giving Abby the distinct impression he hoped that he’d be the something that took her fancy. He did. But it couldn’t happen.

Abby didn’t believe in love at first sight, but she did believe in lust at first sight and Kane ticked all her boxes. Feeling breathless, hardened nipples, feeling flushed when they touched, and that increasing ache between her legs. Luckily the flight was a short one, so she’d be able to escape him soon enough. In her party days they probably would have been in the bathroom, reaffirming her membership in the mile-high club, but those days were behind her. She doubted she’d renew that membership again any time soon.

“I really don’t think that’s possible. But thanks for the offer.” She wondered if he knew she was lying. Of course it was possible, all she had to do was say yes. She merely chose not to.

“That’s a shame. I have this feeling we’d get along really well.” He tore the edge off the bottom of a page in his magazine, grabbed a pen from his shirt pocket, scribbled a number on it and handed it to her. “In case you change your mind.”

Abby laughed and stared at the mobile number in her hand. He certainly was persistent.

“I assume you’ve run out of business cards?” She continued to chuckle as the plane began its descent.

“You did say you understood business, right?”

“I did. I also said I was on a pleasure trip. I’ve left all business accessories at the office. This weekend, I’m just a regular guy who uses any piece of paper on hand to give the woman he likes his number.”

Oh Lord, thank heavens the plane had just touched down. She folded the paper, slipped her fingers into the front of her shirt and tucked the number into her bra. It was a mistake to put it there, and Abby knew it the moment her gaze met Kane’s, who was now standing waiting for her to step out into the aisle.

“What?” she asked innocently as Kane stared down at her cleavage with a devilish grin on his face. “It’s just a silly habit I picked up in my partying days. I’d pop anything important in my bra and that way I wouldn’t lose it.”

Grabbing her handbag from the floor, she stood and moved to walk out into the aisle but Kane blocked her way. His body forming a human wall as he retrieved her bag from the overhead cabin. Luggage sorted, Kane didn’t move, fixing her in place with his heated gaze.

“I’m glad you think I’m important.” His devilish grin didn’t waver and he spoke in a tone laced with lust. “I’m also delighted to know that when you take off your clothes tonight and get naked, you’ll be thinking about me.”

She was about to burst into flames. Abby raised her hand, placing it on his chest with the intention of pushing him back, only to find her fingers lingered on the defined muscle beneath her touch.

“We’ll see,” she whispered.

Kane placed his hand over hers, gently gripped her fingers and raised them to his mouth. He kissed her knuckles tenderly and smiled. “We will. Now off to your very busy business day, Abigail Devon.” Stepping back, Kane handed over her bag before ushering her into the aisle. “I look forward to receiving your call later today.”

Unsure how she made it to the plane’s exit on trembling legs, Abby breathed a sigh of relief once she made it into the terminal. Allowing the disembarking crowd to carry her forward, she picked up her pace. The more distance she put between Kane Matheson and herself, the better. Today was all about saving her company, not indulging in a quickie with a man she met on a plane.


Buy Links:

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2dcoLnJ 

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2cZC3JU 

Nook: http://bit.ly/2agGsFF

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2azWTcH

iBooks: http://apple.co/2azWBTc

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2ataqaC

Don’t forget to add One Night in Sydney to your Goodreads bookshelf. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31278559-one-night-in-sydney

About the Author: 

Jan Graham is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense, all her writing is erotic and some includes BDSM elements. She has numerous published titles to her credit, with more to come once she overcomes her current bout of procrastination. Jan lives in Newcastle, Australia where she writes, reads, feeds her Netflix addiction and drinks coffee with friends.

For those who enjoy labels and tags, as well as being an author, Jan is a blogger, a submissive, an aunt, dyslexic, a lover of all things erotic, naughty, a participant in the BDSM community, a widow, an orphan, and a member of The Australian Sex Party (no it’s nothing kinky, they are a legit political group).

