July 4, 2015

Driver- The Phantom Lure 1 by J. Hali Steele

Driver, hurry, have me any way you want!


Hands in the pockets of his expensive suit pants, Grange stared from his loft window. Money, due to the hundreds of years he’d earned it, was no problem. Acquiring the top floor of the newly renovated warehouse after first encountering Roman on the steps of the Art Museum, and knowing he’d take him, barely dented Grange’s account. He’d invested well, and lived sparingly most of the time, but he wanted a place beautiful enough to entertain the handsome stranger.

Catch. Nothing more.

Sex, its smell, the taste and feel of it, was an aphrodisiac, the thing that kept Lures alive, and it stirred in his gut. “It’s time.” Leaving, Grange rode the elevator to the parking level where he thumbed the button to start his Italian sports car automatically as he approached. He spied another resident departing an expensive American car parked beside his.

“Hey, you’re the new guy?” He glanced at the purring car. “Nice.”

“Yes and thanks.” Grange perused the man head to toe. Well-off if he lived in the building, designer clothes, and clean-shaven as a teenager. He probably waxed every shaft of hair from his metrosexual body, something that perplexed Grange; still, his new neighbor was attractive. Don’t touch him.

“You’ve got the whole top floor?”


“I’m Riley. Maybe I can stop up some night and check it out, have a couple beers or something.”

Grange stepped toe-to-toe with the man and leaned so close their noses touched. Damn it! “Or something.” He swept his tongue across full lips before shoving his way into Riley’s mouth and kissing him hard, deep, and long. Lure him in.

Moving back, Riley said, “I-I don’t…”

Scenting the man’s arousal, Grange reached for the front of creased slacks and rubbed a very nice size penis that came to life beneath his palm. “You will for me.”

“Uhh, I have to go in, make some calls.”

Smiling, Grange gave a gentle squeeze to the man’s balls. “Later.”

Starry-eyed, Riley replied, “Sure, let me know when.”

“I will.”

He opened the door of his low slung, midnight-blue car and climbed in. Grange slammed his hand into the steering wheel, angry at his initial thought not to touch his neighbor. Phantoms grasped every opportunity to hook a catch. Revving the engine, he pulled out, and looking in the rearview mirror he noted Riley remained rooted to the spot massaging his boner. Fuck me! He didn’t want Riley, nor was he overcome with desire as he should be to smell or taste him.

Grange salivated for Roman.

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