March 25, 2016

Six Sexy and Loving #BDSM #MM #Erotic #Romances- Bend Over Series and Rent Me Series by #BrinaBrady

The Bend Over Series is complete and on KU now! 

Gay M/M BDSM Interracial Romance 72K

Spanked in the Woodshed #3

Shane is in trouble with his Dom again.

He can’t help making matters worse for himself. He wants to please Julien, make him happy, and be the perfect sub for him.

His Dom gives him everything he needs. He helps him learn to deal with his problems the right way, without leaning on drugs. Julien pays his college tuition and lets him work at one of his clubs to be independent and earn his own money.

No matter how hard Shane tries, something or someone always seems to slow their progress. Often, Shane gets in his own way, lying and breaking rules. This time, there are a couple of people trying to ruin their relationship.

Julien is so patient with Shane because he loves him and wants to be the safe place Shane can always come home to. Unfortunately, misunderstandings, lies, and shortcomings on both of their parts threaten to take away the one thing Shane and Julien each need more than anything else: each other.

This story is steamy hot, but it isn’t just a story of BDSM. It is a story of love with a well-deserved HEA end to the series.

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Other books in the Bend Over series are here: 

Bend Over #1

Runaway 18-year-old Shane O'Rourke is living under the Huntington Beach Pier.
He carries many secrets from his past. Shane wasn’t allowed to explore his sexuality when he lived home with his father, The Reverend. His submissive nature and desires had to remain fantasies.
Shane meets a dark stranger on the beach. Julien Callier is a Dom from Martinique and is sixteen years older than Shane. Bad boy Shane wants to win the heart of Julien Callier and become his sub. But does he really understand what Julien expects from his boy?

Julien's heart goes out to this gorgeous boy and he takes him under his wing, grooming him to be his sub. Julien is determined to let Shane experience the good life, even financing his education, but he’s challenged at every turn by Shane’s rebellious nature.

When Shane’s defiant behavior threatens to come between them for good, Julien has to act fast to teach Shane the meaning of real submission.

Can Julien tame the bad boy? Can Shane give up his old ways of stealing, lying, and using drugs? The playroom is open.


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Don’t Throw Me Away #2 

Shane O’Rourke screws up. He has the best intentions, but doesn’t always think things through. He means well, really he does. Shane gives up his old habits of stealing, lying, and using drugs, but he isn’t the perfect sub. He has some slip-ups here and there. He loves his Dom, and desires to please him in every way. Shane is determined to be honest, but when he finds himself in a big mess, he would do anything to not disappoint his Dom. He fears losing Julien’s love and care. One mess leads Shane into another. And this one threatens more than just his contract.

Julien Callier needs to find a way to get Shane under control. When Julien thinks his sub has cheated on him, he doubts his ability to meet Shane's needs. Shane would be devastated if he lost his collar and Julien’s love. Shane’s sole purpose is to convince his Dom he is worthy to wear his collar. Can their D/s relationship and their love weather Shane’s mess ups and Julien’s loss of trust in his sub?

This is a Gay adult consensual story focused on themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex.

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Other Books:

Rent Me Series

Rent Me #1

Russian mobster spanks his rent boy. Ouch!

Rent Boy Brennen wants to belong to his lover Dmitri Dubrovsky. The Russian mobster controls every inch of his life in and out of bed. Brennen works for Dmitri’s escort service. His only desire is to please his lover. When Dmitri marries Nika, his lover moves him out of their home to an apartment in Beverly Hills and tells him nothing has changed.

What is Brennen going to do now?

Brennen does not understand his lover’s Russian culture not allowing homosexuality. Two different cultures and age difference clash.


Warning:  This is a Gay adult consensual story focused on themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex with light elements of BDSM between adult men over the age of eighteen. 


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Own Me #2

Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky weds former rent boy Brennen Brady. Two husbands, deeply in love and lust, continue to doubt each other’s commitment and believe the worst. Dmitri’s possessiveness collides with Brennen’s jealousy and insecurity.

Brennen desires to fully submit and satisfy his husband’s every need, if only Dmitri would let him. Everything is upended for the steamy couple when Dmitri’s ex-lover reveals a dangerous plot within the powerful Russian family’s organization. A series of events is set in motion that forces the pair to examine the depth of their devotion. Dmitri’s secrets and lies, an effort to protect Brennen; lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Through it all, the couple’s lust remains strong as they have blisteringly hot kinky sex at every opportunity.

Two husbands, still deeply in love and lust. Will that be enough when the family’s enemies bring the fight to their door?

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Make Me #3

Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky and his ex-rent boy husband Brennen are hiding out, along with extended family in a remote cabin in a German forest. Living in a small cabin is taking its toll on the couple. The entire group’s safety is Dmitri’s responsibility, and the pressure of meeting all their needs means he and Brennen don't spend enough alone time.

Brennen has a sneaky side and is finding his way back to his old tricks. The struggles the two men go through bring out the best and the worst of each. There are some difficulties balancing their Domestic Discipline Relationship with their marriage. Jealousy is still a big stumbling block for both of them, but they always find time to squeeze in some lots playful, kinky sex.

They find danger when a secret meeting in Amsterdam with a trusted source turns out to be a betrayal. A brother goes missing, leaving an additional burden on Dmitri's shoulders.

Complications with a long-time business associate who also happens to be one of the biggest drug lords in the world send them to Mexico. When one problem is solved abroad, another arises back at home. Something will change their lives forever. Can their marriage handle the change?

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For Me #4

The entire Dubrovsky family heads to snowy Russia for a family Christmas. Brennen fears Dmitri’s homophobic father’s rejection. Dmitri believes when they present their daughter, that all will be forgiven, but steps into a mess upon arriving with his husband. Instead of greeting Dmitri and Brennen with hugs and kisses, Grandma Dubrovsky whisks baby Dominika away, leaving them alone with Dmitri’s angry father. Can they stay if it means abiding by his rules?

This is a story of love, forgiveness, and miracles during the holiday season. Dmitri and Brennen overcome issues which have been troubling their relationship, each growing and learning how to best be what the other needs. There are many surprises during the holiday season for all of them.