In short, she is generally a bit of an eccentric who lives her life slightly left of center. You can find out more about Jan and her work by stalking her on the various social media sites where she occasionally hangs out. Alternately you can sign up for her newsletter - Newsletter Sign-up

Jan's Website
Jan's Blog

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October 13, 2016

#Book #Review of Caged Sanctuary by Tempeste O'Riley. Yep I Really Do Read #Erotic #Romance #MM #BDSM #FiveFangs


Kaden Thorn, a dental surgeon who lives a quiet life, has no hope of finding the love he craves. A vicious gay bashing cost him the use of his legs and confined him to a wheelchair. He has given up hope of finding a Dom or even a non-kink partner to love him. When his best friend practically forces him to attend a dinner party, the last thing he expects is a strong Dom who can see beyond his wheels.

Deacon James is an architect and a demanding Dom, but he has spent the past couple of years without a sub or partner. When an employee invites him to a dinner party to meet his girlfriend, Deacon smells a setup but agrees anyway. He prides himself on being an excellent judge of character, and when he meets the younger dentist, he sees past the chair and finds a sweet submissive man who more than piques his interest.

Kade's fears and demons continue to haunt him, challenging Deacon to use everything he's learned as a Dom to earn Kade’s trust and submission. Deacon's determined, though, willing to battle all of it to have Kade by his side and at his feet.

ISBN-13 978-1-63216-613-5
Pages 204
Cover Artist DWS Photography
NovelsContemporaryTempeste O’RileyBDSM
Book Type eBook
File Formats Available
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"...He knew others had partners while chair-bound, but she didn’t understand. It was more than just trying to find a guy he could care for and build a life with while stuck with wheels; it was also finding someone he could trust, someone who could handle his needs and issues in the bedroom too. No Dom wanted a sub who couldn’t kneel, couldn’t serve, couldn’t move his lower half without help. Since he’d lost use of his legs, the Doms he had played off and on with before the attack didn’t even seem to see him. One was a patient, but the man had not shown so much as a flicker of recognition that Kade had once been one of the boys he’d played with at Club Fierce...

...A moment later, the door opened to reveal a man he had never seen before, one that a few years ago, he would have worked hard to attract. He was tall, probably a little over six feet tall, with short blond hair, dark hazel eyes that held an edge of steel, firm but slightly plump lips, and a smile that made Kade want to squirm.

“Hello,” the beautiful man said, his voice washing over Kade like a caress...."


This is a touching yet sexy romance where the BDSM enhances the relationship between the two main characters.  The way this Dom takes care of his sub, is the stuff of dreams.

The author's careful use of detail regarding the Kaden's disability is respectful and gives a touch of realism to the story about a man who used to scene often but no longer can because of his paralysis. However his Dom, Deacon, takes the time to do the research to find out what his new sub can and cannot undergo during play as well as taking his sub's, Kaden, own knowledge into account.

Their attraction practically flies off the page as does their love.  I highly recommend this BDSM.

Five Vampire Fangs For This One- This is Definitely A Julian Luna Pick of the Month!

- Happy Reading 
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October 12, 2016

Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse- He's A Star Who Falls For A Local- #Audiobook #Romance #Erotic #MM

The critically acclaimed M/M erotic romance novella, Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse, is now available in audiobook format. Narrated by the popular, well-reviewed voice artist Joel Leslie, you can now listen to this sexy and romantic tale on the go!


When Theo Samuels heads off to film on location in the village of Stoneydale, he’s expecting drama to take place on camera, not off. But when he meets gorgeous local lad, Eddie Henderson, he struggles to ignore his attraction. A relationship between the two of them would be utterly impractical, yet they’re drawn together nonetheless. Can they overcome the seemingly endless hurdles between them? Or is their fling destined to remain as just that?

Audio links:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

eBook links available here: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/love-on-location/ 



“This M/M is about two men who are coming into their own and love comes along unexpectedly. If you like quick reads then I would say pick up this one. The attraction they build is sweet and steamy; but for those who are new to M/M romance it isn’t so intense. I hope we get to read more about Eddie and Theo as their love blossoms and grows. Plus Eddie was fun to read with his humor and free spirit.” The Jeep Diva

“So all in all, this was a great book, with some light angst, scorching sex scenes, and fantastic characters! A must read!” 5 out of 5, Bayou Book Junkies

“This is a sweet love story, a lot of fun, and wildly entertaining!!!” Diverse Reader


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of Cliterati.co.uk’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

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