July 9, 2015

To Take A King by Stormy Glenn; Book One in the Venusian Trilogy


Elves are from Venus, wolf shifters from Mars. Vampires come from Saturn, humans live on Earth... and one man is king of them all...he just doesn't know it yet.

Nicolas Callon had no idea that his life was going to change the day he turned twenty five. He had simply been hoping to spend a little time with his best friend and secret crush Cooper Walsh. But nothing turns out like he had hoped. From interfering ex-girlfriends to aliens from outer-space, Nicky’s day just goes to hell.
The one bright spot is Cooper, and the passionate interlude they share mere moments before Nicky’s life turns upside down. As he whisked away to parts unknown, it might be all Nicky has to keep himself sane because being told he’s king of the galaxy pales in comparison to watching the man he loves get shot before his very eyes.

If Nicky can find a way back to earth, he might have a chance of making his birthday wish come true. If not, then everything he has gained as king will be meaningless.


“Well, fuck a duck.” Nicolas Callon glanced down to see what had tripped him.



Not a damn thing.

Rolling his eyes, Nicky turned and continued walking around the outdoor tables of the sidewalk café. This wouldn’t be the first time he had tripped, and it most certainly wouldn’t be the last. If there was something for Nicky to trip over, or nothing at all, he tripped. He was a certified klutz.

He was just glad the bottled waters he carried hadn’t been opened. More times than he cared to remember, he had ended up tossing his drinks all over whoever was around him when he stumbled.

Nicky’s gaze darted to where his best friend sat as the jazz music played softly in the background. They were sitting outdoors of the café, but Nicky had had to go inside for the water. It wasn’t quiet summer yet and a gentle breeze blew off the mountains to stir strands of his hair. He tucked them behind his ear as he stopped at their table.

“Here you go, Coop.” He held one of the bottles out to his best friend—and the man he secretly dreamed of every second of every day. Cooper smiled up at him as he took the bottle, the deep dimples on either side of his face surfacing.

And that right there would be why Nicky lived and breathed for Cooper Walsh.

He was the most gorgeous creature ever created. Taller than the average man by more than a few inches, Cooper was the epitome of masculinity. From his wide shoulders and broad chest to his thick thighs and long legs, Cooper was every gay man’s wet dream in one big bear of a package.

His raven-black hair curled around his face as if trying to caress his golden skin. His copper eyes twinkled when he laughed. And his lips…oh, Nicky had fantasies about those plush lips, and all of them involved the two of them being buck-ass naked.

Unfortunately they would never be more than fantasies.

Nicky sighed as he took a seat next to his friend and he unscrewed the cap on his water. He took a long sip, never taking his eyes off of Coop as the guy talked to a few of their friends.

Cooper Walsh was the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. He had taken Nicky under his wing after defending him in the sandbox when they were five years old, and had been defending Nicky ever since. Cooper was also a compassionate friend who never batted an eye when Nicky cascaded through his turbulent and sometimes erratic emotions.

But friendship only went so far, and the buxom blond on the other side of Cooper was proof enough that the man was most decidedly not gay. One fateful kiss when they’d both had way too much to drink—a kiss that Cooper quickly put an end to—did not make the man gay. And that meant that Nicky could dream until his balls turned blue and shriveled up but it wouldn’t get him any closer to living out a single one of his fantasies.

Cooper waved a hand in front of Nicky’s face. “So, what do you think?”

“Huh?” Nicky blinked rapidly, his eyes darting around to find all eyes on him. Heat suffused his face as he crossed his arms over his chest. “What?”

Cooper chuckled as he playfully bumped their shoulders together. “We thought we’d head on down to the lake and go swimming. You game?”

Nicky glanced at the blond bimbo hanging onto Cooper as if he’d escape if she let go. The calculating gleam he could see in the woman’s blue eyes unnerved him. She might seem bubbly and clueless but there was something about her that set Nicky on edge.

He didn’t like her.