This is best if read after Make Me (Book 3 in the Rent Me series.) If you read it as a standalone, you will surely wish you had read the first three books. 


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About the Author:

I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. I am currently taking classes from Romance Writers of America.


Connect with Brina Brady:  I would love to hear from my readers, so please drop me a line.

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March 24, 2016

The Sun King by #SandraKyle #Erotic #Historical #Romance #KingandHisCourtesan Royal Love Triangle

Book Blurb

 ~An Erotic Historical Romance~

Young Cecilia Danet is introduced to the opulent world of royalty when she joins the court of King Louis XIV—the Sun King. Having been groomed her whole life for the role of a courtesan prepares her for everything but the intense passion she feels with the brooding and powerful Louis. Their romance builds, but an intriguing twist changes the trajectory of Cecilia’s course and leaves her caught in the middle of a royal love triangle.

Story Excerpt

I found it was the marble that fascinated me. The alabaster veins winding their way through the rich burgundy. I reminisced about quiet moments that provided glimpses of polished beauty. Stolen seconds in the hall of another’s home as my mother kneeled, scrubbing away at the floor. I was ever mindful of her warnings as I crept and investigated the world of the nobility at the age of eight.

Mother had been a servant in a home that could not dare compare itself to the wonder of this palace in which I now stood at nineteen years of age. In that home she had given all of herself. Giving her all resulted in the loss of countless hours with family as she gained calloused hands and aching feet. She worked tirelessly in an effort to support her children and their future aspirations.

She wished for us to rise above the life of grueling labor. Her reasoning—that there were many ways to serve the rich. One simply needed to be agreeable to the task. “In the end”—she would say, removing her soiled boots after a day of drudgery—“love is for the weak and does not guarantee happiness, only heartbreak.”

Instead of countless hours toiling and sweating, my days overflowed with studies of etiquette, exotic places and foreign languages, and the ways of the court and its subjects. The constant pressure of a pen or a brush caused the only callus to be found on my well-cared-for finger. Whatever the implement, a highly regarded tutor placed it in my hand during expensive lessons paid for by the physical exertions of my mother.

My feet ached from the repetition of the waltz and minuet, not from traversing the acres of another’s farm to harvest their crop. To avoid sharing in the same fate as my mother I accepted the lessons placed upon me with great fervor. In many ways, it was her dream and ambition more than my own that guided my life’s path.

That path led me here, to the outskirts of Paris in the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Inside a room of the king’s palace, I craned my neck to look higher and higher above my head. Inspecting the mural that covered the entirety of the twenty-foot ceiling became a needed distraction. I found my wide eyes gazing back at me in the mammoth, golden-framed mirror. My long chestnut colored hair, parted in the middle, fell across the sides of my forehead and temples in tight ringlets. An attendant had fussed at and pinned the uncomfortable hairstyle earlier that evening. I caught my mouth again agape in the reflection and vowed to clamp the jaw shut with my fingers, if need be, to ensure it remained closed. I paced in front of the fireplace, ever mindful of my posture.

Will he approve? Of course, I think he already does from what he has seen, but will I fulfill my duty as he expects? Enough to earn me a permanent apartment in his palace?

An artist’s rendering of the king on a massive canvas held my attention. The eyes of the portrait’s subject followed my every move. I tried to ignore it. The soulful gaze, an ocean of aqua, burrowed its way into my body. The painter captured the king’s wavy mane of golden brown hair, coiffed to perfection, and the lips pursed together at the base of the chiseled jaw of the divine ruler of France.

If only a painting of this being causes me such distress, how will I deal with the genuine article in my presence?

Those eyes brought me back to the first time he spotted me in the crowd.


He appeared startled, caught off guard. The stoic expression everyone bowed before moments ago was replaced with curiosity. His appraisal created a heat upon my cheeks. A wave of whispers billowed around me.

The expression followed me as he descended the stairs to his garden. With every step he took, it changed unhurriedly from interest to haughtiness.

A knowing?

The mouth crinkled into a grin.

A lopsided grin.

“It is done.” My brother Michael whispered the simple phrase in my ear once the owner of the gaze made his way to greet the noble guests.

I turned at the statement, still dazed from the contact made. “What?”

“You will be his. It is only a matter of days.”

“You can’t be certain,” I whispered back, shaking my head.

“Sister, I have seen that look before…as have others.” Michael was not known for exaggeration. His earnest countenance mixed with pride and sadness. “You must be sure, Cecilia.”

I stared at the cut grass beneath my silken yellow shoes. My brother’s black boots pressed firmly into the ground. An appointment to corporal for Michael had been bandied about often in conversation as of late. His chief sergeant, most impressed with his eight years of service in the king’s army, recommended to one of the ensigns that Michael should be advanced in rank. He hoped to have news within the month.

He did not forget his little sister as he rose in rank and status, however. His gregarious nature and influence with the other musketeers, almost all possessing noble backgrounds, kept the royal invitations flowing. Attendance to such functions in the past year allowed many chances for him to inspect the king.

How many nights did Mother and Michael spend mulling over the most minor details? How to style my hair? What color should my dress be and of what material? Would some things be left to the imagination or would a bold showing of my curves be in order?

The few garden parties I attended as dress rehearsals for this one were children’s tea parties in comparison. I strolled through the grounds with Michael. The greenery, exquisitely manicured, flowed in beautiful symmetry next to the castle. He introduced me to some of his military cohorts as I attempted to appear like I belonged in this environment. Musicians wafted in and out of the crowds. I lost sight of the king soon after our brief contact at the steps. Members of his court enveloped him, their very life dependent on maintaining close proximity.

A twitchy little man burst into the small grouping we formed while the afternoon ticked away leisurely. He pointed to Michael and panted out his command.

“Danet! The king requests your presence in the courtyard immediately.” His hand waved at me. “And bring your companion.”

My pulse quickened. The splashes of water circulating in the fountain filled my ears for some seconds. Michael carefully grasped my wrist and placed my shaking palm over his.

“Come, little sister. Let us go make our introductions.”

Three stories of arched stained glass greeted us as we passed below in the courtyard. The castle had indeed served its purpose well as a fortress for centuries. The party awaiting us huddled on the far end of the expanse.

“I fear I will faint.” I dallied, trying to slow down Michael’s pace as he pulled me beside him.

