February 19, 2011

Deanna Talks About Her Love For Writing Erotica and Specifically in the M/M Genre!

Well, first things first, I am ever so grateful that Clare has allowed me to hijack her blog today. You rock!

We all know what holiday just passed, the ever popular and often dreaded, Valentine’s Day. And while we all may have different ideas about VD (I just love calling it that) we all know that during February everyone wants to talk about LOVE. Being in LOVE. Getting some LOVE. Showing LOVE. Reading about LOVE.

Therefore, in the spirit of LOVE, I wish to remind everyone LOVE knows no bounds. LOVE knows no gender.


And as a romance writer, I suppose I am in the business of spreading the LOVE.

A literary Cupid!

No, I am not wearing a diaper or those gold shorts that Angel of Love is wearing either.

What kind of LOVE am I spreading lately? Where are my arrows of Love and Lust being directed?

Why hot man on man luvin’ of course!

My fave thing to read and write.


Have you ever read an m/m romance? That stands for male/male as I so awkwardly had to explain to my mother. As a woman who still cringes at the P-word (you know which one I mean)and finds that same bit of anatomy ‘icky,’ how could I convince her of the appeal of two gorgeous men together?

I couldn’t.

So I just lied and said, “Well, it’s popular, Ma and I wanna sell books.”


Um…. (((hangs head to hide evil grin))))…yeah, I lied. But what mamma don’t know won’t hurt her! LOL

In truth I have been avidly reading m/m for only a short time. I was introduced to it about a year ago but I was hooked from the get go. As a writer who suffers from WADD (Writers Attention Deficit Disorder) I never have a shortage of ideas simmering. And all of them lately are m/m.

Why is this?

Because two men in LOVE is a beautiful thing. What a gift to be allowed to follow the special journey of two strong males as they let their guards down and become intimate together amidst prejudice, hatred, fears, intricate plots and obstacles! It is a Happily Ever After you have to read to believe.

As a “Literary Cupid,” my goal is to convert as many women as possible into reading m/m. I have converted most of my friends, I am happy to say!

The rest of you have no idea what you are missing!!!

If you are already an m/m reader you KNOW what I am talking about. If not, might I suggest stopping over at my BLOG, where you can read my FREE m/m short story LEAKING PIPES. You will never think of plumber’s crack the same way again!

LEAKING PIPES is one of 25 m/m stories available for FREE download in an anthology put together by the awesome group M/M ROMANCE over on goodreads. The collection is called STUFF MY STOCKING and the download link is on my BLOG. He, he, he, see how sneaky I am making you visit my blog, too? Don’t worry there is plenty of eye candy to make it worth your while. And believe me…you won’t regret snatching up these naughty boys for your Kindle!

I also have one more m/m book to add to your collection— which I know you will start building once you read your first m/m romance. It is my holiday erotic short story SECRET SANTA.

All this weekend at Rainbow eBooks you can download SECRET SANTA for FREEE!!!

Did you hear that?!

I just hooked you up with two FREE BOOKS!!!

Now before you leave the awesome Clare’s blog in your rush to get a fix of hot man on man luvin,’ I would LOVE to know whether or not you have ever read an m/m novel or short story.

If you have, what was it that you liked about it?

If you haven’t, please leave a comment, as well.

Everyone who leaves a reply will be entered in a random drawing to win my m/m erotic retelling of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW from DECADENT PUBLISHING.

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks Clare for having me!

And please don’t forget:

Love is Love! It should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed in all of its many facets!



Deanna Wadsworth is an erotica and m/m author.

Her books are available at http://decadentpublishing.com/ and on http://amazon.com for Kindle.

You can visit her blog http://deannawadsworth.blogspot.com/ and hang out with her on

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001206469235 where she enjoys posting pics of hot guys and chatting with folks about anything canine, book, sex or alcohol related!


  1. Awesome interview- and the covers of your books are awesome- love them & good luck with sales ♥

  2. Well Dawn since you were my only visitor, looks like you win a copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!!! Congrats!


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