February 24, 2016

#MWTease #Erotic #Romance #MM Finding Your Mate In The Most Unusual Place

You ever hear of the term that you can't control who you love?  Well if you're an alien living on Earth, you can't control where you find your love.  

From My WIP- Alien Love

He ignored him.  As he continued to walk down the aisle, a sweet clean scent cut through the noxious odors around him.  The enticing aroma tugged at his heart and his cock.  It drew him to the end of the block to the last cell.  His instincts screamed that his mate was the owner of this alluring smell.  How could his mate be a prisoner?  His mate, a thief or a murderer?  A criminal is not worthy of a mate for person in his clan. Why would the fates play such a horrible trick on him? 

Damian dismissed the preposterous thought.  It had to be a mistake.  Perhaps his nose was wrong.  If eyes can experience hallucinations maybe the nose could have something similar.  He still had a patrol to complete so he continued walking down the aisle to the end of the block.  He fought the need to run to see the owner of the sexy scent.  He had a job to do and nothing was going to keep him from doing it, even if it was his so called mate.  

Damian slowed his pace and looked into each cell making sure the right prisoner was still inside as he journeyed down the block.  As he made it to the last cell, the aroma was like a bouquet of flowers in a garden paradise.  The scent overwhelmed him making him heady.  He grabbed hold of the bars to keep from falling.  His heart pounded in his ears.  He growled as his desire to rip the bars off their hinges to claim the man behind them.  

You are a sentry.  You must be strong.   


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