July 2, 2017

#SexySnippets-They Don't Own Him, I Do #BDSM #MM #RomanceNovel

Hi Everybody!  It's Sunday and for those of us in the States, Independence Day is only a few days away and for some a day off and a time to relax and celebrate.  I hope my sexy excerpt will give you something else to think about as you go about your day...

Today's snippet is m/m, BDSM from my WIP book 3 in the Love Play Matchmaking Service series. It features Dane, an Afghan war vet (and friend of Chris Spinell- one of the main characters in the books one and two) who is a Dom and Noel, his partner and submissive.  

Noel seems to have lost his way and Dane is determined to help him remember....


My inspiration for Dane

Dane watched as Noel strolled to the entrance of the living room and stood quietly.  He wore a pair tiny silver boy shorts that hugged his package in the most severe way. When they were home, Noel was only allowed to wear the barest amount of clothing unless he was sick, cold or when Dane told him to do otherwise.  Unfortunately, his boy had forgotten that golden rule.  Baggy cargo pants and a bulky sweater to cover that beautiful body of his was not allowed even if he did feel scrawny and unattractive compared to a few of the submissives he had lunch with earlier. 

He wasn't owned by them, he was owned by Dane Anders.  No one else.  And if it Noel had to walk around the house naked twenty-four hours a day until he realized that he was loved and cherished by his Master, his Indero then so be it. 

Dane went to his favorite chair and sat down. He glanced at Noel who walked quietly to him and took knelt on the floor beside him.  His boy flushed red from his head all the way to his feet.  He lowered his head and sighed. 

“Don't mind pet,” Dane said returning his attention to Lawson. “He is learning a lesson in humility. Aren't you pet?”

Noel whimpered.  Dane smiled knowing that it was a stifled plea for to be held. 

“Yes Indero," Noel replied. 

Dane motioned for Noel to approach.  He longed for his boy's touch too but Noel needed to learn the value of truth.  And one in particular that he was beautiful inside and out.  Noel knelt beside him and looked at the floor.

Dane lifted Noel's chin with his thumb shifting his boy's gaze to meet that of his own.  “If you are good, I'll give you something special.”

Namely the spanking of his life. Dane smiled wryly as a feeling of mirth and sadistic pleasure from the possibility of seeing Noel's bright red ass soon played in his mind.

Noel gave him a toothy smile and nodded rapidly.  Dane withdrew his hand and returned his attention to Lawson.  

"Be a good pet and return to your position."

Noel stood and went back to the doorway.  

I know that was WAY more than the seven sentence limit but I had to show you more!  I hope you liked it!  

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