May 21, 2017

#SexySnippets-The Desire He Felt Was Almost Primal- #MM #RomanceNovel #Mpreg

Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday!

Today's snippet is from my untitled, WIP, m/m, alternative universe, contemporary-ish, wolf shifter romance.

We meet our main characters, Edmund and Jaime during dinner as Edmund is coming to terms with his attraction for his guest.  It's a bit longer than seven sentences but I don't think you'll mind.

My Muse's Inspiration for Edmund

Edmund's wolf growled and squirmed inside of him. It recognized his mate, just as he did when he first caught the scent of Jaime. The desire he felt for the slender young man was almost primal.  But how could he mate with some as delicate with Jaime? One night with him and he might break.  Then there was the little problem that human was probably not interested in him or shifters in general. After the great war, humans were taught to hate them. And if they did manage to mate there was no way Jaime would be able to safely carry a child.

He watched as Jaime hungrily ate his food.  He made sure Gudrun had prepared something more palatable for human taste such as eggs, toast, and ham that had been curing in the smokehouse.  As Jaime ate and drank the Dewberry juice, he seemed to regain a healthy pallor. Nevertheless, the hurt behind Jaime's eyes remained. He wanted to heal that pain and make the person who gave it to him pay for hurting his mate.

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  1. Oh. that inspiration! Yum! You're right, I didn't mind the longer length at all. In fact, I wanted more! LOL I look forward to you sharing more from this WIP. :-)


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