May 18, 2017

Its Mouth Is What? The Original Meaning For The Alien's Mouth As Thought Of By Its Creator #Alien #Movie

It's May which means it's time to start rolling out the blockbusters for Spring and Summer.  And one of the most anticipated pics many fans are looking forward to seeing this year is the second film in the prequel series for the scifi horror movie franchise- Alien. 

In Theatres Now- 20th Century Fox Pictures

Please Note: Possible Trigger For Some Readers In The Post Below


The latest movie in the franchise Alien Covenant is in theaters now.  But that's not really news.  To me, the real news is the crazy, twisty, weird world that is the behind-the-scenes world for the movie series. The first movie in the series, entitled Alien, released in 1979, starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Yaphet Kotto, Veronica Cartwright, John Hurt and Ian Holm was a scary success due in part to the amazing work of its director- Ridley Scott and it's screenwriters and co-creator Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett.

If you are a big time science fiction fan like me, then you are very familiar with Dan O'Bannon's work.  His many credits include Blue Thunder, Life Force, Return of the Living Dead, Total Recall and my personal favorite- Screamers.

Anyways, when Mr. O'Bannon wrote a piece of work, he often had a deeper meaning in mind when it came to the characters and to the message of the movie.  The same was true when it came to his most famous collaborative work Alien.

Although the corporate greed theme was fairly obvious and quite horrific, it that was not the only message he wanted to convey.

Scary Alien Xenomorph. A shot taken from a poster
depicting a scene in Alien Covenant.

According to an article written by David Opie at Movie, the shape of the Aliens' mouths, their pointy heads and a few other things were supposed to symbolize a penis.

Yes, that's right folks, phalluses a plenty were spread all throughout the film to evoke terror. What kind of terror you ask? Okay maybe you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyway.... Rape.

I'm not trying to make light of sexual assault or rape of any kind, I'm just saying I'm shocked to find out that Mr. O'Bannon was trying to convey the horror rape in the movie. And the most interesting part is, women were not supposed to be the victims of the horrific crime!  If you want to find out who the targets were/are then you need to read the article --

The article is shocking, fascinating and quite revealing about the message and warning the director and Mr. O'Bannon wanted to convey.  One thing is for sure after reading it, you may never look at the Alien movies the same way again!


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