“None of that, now. As Mother says, you were born for this moment.” He nodded in confirmation.

On our approach, the guests parted and offered the brilliant sight of our host, King Louis XIV. His golden attire glittered in the daylight. He posed on the cushioned throne, placed atop a foot-high step. He glanced down at Michael and then to my person. On instinct and etiquette, Michael bowed and I curtsied. I slowed my breath and waited for his order.


I studied the countenance of the king. He was a young ruler at twenty-one. His mother, Queen Anne of Austria, had served as Regent upon the passing of his father, Louis XIII. Young Louis XIV, only four when his father died, was not officially king until his thirteenth birthday. Many said he ruled as a mere figurehead. His youth required advisors to handle the day-to-day mundanity of taking care of a country. He was known to pursue pastimes filled with beauteous art and dance and drama and women. His skin, unblemished and unlined, proclaimed a life of pampering.

“I am told you are a valuable asset in my army…” His voice trailed off, and he bent down a fraction. The same advisor who found us in the garden whispered in the king’s ear while balancing on the tips of his feet. “Michael, is it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The king looked to me. “And I’ve been told this is your sister, Cecilia.” His smile emerged and illuminated his visage. The blue eyes narrowed. “I hope you are enjoying the party.”

I nodded. “Very much, Your Majesty. Thank you.”

“You have been tutored in the arts?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Hmmm.” The strong contours of his face appraised me further. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he dismissed us. “That is all.”

Adult Excerpt

We walked silently down the halls of the palace to his room. The absolute grandeur
of his suite took my breath away. His bed, a monstrosity of wood and fabric, was the centerpiece, almost twice the size of mine. Portraits and statues decorated every ounce of wall space. Gilt covered everything not made of claret marble.

“How exquisite.”

He kissed the side of my neck, speaking from behind me. “You must remain focused on the task at hand.”

I leaned back, resting my head against his shoulder. I let his hands wander over my body. Lips glided along my neck teasingly and covered my flesh with warmth when he spoke. “You are exquisite, Cecilia.”

I shuddered. Why does he have such an effect on me?

His fingers slowly worked the laces of my dress. Teeth nibbled lightly on my shoulder. He pulled at my dress with unsuccessful results. I heard him sigh.

My hands assisted and released the layer. His fingers traveled from my hands upward to my shoulders. He held me firmly and pressed his body against my back. His hands slid over the top of my breasts, heaving against the constriction of the corset. A finger delved into my cleavage, slick with sweat, and gently explored.

“I need to feel you,” he begged in my ear. “Help me.” I worked at the corset strings.

Both of his hands hugged the curves of my hips sheathed in the underskirt.

Will he be surprised when he realizes I am wearing nothing under it? I hope it wasn’t a mistake to take Marissa’s suggestion. How big Charlotte’s eyes got when she followed my request as she dressed me.

He bent down to my back and planted kisses on a shoulder blade. The sensation arched my body forward. I managed to pry open the corset. His hands reached under my arms, peeling it from me. The bony spines of the stays pressed between us as he pushed into me again from behind.

His hands cupped my breasts, and began to knead. He found my nipples, fanning his fingers over them back and forth. I brought my hands to his neck to hold myself up, reveling in the feelings his touch created, as he sucked on my shoulder.

Soft pinches and tugs followed. “You feel so ready, my treasure.” His excitement pressed into my backside.

As do you. “Yes, Louis.”

“But I do not know what I wish to do with you first.”

I moaned, not caring, wanting anything and everything he would give me.

“You have learned of what pleases men?”


“Have you learned of what pleases a woman?”

“A woman?”

He pulled the corset from between us and turned me around in his hands to face him. His stare skimmed over my body. “Do you know what pleases a woman?” he repeated.

His fingers trailed down the middle of my chest, over my stomach. They came back up to massage my breasts. He licked his red lips in anticipation.

Before I could comprehend his actions, he picked me up and carried me carefully to the bed. Gingerly placing me on top of the sheets, he tugged at the skirt. The fabric slid farther down and exposed my hip bone. I watched the awareness of my nakedness wash over his face.

“You are making it easy for me to show you, my treasure.” His fingers grazed across my thighs and calves. My shoes were the final article to drop against the rug.

He took his time to stare at my naked form. I began to blush, not knowing what to do and intimidated by the power he held over me. Still fully clothed, he inspected me slyly in the well-lit bedroom.

“I will show you that pleasure.”

I breathed in excitedly. He smiled and began to disrobe. Further embarrassed, my gaze traveled to the ceiling.

“I wish you to look at me.” He spoke softly. When I turned, he was unbuttoning his jacket. Done, he placed it atop the chair beside him. His shoes were next. Then his vest and slowly, deliberately, his shirt unwrapped from his chest. I admired the smoothness and inner glow of the golden skin. His hands went to his breeches, but he looked at me, contemplatively.

“Perhaps we shall wait for that.”

I giggled and he nodded, pleased. “Yes, I think we shall.”

I waited for him to join me on the bed. I want his body against mine. Instead, I watched in confusion as he stopped at the foot of the bed. He seized my feet.

“You must trust me.”

“I do.”

“Good.” With that he pulled me toward him, along with the sheets trapped beneath. My legs dangled at the knees with feet high above the floor over the edge of the tall bed.

“I want you to watch me, Cecilia.” I propped myself on my elbows. My modesty yielded to my inquisitiveness. Once again, my king kneeled before me.

“You realize not many can say they have had a king bow in front of them.”

I grinned happily, knowing he appreciated the irony of the situation as much as I did.

“You should feel honored.” He ran his hands up my legs, over my knees, which he slowly parted in order to fit between and across my thighs. “Louis, what…?”

“Shhh. You will find out soon enough.”

Those blue eyes were now filled with smoke, intense and passionate. “I have tasted you but once. I need to taste you again.”

He kissed my stomach and his face burrowed against me. His tongue licked me up to the crevice between my breasts. Arching my back with the push of his hands from behind, he met my nipple with his lips. He suckled, wrapping tightly around my skin, with a force that made me moan in ecstasy. I felt his tongue attack my hard, hot flesh. His teeth scraped me. He did the same to my other breast as I watched in approval. He stopped, looking up at me.

