January 5, 2016

Hi It's The New Year And Guess What I'm Doing! Writing... Book 2 in The Love Play Matchmaking Service

I have been furiously working on the sequels to my first book... of which book 3 is done, book 2 is the one that is the WIP.  I know that's weird to have the third book completed before the second book but it's the way my brain works!  

But since you've been so patient through all of my announcements-- the Book is coming, the Book is coming. Here is a sample of what I've written...

Snippet Excerpt-- please note this is a draft that has not been edited!

He felt the need to clam up.  Silence built up inside him as the sense of dread filled him.  It was the same feeling he had when he'd been out in the Afghan bush with his buddies.  He always knew when the enemy was around because that sense of danger welled up within him.  It never failed him before that's why he relied on it now.  

“I see you've decided not to continue speaking.  I respect that.  However I will continue.  From what I understand a man your respect and care about recommended this service to you.  He has personally dealt with them and explained to you in detail about their dealings.  You are a healthy, vibrant and strong man who by every right should be married and settled down now except for the fact that you're fears are holding you back.  Vander, you work for one of the largest and most successful security firm's in the Detroit area.  Your work places you in some vicarious situations yet you come out unscathed.  Surely something as little as a blind date couldn't bring you to your knees.”

Vander glared at her.  Of course he could handle a blind date.  Women were easy to deal with, throw them a few compliments, sit back be quiet and let them talk.  At least that's all he had to do with his female clients.  But then again, he wasn't required to interact with them just protect them.  He considered her words.  He was no coward.  And it would take a lot for him to back down from a challenge.  This was only a date not an incursion into an enemy camp. 

“You're right.  I can do this.  In fact, I will.”

“Excellent,” she said placing her pad and paper in her desk drawer.  “When do you plan to contact them.”

“As soon as I get home.”


So that's it for now...  It has a cool title too but you'll have to wait for that too.  

And don't forget the first book in the series is available now..

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