“No, you go on ahead. I’ve got some painting to do.” Sort of. It was true he had painting to do but he always had painting to do. That was what he did. But he could have taken the afternoon off if he really wanted to. He really did, but not with an entourage of other people.

“Ah, come on, Nicky,” Coop wheedled as his smile spread wider. “Get out and smell the fresh air. I’ll bet it gives you some inspiration.”

“Oh, let him go, honey,” Little Miss Barbie Boobs said as she pressed said boobs into Cooper’s arm until they threatened to pop right out of the top of her pink-and-white striped string bikini top. How she stuffed those voluptuous breasts into a top that small was beyond Nicky, and probably most of the scientific community.

Nicky’s eyes narrowed when she trailed a finger up Cooper’s neck to the bottom of his ear before leaning in to whisper—rather loudly—”We could have a good time, just the two of us.”

The smile slid from Cooper’s face faster than Nicky could blink. “I told you when you showed up that it was Nicky’s birthday and I’d be spending the day with him. You said you understood.”

Judie stood and took a step back, obviously feeling the heat of Cooper’s anger. It was never good when the big man became heated. “Well, I…” Judie smiled sweetly, her voice lowering to what she probably thought was a sultry tone. It wasn’t. For Nicky, it was more like fingernails down a chalkboard. “I just thought since he wanted to go paint that we could…”

Nicky tuned her out and got up, heading toward the street when Judie began trailing her hot-pink nails over the edges of Cooper’s gray tank top. There were some things a love-struck man shouldn’t have to deal with. Watching Barbie Boobs fawn all over Cooper wasn’t one of the things he could stomach.

He’d rather have his balls snipped with rusty sheers.

After walking two blocks, a black truck pulled up beside him and slowed. Nicky’s lips twitched when the truck kept pace with him, which was a slow stroll. Cooper didn’t say a word as he pushed the passenger door open.

Nicky kept walking.

Cooper kept driving.

Nicky sighed as he stopped and turned, his hands landing on his hips. He waved one back behind Cooper’s truck. “You’re holding up traffic, you know.”

“No.” Copper eyes twinkled with amusement. “You are holding up traffic.”

Nicky crossed his arms. He shot a quick glance to the two cars idling behind Cooper before looking back at the gorgeous man. He eyed the empty seat then lifted an eyebrow in query. “Where’s Barbie Boobs?”

Cooper’s shoulders lifted and then fell. “Having cotton stuffed in her ears to stop the rapid loss of air.”

Nicky sucked in his bottom lip and bit down on it to keep from laughing. It took him a moment to regain his composure enough to talk. “Are you supposed to say something like that about your girlfriend?”

Cooper’s expression turned to a suspicious grimace as he rested both hands on the steering wheel and looked out the front window. “Judie is not my girlfriend.”

“Does she know that?”

Cooper looked Nicky right in the eyes. “She does now.”


“Kiss me, Nicky.”

Cooper refused to take no for an answer. He knew once Nicky forgot to be afraid and realized Cooper was truly interested, the man would accept what was between them.

Cooper leaned forward and covered Nicky’s mouth, using his tongue to tease Nicky’s lips apart. Nicky groaned and within seconds, he was pressing into the kiss, opening his mouth and allowing Cooper in.

Cooper devoured Nicky’s lips, licking, sucking, teasing. He kissed a trail from Nicky’s lips, to his chin, to the tender skin of his throat, time and again, teasing Nicky. His hands swept over Nicky’s naked chest and down to his hips.

When Cooper glanced down at Nicky, the man’s golden-blond eyebrows were ups somewhere around the top of his head. His eyes were wide and round. Shocked.

“Did you like that, baby?”

Nicky nodded wordlessly.

“Then you’re going to love this.” Keeping his eyes locked with the man soon to be his lover, he swallowed Nicky’s straining erection, wrapping his lips around the flared head of the man’s cock. The taste of pre-cum exploded on his tongue and he knew he wanted more.

The drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of Nicky’s cock trickled over his tongue. Cooper prayed he was doing it right as he licked those drops away. He had never given a blow job before. Cooper might have had his fair share of sex in the past, but only with women. He had kept this part of himself for Nicky.

Cooper slowly pushed forward until he felt the cock nudge the back of his throat, and further still, letting his throat muscles relax until pubic hairs tickled his face. He heard a swift intake of air and then Nicky shuddered.

Encouraged by Nicky’s response, Cooper began to suck, his tongue tracing the veins, his cheeks hallowed as he moved Nicky’s thick erection further into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. He ran his tongue over the slit at the top of Nicky’s cock and then under the edge of the crown.

Wanting more contact, Cooper grabbed the edge of Nicky’s shorts and worked them the rest of the way down the man’s legs. He released Nicky’s cock and leaned back, his breath catching at the sight of the debauched angel in front of him. Cooper seriously doubted he would ever see anything so stunning again.
His beautiful Nicky laid there, thighs spread wide, pearly drops of cum gathering on the tip of his hard shaft as it stood up from his nearly hairless groin. There was a heated flush to Nicky’s skin that made him glow, but it was the need in Nicky’s green eyes that drew Cooper more than anything.

Had anyone in his life ever looked at him with such want?

Cooper refused to take his eyes off the man he had been waiting years for, not now when he had Nicky right where he wanted him. He blindly reached over and opened the glove compartment, rooting around until his fingers landed on the tube of slick he kept in there for times when his fantasies of Nicky became too much and he needed a little relief.

Cooper popped the lid open and squeezed a fair amount of lube out onto his fingers. He had watched a lot of videos and practiced anal sex with some of the women he had dated over the years, but he had never done anything with a man. He had been saving that for Nicky.

The women he had been with in the past were just that—in the past. Knowing Nicky held his heart, Cooper never made the women he dated any promises beyond a few stolen moments of fun. It had been a way to pass the time while he waited for Nicky to realize they were meant to be together, and to learn how to make Nicky feel more pleasure than he ever thought possible. Cooper wanted to be experienced, but there were some things that were sacred.

Cooper dropped the tube of lube onto the seat beside Nicky’s hip and then trailed his fingers over the man’s balls, watching them shrink up before moving them down further. He smirked when Nicky’s soft inhale spilt through the air.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

“Co–Coop, wha–what—”

Cooper heard the confusion in Nicky’s voice, but he also heard the pleasure. Nicky was starting to fly high. Cooper intended to send him into the stratosphere. He pressed the tip of one finger into Nicky’s tight ring of muscles, pushing forward until he was up to his knuckle.

Nicky’s entire body seized, a low keening cry falling from the man’s lips. Cooper glanced up as he pushed his finger deeper and watched Nicky’s thick eyelashes flutter. Cooper had spent years watching and reading the emotions that flowed across Nicky’s face. The ecstasy flushing his cheeks wasn’t one he had ever seen, but he knew he’d do everything in his power to see it again. It was almost more imperative than breathing.

“So beautiful, Nicky,” Cooper said as he added a second finger to the first, moving them slowly in and out of Nicky’s ass. He could feel Nicky’s thighs stiffen under his hands and knew that Nicky wouldn’t take long to come.

He leaned down and closed his lips completely around Nicky’s cock again, sucking his length all the way down until his nose was buried in the soft curls at the root before pulling back again. Cooper licked a long path from the tip of Nicky’s cock down to the root and then down just a bit further. He felt Nicky’s hand tighten in his hair as he started moving his fingers faster, thrusting them into Nicky’s tight ass and then pulling them out, every time searching out that little gland of pleasure.

Cooper took Nicky deeper into his mouth, flattening his tongue as he slid the cock to the back of his throat and then took the heated flesh down his throat. Cooper eagerly licked at the erection as he moved his head back. By the time he reached the slit on the head of Nicky’s cock, another pool of pre-cum had gathered and started dripping down the sides. Cooper eagerly licked at each drop until his mouth exploded in flavor.

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