July 20, 2015

Megan's Alien by Pixie Moon. A Dagrinian Love 1


Year 5005

~ Megan Blaker ~

Earth is no longer my home.

I’ve just been given to a new alien. He’s the third one in two days. This purple skinned alien isn’t as dangerous and scary looking as the others and he smells delicious. I have to fight my strange attraction to him because I know looks can be deceiving. As his scent surrounds me, I feel safe, but should I?

His power of drawing me in is surprising. The heat he’s causing to course through me makes me want to mate him. I don’t understand my feelings for him. Fear of the unknown has me longing to rewind time and not be kidnapped by aliens. I look up into his diamond shaped blue irises and see kindness. My heart lurches as hope and passion flare within me.

 ~Hilam Braknee ~

I’m not looking for a female. Not even a cute one. My work comes first. That’s why I’m surprised when I’m inexplicably drawn to the little human my brother brought to me. Something in her pretty eyes intrigues me. She needs a bath, some healing, and a good meal. After all of her needs have been met, I’ll decide what to do with my distracting gift.

My brain says she should be set free. My heart wants to keep her safe and sound. My body wants to mate her. The only logical thing to do is keep her for a few days and see which of my desires wins.


Year 5005

Pain viciously welcomes me back to consciousness.

My side and arm hurt like hell, plus there’s a dull ache in my chest.

I’m moving.

Why am I moving? If my feet aren’t taking steps I shouldn’t be going anywhere.

All I want to do is stop the motion and the pain. I want to curl up on my pallet and sleep this misery away. Where is my soft pallet?

The pain in my arm gets steadily worse. It jars me totally back to reality. A reality I don’t want to face.

I’m not on Earth anymore. I haven’t been for a couple of days.

Looking up, I see that I’m being dragged through the dirt by a spotted creature. I start struggling. I have to get away. The being tightens its grip on my arm and makes a spooky noise. It turns its large head and stares at me with three hard eyes. Its big mouth opens and it makes an even scarier sound than before.

I freak out and try to get up. The being never stops dragging me. I can’t get up if it won’t stop or at least slow the hell down. My knee hits something sharp causing me to cry out. The creature dragging me doesn’t miss a step.

I look around and see many strange beings milling around. Some are watching me with mild interest but most are ignoring me and my captor.

When a fresh wave of pain shoots through my arm I cry out and then start begging. “Please stop so I can get up.” When the alien doesn’t stop, I call out, “I won’t hurt you, just please stop.”

The scary beast keeps on moving as though I haven’t said a word. Who is this beast and how the hell did he get me? Patches of newer memories start coming back to me at an alarming rate. They are blending with older memories.

I was asleep when I was taken from Earth and woke up in a cage. Two other women were taken as well. Hallie Mead and Gayle Balwin. Where are the other two women? I look around as best I can.

Panic rises in me when all I see is a sea of alien legs. Some with fins, others with thick scales. Long and short. Spotted and solid. The strangest is a three-legged creature with double joints. No human legs, no human legs. I’m alone!

If I can escape my captor where can I go? Who can I ask for help? My heart sinks when I recall the lizard-men that took me and the others from Earth. They were awful and they didn’t speak English.

I consider hitting my captor and running. The last time I freaked out and hit my captor I was shot with some sort of stun gun that knocked me out. With no weapon, I’m defenseless.

Now I’m with a new captor being dragged around like trash. I cry out when I’m dragged over a rock. Once again I try to get up. The bastard dragging me won’t slow down enough to let me stand and follow him. He is merciless. The other beings around don’t care at all.

Aliens can be a troublesome lot. It doesn’t take Megan Blaker long to see that some are downright bad and others or worth loving.

My heart becomes heavy. Almost too heavy to bear.

I’m not on Earth anymore and that scares the crap out of me. What is going to happen to me? Will I live to see another day? By the end of the day will I even want to see another day? A shudder rocks my whole body as doubt and fear crush my world and fuck with my mind.

With each step the alien takes the crowd thins. Once again, I try to get to my feet but my body isn’t working at top notch yet. That damn gun did a number on me. Starvation is wearing me down as well. At this moment my life sucks.

When my captor suddenly stops, I scramble to my feet. I wobble a little, but I don’t fall down. I brush dirty strands of hair out of my face and look around. We are standing near a spacecraft that is in a row of many spacecrafts. My captor snarls causing me to look at him. The horrible sound has me longing to step away from him and his overly tight grip.

A rough voice responds. I look up at the alien my captor is talking to. I gasp when I see how handsome he is. Pearl eyes that have a blue diamond shape in the center glare down at me. My captor makes a few more loud gruff noises. The light purple skinned male’s unique eyes soften for a moment and then harden as his gaze cuts back to the ugly spotted creature tightly clutching my arm.

Fear snakes down my spine as I watch the aliens communicate in a rough guttural language. I really wish I knew what they were saying. Do the pretty purple aliens eat humans? I don’t want to be anyone’s meal. I shouldn’t be here. Life’s not fair.

The pretty alien huffs a few times and then the two start talking again. After what feels like an eternity, my captor pushes me forward but doesn’t let go of me. The purple being wrinkles his nose as his intriguing eyes study me.

Fire blazes across my cheeks. I know I stink and now that I’ve been dragged through alien soil I have to look terrible. My whole body aches and to my horror I feel tears welling in my eyes. I blink the tears away and raise my chin to cover my fear and pain.

The creature that is rudely holding me out to the purple male snarls a last time and then gives me a last push. The three-eyed spotted beast stalks off as I stumble on weak legs.

The new pretty-eyed alien reaches out and steadies me. I briefly think about fighting him and running off but then I get a good whiff of him. He smells real good. Better than anything I’ve ever smelled.


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