“You are ready?”

I nodded.

He smiled. “For what?”

“For you to claim me.”

“You are already mine. Are you ready for me to taste you?”

I bit my lip and watched his face contort in desire. “Taste me.”

“Hmmm…” He purred softly.

I became even more heated by the sound. He moaned against my skin, down to my stomach. His hands left my back, floating over my sides to the backs of my knees. He pulled me farther toward the foot of the bed, and I struggled up again to look at him.

He sat back, staring at my body, all of it presented to him. I closed my legs on instinct, and he shook his head.

“No, my treasure. This is what I want.” He brought his hands to part me again and leaned in, brushing his lips against my inner thigh. I gasped, watching him tickle my flesh with his tongue. My eyes widened as he advanced still farther up. I felt my wetness increase, my anticipation aching within.

“Your smell…” He closed his eyes, his nose brushing over my hairs which covered the source of my scent. “It makes me so ravenous for you.”

His eyes opened and met my gaze. He hovered above my most private of parts.

“Please, show me.”

He smiled. His tongue slid over each nether lip with deliberateness. Opening his mouth, he placed his wet lips against my flesh, kissing me softly. I watched his mouth make love to my skin. His tongue brushed the entrance before softly pushing between my lower lips. My hips bucked under him as he tasted me in the ultimate kiss. His hands guided my legs over his shoulders and then curled under me to grip my backside. He pulled me to him as his mouth opened farther, licking, and then sucking at me. He found a spot within that made me shiver uncontrollably, spasms racking my body. He rolled the flesh around with his tongue and then took it in his teeth to tug slightly.

I fell back against the bed, no longer able to hold myself up. I heard his moans echo over mine as he continued to feed from me. I arched my back again and again, whispering his name. He would stop often. I knew he was watching my body as it gave itself to him, wanting more.

“You must give me what I need. I need to taste all of you.”

His tongue pushed in farther, lapping inside my secret place. I wanted so much to please him. His fingers stimulated the flesh his tongue had given so much attention. He worked with gentle force. More spasms took hold of me as an eruption began to form, working from his tongue and fingers up to my brain.

He sucked at me, stopping long enough to beg, “Give me what I need.”

When his tongue entered again, my body gave in. I felt a rush, every cell exploding.
I screamed helplessly as my body shook. My wetness appeased him as he licked at me, moaning. Tremors continued with every touch from his mouth.

“Oh, yes, you taste so sweet.” I stared up at the fabric of the canopy, feeling the tears in my eyes for the first time. His face soon filled my vision as he lay beside me.

“Now you know, Cecilia, of the kind of pleasure you brought me.” He smiled softly. “Giving you that gives me great pleasure as well.”


He nodded. “Will you share my bed with me tonight?”


I found my way under the covers with him and slept, expecting to be happily awakened by his craving. But he slumbered soundly, holding me in his embrace until morning.


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March 23, 2016

#MWTease #Erotic #Romance Another Dom Has Eyes On His Man and He is Not Happy #MMF #BDSM

Welcome to this week's installment of The MidWeek Tease!  As always me and my fellow erotic romance authors will tease you with some of the best excerpts from our erotic romances be they published or WIP's aka Works In Progress.  The tease from me is completely new-- Enjoy.  I have no doubt your new #BookBoyfriend is waiting for you below...

Excerpt from the next book in The Love Play Matchmaking Service series...

The company's cocktail party will only be for a couple of hours and I know you will enjoy it.”
“Mr. Hauser,” Chris said feeling the need to step in.  He'd already  let it go too far and it was time to bring it to an end.  
“Gavner,” the man corrected.
“Mr. Hauser,” Chris replied, “Mr. Poole says he's unable to attend this gathering with you.”
“Because he's busy,” Chris replied.  He parked himself on the edge of his desk.  It was on days like this that he was glad they shared an office building.  His heart raced between abject jealousy and pride over the fact that his husband was so damned fine that this man would ask him out.  
Gavner turned and looked at him.  He studied Chris quietly then nodded as if confirming something in his mind.  Chris stared at him in return.  As he looked into his eyes, he recognized the look of a man who served in the military as well.  He had the gaze of a man who'd seen the kind of combat that hardened a person's insides, making them warp into something they would not have been otherwise.  

March 21, 2016

Practical Passion by #ElizabethDelisi #Erotic #Romance He is Gorgeous And Hard To Resist #MF #Contemporary


Julie Preston worked hard raising her younger sister, Emily, after their parents died, and creating a career. She gave up simple pleasures like love and relationships. So when a friend drags her to a singles bar, Julie’s ready for anything. She meets a gorgeous guy and they spend several passionate hours together. There’s real chemistry there, but Julie regretfully sticks to her promise: a one-night stand, no strings.

When Julie hires a tutor to help Emily pass English, she’s shocked to find Douglas Dean is the man from the bar. Seeing him in her house makes it hard to keep her hands off him, but he isn’t looking for a long-term relationship since he’s a singles bar patron. Right? 

How many miles can Julie jog before she gives in and jumps him?


Tanya glanced over her shoulder in the direction Julie was staring, then turned back and kicked Julie’s shin under the table. 

“Close your mouth,” she hissed, tapping her chin with the back of her fingers for emphasis. “You look ridiculous.”

Julie snapped her mouth shut and swallowed, disgusted with herself.  She was all but drooling, for heaven’s sake. Had it really been so long since she’d been paid any attention?  She smoothed her long brunette hair with a trembling hand and took a deep breath to steady her nerves.  He was just a man. A good-looking one, but just a man. A man she’d like to eat for breakfast…

“Hello, ladies,” the man said, smiling down on them. His voice was deep, resonant and luscious. “My name is Stephen. And you are?”

“Marie,” Tanya said, delivering another kick under the table. “I’m Marie, and my friend is Anne.”

Julie and Tanya had agreed to use only their middle names if they met anyone promising. 

“There’ll be no complications that way,” Tanya had assured her. “You can have a one-night stand if you want, and the next day it’ll be as if it never happened.  No way for the guy to track you down and cause an embarrassing incident.”

