July 17, 2017

Freedom in Chains by Ann Raina- Being His Domme Filled Her Dreams #BDSM #Futuristic #RomanceNovel

It’s the story of Julian, convicted for drug-dealing, who serves his crime working for Kyra, who slowly but surely finds out that she likes the convict. Her neighbor, Oliver, is quite a help on the way and not really neutral…


Boston, 2021. When Kyra Jennings, a young and successful business woman, decides to give Julian Bithrell, a sentenced convict, a second chance, she does not know that he will meet her most secret desires in bondage games.

However, at the same time an unknown assassin tries to claim her life and the convict seems to bear a threat of his own. Will Kyra solve the mystery and save her life and her love?


The moment Julian switched on the lawnmower, Oliver appeared on his rear porch, stretched like a cat and yawned. Dressed in robe and house slippers, he came over to meet Kyra on the porch. His gaze went down to sleeping beauty.

“Mornin'. You found Gregory?” Oliver took a deep breath and listened to Kyra's explanation then nodded.

“Okay, I follow as far as the hunk taking in my boy, but…” He looked up and squinted. “Can Mrs. Bickerham look into the kennel without, say, binoculars?”


“I thought so. Tricky old lady, she is. Is there another mug of tea for me? I mean, only if there's one left.”

“Yes.” She went to fetch it and pressed the mug with hot tea in his hand upon her return. “Here you go.”

“Grumpy? Oh, you missed a part of the show, I see.” He squinted to watch Julian at the end of the lawn. “Is this swell of chest real or just a reflection of light?”

She did not answer that.

“Those nipples…” He squinted more and waited until Julian's bare upper body was closer. “Wow. They're just perfect. The size… Imagine nipple clamps on them and…”

“Stop drooling on my porch, Oliver!”

“This is like some frickin' show, you know, Kyra, when they show you all the muscled guys playing pool boy and such. And the real deal is just a harlequin from next door. But he's…very real.”

Julian was close enough now to see the nice partition of his chest, the washboard abs and the swell of biceps. Oliver gulped down some tea, but his eyes were glued to the convict leading the lawnmower.

“Goodness, yeah, yeah, turn around, yes.”


“Oh, okay, I know.” But Oliver did not stop watching and neither did she. Julian made a turn with the mower to present his backside. “Good in jeans, but—” He turned to her, frowning. “Why do you let him wear jeans for mowing?”

Kyra took a deep breath. Oliver was such a bad influence! She could imagine Julian too well without clothes. She wanted to perish the thought, but it returned in a loop.

“Do you think that Mrs. Bickerham is at her binoculars right now?”

Olivier laughed. “You mean after the demonstration of my domination over Gregory she'll wait for me to take down Julian?”

He wiggled his brows. “Nah, that would be your show, not mine.”

“Not mine, either. Locking up Julian in the kennel, yeah, right. Forget it,” she warned when he turned to continue the daydream.

“But just think of it.”

Unable to stop him, she sighed. Only with a gag. Oh, hell, he might like that.


Freedom in Chains
Copyright © 2008 Ann Raina
Cover art by Martine Jardin


Buy Links

Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Chains-Ann-Raina-ebook/dp/B003XREYL8

Extasy Books- http://www.extasybooks.com/freedom-in-chains/?search=Ann%20Raina&sub_category=1&limit=25


About Ann

Writing… That’s one of the hobbies that has never left me, never stopped entertaining me and will, hopefully, never end to be exciting and new every time.

However, the way to become a published author took time and, yes, courage. It’s the decision to be brave enough to be judged by professionals if your writing is worth to be printed. The jump into cold water was rewarded by my first contract with eXtasy books in July, 2007.

Freedom in Chains was published on February, 1st, 2008.

The second novel, also a SciFi story touched with romance and BDSM, is also contracted by eXtasy books. Since it’s a long novel, the chief editor of the publishing house suggested to release it in three parts. The first one’s now available, the other two will follow in fall and winter of 2009.

I’m beyond 40, live with my family in Germany, full time working mother and wife, and live a really blessed and happy life. Maybe that’s the reason and the roots to writing nice… and partly not so nice books.


  1. Oh, this sounds quite intriguing - definitely worth a read!

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