March 23, 2016

#MWTease #Erotic #Romance Another Dom Has Eyes On His Man and He is Not Happy #MMF #BDSM

Welcome to this week's installment of The MidWeek Tease!  As always me and my fellow erotic romance authors will tease you with some of the best excerpts from our erotic romances be they published or WIP's aka Works In Progress.  The tease from me is completely new-- Enjoy.  I have no doubt your new #BookBoyfriend is waiting for you below...

Excerpt from the next book in The Love Play Matchmaking Service series...

The company's cocktail party will only be for a couple of hours and I know you will enjoy it.”
“Mr. Hauser,” Chris said feeling the need to step in.  He'd already  let it go too far and it was time to bring it to an end.  
“Gavner,” the man corrected.
“Mr. Hauser,” Chris replied, “Mr. Poole says he's unable to attend this gathering with you.”
“Because he's busy,” Chris replied.  He parked himself on the edge of his desk.  It was on days like this that he was glad they shared an office building.  His heart raced between abject jealousy and pride over the fact that his husband was so damned fine that this man would ask him out.  
Gavner turned and looked at him.  He studied Chris quietly then nodded as if confirming something in his mind.  Chris stared at him in return.  As he looked into his eyes, he recognized the look of a man who served in the military as well.  He had the gaze of a man who'd seen the kind of combat that hardened a person's insides, making them warp into something they would not have been otherwise.  

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