“Hi, Marie,” Stephen said, shaking Tanya’s hand. Then he took Julie’s hand in both of his. “Pleased to meet you, Anne.”

Julie tried to stifle a gasp. Stephen’s hands were warm, comforting, and yet somehow erotic.  His touch shot a lightning bolt of desire straight to her groin.  She jerked her hand from his grasp and shook her head, puzzled.  Was she really so desperate after a few years of celibacy?  Or was there something between them, some instant connection?

“Won’t you have a seat?” Tanya said.

Julie tucked her legs under her chair to avoid the third kick she knew was coming.

“Yes, please do join us,” Julie added. She needed to get her mind back on track and remember her manners if she didn’t want to lose the opportunity to spend some time with the best-looking guy in the place.

“Thanks, I’d like that,” Stephen said, and dropped into a chair between the two of them. Julie shivered as she caught a whiff of his spicy aftershave.  He smelled like heaven.

“Why don’t you two get to know each other?” Tanya said with a wave of her bangled arm. “I have to visit the little girls’ room and powder my nose.” 

She rose and left the table, winking at Julie when Stephen wasn’t looking. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Julie groaned. What wouldn’t Tanya do? She turned to Stephen. “So, Stephen…um…are you from around here?”

“Yup, I am.” He grinned at her and her heart pounded. “You?”

“Yes. No. Well, I’m from around here, but not right here. I live…over there.” She pointed west and floundered to a stop as warmth crept up her cheeks. Lord, she was babbling like a fool. “Would you…um…like a drink?”

He shook his head. “I’ve had one and I’m not ready for another. What I’d really like now is to dance with you. Shall we?” He gestured to the crowded dance floor.

Julie looked at the bar patrons moving to the music. The band was playing a fast-paced eighties disco number, and the couples were so far apart, it was hard to tell who was dancing with whom. 

“Sure,” she said. “Let’s dance.” It seemed harmless enough—safer than more alcohol. She was already making an idiot of herself.

She let Stephen take her hand, steeling herself to avoid reacting to his touch, and he led her out onto the dance floor.

No sooner had they reached a small open spot than the band began to play a slow, sensual love song. Stephen opened his arms and waited for her to step into them, a sexy smile on his handsome face.

Julie was stuck. She couldn’t very well back out of their dance now, after she’d accepted his invitation. That would be rude. She stepped closer, and he pulled her to him, moving in time to the music. She mirrored his moves. He was a fabulous dancer, no question about that. 

Her resolve to maintain distance between them weakened, and she allowed her head to rest on his shoulder. He smelled wonderful. His warm, hard body, pressed against hers, felt better than anything she’d ever experienced, his strong arms holding her just tightly enough. He knew how to move, how to hold her, how much pressure to exert to lead her where he wanted her to go. They swayed to the music together, in sync, one. The rest of the world faded away.

Damn. Julie knew she was lost.

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March 20, 2016

The Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway! #Prizes #Excerpts #GrandPrizes #Erotic #Romances #TonsOfAuthors!

The Best #Smexy #Erotic #Romances Are Here!  Read and get a chance to win prizes! Yep from everyone in the #Blog #Hop including me!  I'm giving you along with my author friends two chances to #win!  So keep reading and let's have some fun!  Don't forget to leave a comment to tell us how much fun you had! 

Welcome to Our Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway!  Keep reading for your chance to win two prizes-- one from me and a Grand Prize featuring a free erotic romance from every author in the Blog Hop.  That's 22 erotic romances!  

Okay so let's have some fun!

Smexy Excerpt!

He finished loading their bags into the truck and walked over to her and kissed her. She leaned into the kiss. It was both sweet and sexy, filled with the same passion he showed her the night before. She gave in to it, his heat, scent, and licorice taste. Heat surged through her, setting her nerves on fire. Her nipples puckered against her shirt and her pussy dripped moisture, wetting her panties.

“Mmmm,” Callum said, pulling away with a hiss. “I can taste your arousal.”

“I guess the alpha can wait a while longer,” she replied in between nipping his lips.

They chuckled as they ran inside the house. Stopping in the bedroom, they hurriedly undressed as their mouths hungrily kissed. She reached her hands out and grabbed his shoulders. She leaned onto him as her legs quaked beneath her. She blinked up at him and almost gasped at the glance he directed to her. His gaze was so intense, it glowed. Her skin prickled from her arousal. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. His wolf had power and that was so hot. Her breath shuddered. He kissed her shoulders and her neck, then sucked where he had kissed. Her nipples pebbled because of his touch, while her pussy gushed.

All rippling muscles and hard angles, he was a work of art. Her gaze traveled down his body, toward the stacks of defined muscle covering his abdomen. Her mouth watered at all that tight toned flesh. Her teeth ached to bite into the wall of hard muscle, to nip into the dense flesh.

He took the tip of each of her nipples, suckling them and pulling moans out of her. She fisted her hand around his cock and pumped. His body stiffened as pre-cum coated her fingers. She knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. Thick and long, she ran her mouth up and down its length, savoring his spicy taste.


Samantha Dixon rescues a wounded wolf shifter in the woods near her home … and unwittingly gets drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a murderer. Callum Blake is on the trail of an evil man who would be king of all wolf kind, no matter the cost … it’s up to Callum to stop him. How can Callum fulfill his duty to protect his pack and save the woman who is destined to be his mate?

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March 16, 2016

Love Through A Lens by #LucyFelthouse #Erotic #Romance #ReleaseBlitz


Celine Patterson is a recent graduate eager to begin her career as a camerawoman—with the fashion world and all its glitz and glamour calling to her. Things aren’t that simple, however, and she’s forced to take a job making a documentary in the Peak District countryside with a mid-list British actor.

In spite of her initial disappointment—not only is the job not what she wanted, the pay is appalling, too—Celine warms to the project. The actor she’s working with, Edward Robson, is kind, considerate, funny and a consummate professional. She realizes she can learn a great deal from him, and resolves to do so.

As the days of the shoot pass by, Celine grows increasingly fond of Edward, and that fondness quickly goes beyond the platonic. Convinced her crush is completely one-sided—he’s over three decades her senior, for starters—she tries hard to ignore it, hoping the feelings will go away.
But then something happens to change Celine’s opinion, and flip her world upside-down. How will she react? And can she emerge from this project with both her career and her heart intact?

