January 16, 2016

Review of Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister. And a Preview Of Kari Thomas' PNR Novel- Her Demon, His Angel

Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister
Rating: 3.5 Hearts


Don’t be shy. You have to admit that Dragons are cool! And I love that there are more and more dragon books in the Paranormal Romance genre as time goes by. Even though I’m not a fan of the First Person Point of View (POV) I have always enjoyed author Katie MacAlister’s dragon Series. She creates strong heroines and sexy alpha males, mixes in a lot of humor, and adds notable secondary characters. Saying that, I still find I have mixed feelings about the newest one, Book 1 of the Black Dragon Series, “Dragon Fall”.

There is Aoife, the quirky-but-strong heroine. Considering all that she goes through, it’s a stretch to find that she survived mentally at all. Then, there is dragon shifter Kostya (a favorite from past dragon books in the set of series). His alpha attitude gets very predictable and annoying way too early. And there is Jim. The talking demon dog (gotta love that!). A curse and an all-important Ring round out the story. But, this story doesn’t read quite as coherent or fulfilling as the author’s past books. There are questions left unanswered, unsatisfying. The attraction between Aoife and Kostya feels a little too easy. It’s harder to accept their love, so fast in the beginning. The humor is a bit forced in places. Still, I would recommend Readers to give this book a chance, because we all have different opinions and others might find it a Keeper for their dragon books collection.

Kari Thomas

Bonus Sneak Peek 
Kari's Book!

Her Demon, His Angel
Author Kari Thomas  www.authorkari.com
Genre Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Action, Angels, Demons, Magic, Shifters, Vampires, Other Weres
Heat Level 4
Words 88,000
Content Notes Intense
Publication Date 1/4/2016
Price: $6.99


War is coming! The human race is at risk! The only hope is an angel-demon and a woman who only half believes other beings may exist. Her Demon, His Angel by Kari Thomas is an exciting adventure into another world, where the odds are stacked against the humans and dark magic rules the day. Discover what happens when love meets overwhelming odds.



Sara Winters never had reason to acknowledge the existence of Angels or Demons. Not until a rare being, half angel and half demon, rescues her from a demon attack. As an antique book dealer she has spent her adult life looking for one particular, mysterious Book, and her search has led her straight into Drake Domitaine’s arms.

Drake doesn’t have time to deal with a frail human woman but he has to protect her from the very same demons that are now planning a war on the human race.
Sara and Drake’s fated love is doomed from the start. Or is it? Can a human woman and Angel-Demon be together? It’s now a race against time to find the Book which has become an important part of pending war to save humankind.  And in the end, will Sara and Drake overcome the insurmountable odds of their love continuing?


She returned her attention to Drake. His handsome, brooding features were drawn, tense. His hands clutched the steering wheel tight. His entire body language practically shouted danger. He was definitely a mystery she wasn’t sure she wanted to try and decipher. One secret was all she could handle at a time. It took her a few minutes of reasoning to realize that she was almost sure he wasn’t the killer who had been stalking her search from day one. Although each situation with finding the dead men had shocked her into deep fear, she still hadn’t felt that strange vibe Drake gave off. Drake scared her to death, yet kept her off balance feeling as though she knew him. None of that had been present the other times. Yet, she had a feeling the strange shadow from earlier had something to do directly with the killer. Someone didn’t want her discovering the truth about the men’s deaths. Someone—or something—not natural. What Drake had to do with it all was just as baffling.

And she had the deep-gut feeling that Drake Domitaine was just as dangerous as the unknown killer. Maybe even more so.

“Damn it all to hell,” Drake muttered under his breath. Sara felt the car’s speed increase. If he didn’t slow down, they were going to get caught for speeding. Or worse, they’d end up in an accident. Although, one look at the harshness of his features and she knew that stating the obvious right then wasn’t a smart idea. Grinding her teeth together, she kept her mouth shut.

Drake braked and swerved the car off the highway and onto a narrow road without a street sign. Her father had lived in Phoenix for years. She had seldom visited and wasn’t as familiar with the area as Drake obviously was. On either side of the paved road, tall desert scrubs and countless palm trees littered the scenery. The road itself had only one-lane, and it twisted and curved sharply every few yards. Despite the harrowing turns, Drake never slowed the car’s speed. Thank you for seat belts!

A few minutes later he turned the car around a sharp bend and a small cottage loomed directly at the end of the road. Sara didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about the house, with its whitewashed stucco, single-level size, no garage, and its bare minimum landscaping of desert scenery.

In front of the house Drake stomped on the car brakes, bringing it to a teeth-rattling stop. He yanked the keys from the ignition and jerked open the car door. With a terse, “Get out,” he jumped from the car and headed for the front door. She reluctantly followed, not sure what to think about his unsettling behavior.

By the time she reached the door, he was inside and waiting for her. As soon as she crossed the threshold, he grabbed her arm, pulled her further into the entry hall and slammed the door behind her. Waiting for her eyes to adjust to the inner darkness she heard the unmistakable sound of dead bolts—several of them—being shoved in place. Turning around to see better, she gasped.

The locks weren’t just mere deadbolts. They were wide, solid steel bars that crisscrossed across the width of the door and bolted to both sides. She counted four. That door was barricaded like Fort Knox now.

And she was trapped inside.



Kari's Web Page

Author Site:  www.authorkari.com

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