January 28, 2015

Paranormal Romance Wednesdays- A Sneak Look At My New Erotic Shifter Romance

I am writing a new erotic shifter romance that I'm really excited about.  And though it's not finished, I still want to share a snippet with you!

It's still very rough and not proofed so please forgive the **ahem** mistakes.  But here it is...

My Untitled Shifter Romance

Samantha Dixon felt the power of the full moon surge through her body.  She drew in its energy, closed her eyes and howled. The wind flowing down the mountains rustled her fir. She thanked the Goddess for the a beautiful night. Its peace made her grateful to be alive despite the loneliness she had endured during the years.  She breathed in the cool crisp air enjoying as it whipped around her.  

She lifted her muzzle and sniffed the air.  A coppery scent filled her nose.  She ran towards it.  Her nerves tingled as muscles twitched in anticipation.  She approached a figure laying on the ground. A man wearing nothing but a hoodie over a shirt along with a pair of jeans and gym shoes, he did not appear to be the average hiker.  For one thing, he'd be better equipped wearing something a bit warmer for the cool nights that were indicative of the Black Hills.  

Described as an island of trees in a sea of grass, the cool valley nestled within the northern hills was peppered with Spruce.  Though she preferred it to the dry pine savannah to the south, her parents had always told her that the spirit of the Earth was at its strongest on this ground. They said on its skirt graveled terrain the goddess fully nourished the lives of all wolf kind including their non-were kin. 

It recent years it seemed as if the goddess had averted her gaze from this sacred land. First with the obliteration of the large game animals in the region by the humans causing wolves also known as naturals by weres to leave the area, then second the madness that consumed her pack's former alpha.  His cruelty was out matched only by his insanity.  She had considered moving but had decided against it because this was the one place in the world where she had called home with her true love. 

-End Snippet

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