July 19, 2015

Sneak Peek Sunday- A Snippet From My WIP- Futuristic BDSM Romance

The first book in my futuristic erotic romance series is untitled as is the series. This is because I name the book and consequently the series after the first book is done.  Only then am I able to see the lives of the characters more clearly.

So here is a quick look at the first book in my erotic futuristic romance series.  This book has BDSM elements.


Broderick sipped his beer.  Slightly on the warm side, it was a bit more pleasant than the scotch he'd been drinking earlier.  Not much of a whisky drinker, he'd developed a taste for beers and ales when he was in the Hekademos.  Once he became of age, he often frequented the pubs in town with Pezal and a few of their friends and unwound with a few beers. It was the only way he'd been able to bear their rigid structure. Unfortunately, their style of teaching was replicated at the UEMF academy ultimately becoming a permanent part of himself.

Joette settled in beside him.  He was happy Pezal had finally gotten the message and introduced them.  It wasn't that he was shy, he'd just grown reticent of approaching women outside of their known circle.  It had been a long time for him to get past the mishap that happened ten years ago.  And now that happiness had returned, he did not want to risk losing it again with someone with a  potentially biased opinion.

But she held none of that.  He saw it in her eyes and the way that she looked at him, especially when they were on the balcony.  Her sweet, submissive demeanor instantly rose his protective instincts within him.  He saw himself wrapping his arms around her and shielding her from the dangers of the world.  Only asking that she never let go in return.  He wanted her. He had to have her.

Everyone laughed jarring his thoughts back to the moment.

“When he turned down an assignment on the mighty Kroaschiral,” Pezal said, “Captain Mon was floored.  Or so that's how he tells it.”

  “I'm not interested in leaving the Kar Dao.  She's just the way I want her and the idea of some young kid coming in and messing up my ship--,” Nicolas Edner said.  The ship's head engineer and Pezal's boyfriend, the two were very much in love.

Broderick cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Commander,” he said smirking.  “I meant your ship.”

“Actually, I did that because a bitter from this tawdry ale you've been serving became lodged in the back of my throat,” Broderick said frowning at the bottle.  “But I get your meaning.”

“Of course,” Nicolas said shooting him a weary glance.

Everyone laughed.

“What?” Broderick asked setting the bottle aside.  

“Let's be honest, we all know how you are,” Nick added.

Feigning innocence he shrugged his shoulders.  “I've no idea what your talking about.”

The remaining members of the crew groaned in protest around him.  Surrounded by his entire crew, they were more than just co-workers to Broderick. They were his family.  The ship was not only where they worked, he considered it be their home.

“The ship is ours not mine,” Broderick said resting his arm on the sofa back.  It nestled easily behind Joette.
He hoped she was enjoying herself as much as he.

“Though you rule it with an iron fist,” Pezal added.

“I'm thorough not maniacal.”

Everyone laughed even louder.

“With that admission, I am turning in,” Nick said standing.  “I will see most of you tomorrow.”  He paused and glanced at his watch.  “Or shall I say later.”

He leaned down and kissed Pezal.

“I'll be in after I clean up,” Pezal replied.

He looked at his watch.  It was after one a.m.

“You know I should get going as well,” Joette said rising.  “Thank you for inviting me I had a good time.”

“Did you?” Pezal asked kissing her on the cheek.

“Yes I really did.  I'm glad.”

“I'll be leaving as well,” Broderick said as the rest gathered their things.

He had an important meeting to attend and the last thing he wanted to do was to be too drowsy to pay attention.

“Okay, see you at headquarters tomorrow,” Pezal said flashing him a wry grin.  He then jerked his in Joette's direction.

Broderick frowned.  “Looking forward to it.”

Joette grabbed her jacket off the arm of the sofa.  Broderick held open the door as they stepped into the hallway.

“I'll take you home,” he said finally speaking.

“That won't be necessary,” she replied not wanting to seem too needy.

“Pezal brought you here did he not?”

“Yes, but really it's no problem I can take a cab.”

“I insist.”


Coming to a publisher real soon!

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