January 14, 2016

Book Review: YA Novel, The Witches of Proposal Rock by Kristin Burchell. And a Bonus!


THE WITCHES OF PROPOSAL ROCK is a period piece set in 1660 New England, a time when it wasn’t a good thing to be labeled a “witch”.  And Kristen Burchell paints a vivid picture using all a reader’s senses. She weaves colors, smells and tastes together until the reader is living the story. 

And fear runs rampant in this village, with good reason. The Devil himself lurks up on the Rock…Proposal Rock.  But there is a reason people, usually women, are willing to risk the climb up the mountain because there is magic up on the hill. Those (un)lucky enough to come face-to-face with Amabel “the witch of Proposal Rock” just might be rewarded for their efforts. But, only the desperate are brave enough to make the climb.

Sixteen year old Anne is one of those desperate enough to face the Devil. She needs to fix things or at least do something aft r she shares a kiss with her best friend’s husband. But once she makes the journey and meets Amabel, it isn’t so easy to return to her everyday life. Anne discovers she possesses mysterious powers of her own. And the Devil isn’t ready to let her go. 

When Anne meets a young man and begins to fall in love, she starts to suspect his intentions. 
Anne faces the truth of her own gift but her neighbors quickly turn on her. She is left with a horrible decision and either choice will change her life forever.

(Definitely a book worth reading, if you enjoy mystery, romance and period pieces…oh and a little magic.)


Bonus Blurb and Excerpt From the Reviewers On Book: 

Love is always a risk but in Cullaby Creek...It's Dangerous

(Think 'The Animorphs' Grown Up!)

Available January 21, 2016


When Savannah meets Kyle, its love at first sight. And why wouldn't it be? He's perfect, as far as she can tell. But it isn’t long until she realizes Kyle appears whenever things go wrong. Maybe he isn't everything she thought he was - maybe he's something more. It's a complete mystery until she discovers the water in Cullaby Creek is being bottled and sold as vitamin “infused” water. 

Mistic Water promises the impossible. And then, like a magical elixir, it delivers. People who drink it feel younger, smarter, faster...healthier. But, before long, side effects hit. Everyone begins to change or “tate”. Some are becoming dangerous animals. Literally. And the secret to what they are tating into has to be in the water…or is it something more? 





  1. I can't wait for The Cats of Cullaby Creek to be released next week! It's a great blend of romance and suspense. Congratulations, Kim!!

  2. Thanks Kristin! Can't wait for your next book :D


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