Note: Love Through a Lens has been previously released as part of the Sweet Sensations boxed set.

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Celine gritted her teeth and hung tightly onto the straps of her backpack as she forced one foot in front of the other up the steep incline. Her heart felt like it was going to explode from her chest, and her lungs screamed with the effort of providing her oxygen supply. Really, she needed to stop, to catch her breath, regain some equilibrium. But Edward was already way ahead of her, striding powerfully along as though their chosen path were perfectly flat. He had a huge backpack of his own, too, which didn’t seem to be slowing him down a jot.

But then, this was the difference between the two of them—or one of the differences, anyway. Edward Robson, mid-list British actor, was also a very keen outdoorsman, and probably did these kinds of walks all the time—with or without a camera being pointed at him.

Celine Patterson, however, was a different story altogether. Newly graduated from university, she’d struggled to find filming work in her preferred field—fashion—and so she’d had to cast her net wider. Incredibly wide, as it happened.

With hindsight, it was easy to see why she’d gotten the job with Edward—nobody else had wanted it. Not a damn soul. Traipsing around the Peak District wasn’t so bad, but add in heavy camera equipment, camping gear, food, clothing, maps, plans, GPS unit, satellite phone and makeup—for Edward, not for her—and a nice walk suddenly became a grueling trek. The money was poor, too, especially considering she was the only member of Edward’s crew. Could a single person even be called a crew? Or was she just a dogsbody?

She’d had no choice. It was this job or nothing. Crap money or no money. And, most importantly, this credit on her CV or no credit at all. She knew she had to start racking the credits and references up soon, if she wanted to get ahead in the highly competitive field.

So here she was, dragging herself up a heart attack inducing hill in the wake of an actor-cum-presenter. At least the project was interesting; they were checking out sites of myths, legends and ghost stories, that kind of thing. Edward was nice, too—kind, polite and pretty funny. Even better, it wasn’t raining. Overall, things could be a damn sight worse. She could be working with animals or children—or even both. And she’d heard many times over that they were the absolute worst.

She was still convincing herself that things weren’t that bad after all, when she glanced up and came to an abrupt halt as she realized there was a crotch practically in her face. Snapping her head up so fast it made her neck hurt, she made eye contact with Edward, who was standing a couple of paces farther up the slope, hence the awkward face-to-crotch angle. Her already hot face blazed with embarrassment. For once, she hoped the fact she was overheated would hide her mortification. The slight breeze that blew was doing nothing to lower her temperature.


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller) and Eyes Wide Open (an Amazon bestseller). Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 140 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes.

Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at:

March 15, 2016

Desires' Guardian by #TempesteO'Riley #Erotic #MM He Wants To Save The Man Of His Dreams #Romance


Most people see Chase Manning as the party-boy twink he seems on the surface. Only James, Chase’s BFF, knows the depth of his loyalty and the extent of the wounds Chase carries inside. When Chase meets Rhys Sayer things don’t go well, but he can’t shake his attraction to the huge, sexy man.

Rhys is a man of contradictions and fear—a strange combination for a PI and bodyguard. He’s in a bad place emotionally when he sets eyes on Chase for the first time. When Chase puts the moves on him, Rhys insults him, thwarting any possibility of a relationship. Rhys doesn’t see himself as a complicated man, but he dreads the very kind of connection he desires.

Just as they’re trying to overcome their uncertainties, Chase is put in harm’s way. Luckily Rhys and their friends have all the right talents to help Rhys save the man of his dreams.


PLEASE, GOD, make it stop.

The loud ringing next to his head had Chase debating between smashing the phone and burying his head until the demonic thing went quiet on its own. When the ringing stopped but immediately started up again, he gave up on Option B.


Even mentally whining made his head hurt worse. Chase lay sprawled across his bed on top of the covers. The only part of him not exposed was his head; he’d burrowed under a pillow when the sunshine pushed its way into his bedroom. Sitting up without moving the pillow from over his head, Chase slowly scooped up his cell. “’Lo,” he croaked.


“Um, yeah. Who is—wait, James?” Chase’s thoughts refused to clear as he fought his way past the alcohol struggling to drag him back into unconsciousness. The taste of stale beer and liquor was almost enough to make him puke. He vaguely wondered where his trash can was and whether he could get there if needed.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” The loud chuckle that followed the question did not help with his headache. However, with everything that had happened recently—the stalking and threats against his best friend—he would have gladly suffered in silence to make James happy.

A soft moan escaped his dry lips. He tried to wet them with his tongue, but it felt dry and thick. “Sorry, Jamie. What did I forget?”

“You went out to the club again, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he whimpered. “Dale and Simon wanted to go out for some fun. But I know you’re not calling to see if I went home with anyone. So again I ask, why am I awake?”

“My art show tonight.”

He was certain he could hear a smirk in James’s voice. “It’s”—Chase paused to check his clock—“not even noon yet, Jamie.” He loved his best friend dearly, but why did he have to be so damned perky first thing in the morning?

“Lunch. Remember?”

Lunch? Eating? He so didn’t want to think about food right then.

“Right. Let me get up and get dressed. I’ll swing by your place soon.”

“Go ahead and meet me at the restaurant, please. We have reservations at Zarletti’s downtown. I’m out and about right now. Okay?”

“Uh, sure, hun.” After a few more pleasantries, he hung up and slowly dragged his groggy self out of bed, stopping to down a couple of Tylenol and a full bottle of water before taking his shower.

Chase took his time getting dressed, and not simply because his head still hurt, the dull ache grating but livable. He never went out without dressing for the occasion, though it was nothing compared to how he would look later that night when he accompanied his best friend to his first gallery show. It would be James’s debut as the featured artist.

God, means I’ll have to deal with Rhys too. He knew Rhys wouldn’t miss the show. He rolled his eyes for thinking about the damn man. Rhys was sex on legs, but his attitude was crap! Still, dressing to kill might not be a bad idea….

Chase finished buttoning the deep green silk shirt over his slight frame as he walked to the fridge in his small but well-appointed kitchen. Grabbing a bottle of Mountain Dew, he took a gulp before he put the cap back on, grabbed his backpack, and headed out the front door. He was usually a cappuccino kind of guy, but sometimes one needed an extra kick of sugar and caffeine, fast.

