October 7, 2016

Deep Sleep by Eva Lefoy, Featured in The #SexytoGo Box Set, #Spanking #Edition #Scifi #BDSM #Erotic #MF #Romance

Spanking Scifi Style....

Yeah, I’ve just gotta be different. That pretty much sums me up most of the time. So when we did a spanking boxed set it goes to figure I don’t put in actual spanking, BDSM style like everybody else. Nope. Instead, I do it sci-fi.

Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve got a secret love for blue guys and I’m also a sci-fi addict, and IMO the genre just provides so many opportunities for wild things to happen. Like tentacly things, and maybe even fish spanking. Say what, you ask? Yeah, I know. As a writer, you’ve got to go with the flow. That’s my excuse anyway!

I nearly did add the fish spanking, but instead, I went with a good old water spank. You’ll have to read the story to see how that happened. Let’s just say water is a lot like sand – in small droplets it can get everywhere!

Below is an excerpt from my story in the Sexy to Go Spanks boxed set. The heroine is on a long interstellar flight toward her next sexy destination but before she goes into deep sleep, she spies something worth staying awake for.

Excerpt: Deep Sleep by Eva Lefoy

While shuffling toward the front of the cabin, stuck in the middle of an endless line of prattling species clogging the aisle, my gaze snagged on a wholly unexpected and rather sexy prize. A Zantarian.

The breath whooshed out of my lungs at his brilliant blue skin wrapped around a frame that could only be called delectable. A fully sculpted chest rested between two chunky shoulders leading to arms that could hold a woman all night without getting tired. Intrigued and definitely interested, not even the cataclysmic sight of Saturn’s rings colliding could have prevented my gaze sweeping lower. Over the first set of yummy abdominal muscles – that met in the middle at a curved ridge – then over the second set, then the third. The Zantarian had no belly button to separate his upper and lower abs but it hardly seemed important. My hands were sweaty and my heart beat thumped in my throat. A missing former umbilical connection wasn’t a big deal. I could just look lower….

Below the third set of abs lay a hard lean wall of muscle continuing down to the waistband of his incredibly soft looking lounge pants. Swallowing, I reminded myself not to drool. The pants were the only adornment the Zantarian was wearing except for the loose tendrils of frost white hair providing a stark contrast to his electric blue skin. His platinum locks swept back from his pronounced forehead before cascading in a riot of waves that would have made a Greek god jealous and the shampoo companies plenty of iridium-plated bars. My fingers stretched toward him, eager to touch, but he moved farther out of my reach as the hallway doors opened and he exited the main cabin.

Lust and shock kept me unable to move for a few seconds until a rather rude Fragarian gave me a hard poke in the back, bringing me back to the present. Shaking my head to clear it, I muttered a curse. “All right, hold your atoms together.”

He spewed some nonsense at me but by the time the translator caught up the line was moving again, taking me closer to the man of my dreams.

- - - - - -

Find out what happens to Prishka in Deep Sleep. Oh, did I mention it’s telepathic sex between these two? LOTS of stuff happens in our imagination. Most of the time the spanking fish don’t leave any marks!

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