Yawning, Chase got into his car and started over to James’s before he remembered they were meeting at the restaurant instead. At some point, he knew he would have to change his thinking and acknowledge that the little cottage was James and Seth’s now, especially since they were not only living together but would be married in just over a month.

Chase turned the corner to pull up in front of Zarletti’s. A moment later, a motorcycle passed him. He paused a moment to take in the eye candy: the black and chrome Harley Softail and the tall, wide-shouldered man atop it. When he parked, he realized to whom the bike belonged and groaned, cursing his luck and his reaction.

There Rhys stood, peering at him from beside the motorcycle. Too bad the bike and those looks belong to such an ass hat. Since the man was staring at him so blatantly, Chase decided to return the favor. He took a moment to let his gaze wander from the man’s deep auburn hair and perpetual five o’clock shadow to his delicious athletic build, wide shoulders, and the defined pecs his black T-shirt served to accentuate, not hide, even with the leather coat half covering him. Rhys was huge at close to six and a half feet. He continued his perusal down Rhys to his thick, muscled legs and his chunky black leather boots. Chase allowed himself a soft sigh. He took just as long on the return trip, making a true production of it. When his gaze finally landed on Rhys’s deep green eyes again, he smirked, turned, and made sure to put a little extra swish into his hips as he sauntered up the sidewalk to the front doors.

He reached to open one but paused when he heard the crunching of boots on the path behind him. He groaned to himself quietly and then stepped inside, hoping Rhys was there to meet someone else, not James. Please let it not be us! Chase had managed to avoid Rhys for the last few months, ever since James’s first gallery show. It was a lot harder to stay away from him than he had expected. He hated how Rhys had befriended James, making avoiding him all the more complicated.


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March 14, 2016

Bound By Desire by #TempesteO'Riley #MM #BDSM #Free #Erotic #Romance Seth #Needs To Collar James


*Part of the Desires Entwined series – Ideally read between Designs of Desire and Desires’ Guardian*

Despite his past abuse, James has come to terms with his relationship with his Dom and lover Seth. Seth treats James with all the trust and love his sub desires. There is only one thing left to do to make it all complete: Seth needs to put a collar on James. 


HOURS LATER—he’d dozed during the flight in the reclining first-class seat—James was wide awake, hard, and wanting Seth so severely he couldn’t manage to focus on the hotel suite he was now in. They had arrived, and once they’d eaten, settled into their rooms. Knowing Seth was the one who’d set up their plans, the thought flitted through the back of his head that he ought to take a moment to soak it all in, but then Seth tugged his crutches from his hands, moving them away.

James stood in the bedroom, next to the king-sized bed, confused. Seth never took his sticks away from him, knowing he couldn’t walk without them. “Um, Seth?”

“Center of the bed, naked, and on your knees, baby. Let me set this stuff down, and I will be right back.”

Unsure what Seth was up to, James slowly stripped, placing each item in a neat pile to the side. Again glancing toward his lover, James considered not cooperating, but only for a moment. Shrugging, he climbed onto the bed, settled himself on his knees in the middle of it, and sat back on his heels. Once comfortable, resting his hands on his thighs the way Seth liked, he considered what Seth had been doing to and with him lately. It was still weird for him, all the control Seth preferred, but James had come to terms with how much he loved that about his fiancé.

He watched Seth pace around the room, moving this, rearranging that, feeling more and more turned on. All Seth needed to do was exist and James got hard, especially during extended denial.

Seth looked at James and smiled. “Love how well you do that, baby. Now, tease and stroke yourself while I finish getting things ready. I want you aching and unable to think,” he added, his grin turning feral.

A whimper escaped at the thought of what Seth might be planning. Deciding to move forward with Seth’s request, James wrapped his hand around his cock, pulling in long, slow strokes, squeezing and twisting just the way he liked. With his other hand, he tweaked and toyed with his nipples. He knew how much Seth loved watching him do so. He didn’t enjoy pain, but the tiny shocks were one thing he loved, whether it was Seth doing it to him or him doing so for Seth’s pleasure. Of course, he’d found less and less he wouldn’t do for Seth the longer they were together.

His eyes slid closed as the pleasure built, his need and desire for his lover, his fiancé, growing every moment, with every touch. As need coiled at the base of his spine, James moaned and thrust into his hand, hoping Seth would hurry up and join him. As good as this felt, he wanted, needed, Seth’s hands, mouth, body, more than his next breath.

Just as he thought he might lose the fight and come, Seth barked, “Stop.”

James let go of himself, panting as he fought the drive to continue, to finish. Focusing on Seth instead of his body, he finally calmed, but the frustration riding him was worse than it had ever been before. But then, Seth had never played this game with him for so long before, either.

“So beautiful, baby,” Seth praised, melting James a little more. He leaned forward and kissed James on the lips, soft as a whisper.

Seth set a closed box on the nightstand before sitting next to where James kneeled on the bed. “You please me so much like this.” He shifted, lifting the top of the box and rummaging around within it a moment before he withdrew a tightly bound bundle of what appeared to be indigo rope. “I have a few things I would like to do to you before we proceed, but you must give me your consent, James.”

James knew Seth loved to tie him up, though he was always careful not to overtax James’s joints. It was usually with ribbon or scarves though, so he was a little concerned as he looked over the rope. He watched, his mind still hazy, as Seth used one end of the rope to tease along his length, the silky material sending a shiver down his spine to wind its way around his already significant need. “Mmm…. Please, Sir.”

“Please what, baby?”

“Whatever you want to do is good, but please….”

“I love how much trust you give me, James. You make me so happy,” Seth added, caressing James’s cheek.

“Love you, Seth.”

Seth immediately set about shifting James how he wanted, an action that still baffled James at times. Once satisfied, he untied the deep indigo silk rope that reminded James of the ribbon he usually used and began a series of intricate loops and cross patterns down his chest and abdomen.


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March 13, 2016

Temptations Desire by #TempesteO'Riley #MM #Erotic #Romance He is Determined To Have His Man #Contemporary


Alexander James Noble is a gender fluid gay man who gave up on finding Mister Right a long time ago. He’s not asking for much, though. He just wants a guy who loves all of him and appreciates his feminine form too.

At the local LGBTQ center where Alex regularly volunteers, he meets Dal Sayer, an officer of the Milwaukee PD. Because he’s been rejected one too many times, Alex doesn’t trust the huge cop and the interest he shows in him, but once Dal sets his mind on something, he goes all out. Pushing aside his preconceived notions, Alex opens up just a little and soon caves.

From their first date—while dealing with his father’s failing health and his parents’ demands for him to settle down and have children—Dal never takes his eyes off his goal of making Alex his. But proving to Alex he isn’t like all the men who couldn’t see him for who he truly was and only wanted to hide him away is harder than he thought.


“DAMMIT, DAL, what’s up with you today?” Rhys snapped at him. “You’ve lost count. Again.”

They were at the gym, and he knew he was supposed to be counting his reps while his big brother spotted him, but the most beautiful amber—flecked with small chips of gold and green—eyes he’d ever seen kept floating in front of him. Dal had always liked guys that were shorter, though he didn’t usually go for the more waif-like twinks like his brother. But then, he liked the delicate curves of a woman too—something his brother had never been interested in. Still, he needed to concentrate!

“Sorry. Maybe we should move on. I’m just not feeling it today.”

Rhys stared at him for a long moment. Dal knew he was being examined, but there was no way, he hoped, Rhys could know who had his mind and libido so distracted.

“How ’bout we call it a day and go grab a couple a beers?”

“Sure.” He flashed a grin as he sat up, grabbed his towel, and began wiping down the bench before standing and heading to clean up and change.

“Then you can tell me who’s got you all in a twist,” Rhys added once they were in the shower area, smirking as he dodged the towel Dal snapped at him.

“You know, you’re worse than mom with the gossip and busybody routine.” Dal grabbed his shower kit and walked off before Rhys could retaliate, as he was apt to do.

Once both men were clean and dressed, they headed to where their bikes were parked. Rhys’s black and chrome Harley Softail and his red Ducati Diavel stood out in a sea of generic cars and trucks in the parking lot.

“Meet me at Flanagan’s?”

Dal knew this was going to be unpleasant, but nodded and dutifully straddled his bike before heading out to their favorite pub on this side of town—probably in the entire metro area if he were honest.

By the time he arrived and got up the courage to go inside, Rhys had already grabbed two mugs of beer—Guinness for himself and a Murphy’s Stout for Dal—and snagged a corner booth. The grin he flashed told Dal just how serious his brother was about him spilling what was on his mind. He rolled his eyes, making sure Rhys saw him, and huffed as he flopped down on the other side of the booth.

“So dignified, Dal,” Rhys grumbled but smiled. “Now, take a couple a good pulls on your beer and tell me what’s got you so out of sorts. I haven’t seen you like this since….” Rhys bit the cuticle of his right thumb, seemingly lost in thought.

Taking a hearty gulp of his stout, Dal tried to think of a way to distract Rhys. “Ha, you just want to play yenta since your love life is so wonky right now. How is Chase, anyhow?”

Rhys’s green slit-eyed stare landed on him with a near-physical push. “I have no idea how Chase is. He works for me. Period.” Flexing his left hand repeatedly, Rhys stared down at his drink with what Dal knew was confusion and hurt.

He shouldn’t have asked that. He knew better. “Sorry, Rhys. That was low, even for me.”

Rhys looked up. His eyes seemed to clear as a small smile tugged at his lips. “It’s okay. But seriously. What’s really going on with you? Who is she? Or is it a he?” The last question came out so softly Dal barely heard it over the noise of the other patrons.

Dal looked his brother over a moment but decided that fighting with him over it wasn’t worth the headache, and well, he could use some advice. Maybe.

Dal lowered his gaze to the tabletop and breathed a deep sigh before he met Rhys’s eyes again. “His name is Alex. We’ve had roughly five minutes worth of conversation, most of which was about the upcoming dance you and I offered to bounce for. He’s, well, I don’t know what he is to the center. He was cooking when I was there, so I guess a cook or chef of some kind.”

“And by the soft tone of your voice and the glassy eyes, I’d say you’re smitten with him.” Rhys waited until Dal gave one tight nod to continue. “So, do you know anything about him? What’s he like? Do you want me to check him out?”

Dal’s head snapped up, glowering, or he hoped it was a death glare anyway. “You have enough man trouble, don’t you dare go hitting on Alex.” Dal could hear the growl in his voice but couldn’t care less. “He’s sweet and shy and has the most captivating amber eyes I’ve ever seen. His skin is so smooth it begs to be touched and is the most beautiful creamy cappuccino-like color.”

One side of Rhys’s lips turned up into a smirk. “So, he’s a pretty boy?”

“Yes. No. Ugh! Yes, he’s pretty, almost feminine in a way, yet all man at the same time. He’s the kind of person who would be beautiful and sexy either way, but he’s not like the kind of guys you usually go for and, just, you leave him alone.”

At that, Rhys let out a belly laugh the likes of which Dal hadn’t heard from his brother in a while. Not in a year or more, probably. “Don’t worry, I would never try to poach. You know better than that, little brother. But, what are you going to do about this Alex of yours?”

Dal couldn’t tell whether Rhys’s tone or the Cheshire cat grin plastered across his face annoyed him more, but he had no freakin’ clue what to do, so he settled for scowling at his brother. Not that it seemed to have any effect. Criminals, troubled teens, guys sitting in interrogation…. Sure, his “look” worked fine on them, but his brother? Nope! Besides, he hated the self-righteous look he was getting right then.

Finally, Rhys stopped grinning at him. “Fine, Dal, but I haven’t seen you interested in much of anyone in a long time. Not girl or guy, so yeah, if this guy is able to bring out your protective side like this after only five minutes, I’m going to say ‘hell yeah,’ go for it!”

“Rhys, I know nothing about him. I don’t think he likes cops much, considering he was initially hostile. I think that was more fear than anything, though, really, but no—” he grabbed Rhys’s free hand “—I do notwant you to investigate him. Promise me, Rhys.”

Rhys waited a moment before grumbling but nodded his agreement.


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