January 18, 2015

Jackson's Sub by Mardi Maxwell. From The Doms of Club Mystique Series.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, public exhibition, spanking, cropping, sex toys, HEA]


A year ago, Jackson Ramsey sent Jenna Parnelle away after she gave him one night of passionate submission. At the time, he believed he was saving her from his temper and jealous nature, but Jenna believes Jackson had been slumming with the chubby girl from the poor side of town.

A year later Jenna finds herself staying at the Ramsey ranch while she helps her friend Addison prepare for her wedding with Jackson's older brother, Cade. Already dreading being in the same house with Jackson, her problems multiply when Jackson begins to pursue her.

The last year has taught Jackson that he's not the kind of man who would hurt a woman, much less the only woman he's ever loved. Now he has to convince Jenna, but she's decided to protect herself from further heartbreak. Who will win when a determined Dom pursues a stubborn submissive?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jackson felt Jenna’s gaze following him as he escorted Kelly, his companion for the day, from one group to another. He tightened his arm around Kelly’s waist and forced himself to avoid looking in Jenna’s direction as he nodded and chuckled and listened to Kelly chatter to their friends. What he really wanted to do was grab Jenna and take her up to the playroom, restrain her then play with her for hours.

Her breasts had been driving him crazy for years but today they were framed by the low neckline of the dress she wore in a way that made him burn to touch them. He had spent hours thinking about kissing, sucking, and nibbling on every luscious inch of them. He wanted to clamp her nipples and hear her squeak with pain then watch as her eyes dilated with arousal.

Just thinking about turning her ass rosy-red with his belt then putting her on her knees in front of him had his cock hardening. Jenna’s bottom lip was fuller than the top lip, and it had a little dimple in the center that made her look like she was always pouting. Remembering all the smart-ass remarks she had made to him over the years, he decided stuffing her mouth with his cock would be a good way to put an end to her bratty behavior. He knew Jenna would pretend to be shocked at the dirty, nasty things he wanted to do to her but inside she would be screaming “Yes, yes, yes.” Too bad he never intended to get involved with her.

“Sir, may I speak?” Kelly asked him, her voice soft and hesitant.

Jackson looked down at Kelly then smiled. Nodding, he placed his hand on her lower back and led her aside. “I’ve already given you permission to use my name and speak whenever you like, Kelly.”

Kelly licked her lips then said, “I don’t understand my purpose for being here.” She looked around. “This isn’t the kind of party I’m used to attending. When does the fun begin?”

“That’s a lot later tonight. Right now it’s a combination graduation party for Addison Matthews and a barbecue for some local friends. I needed a companion for the day so I invited you.” Even as he spoke, he could see her clever mind analyzing the information. He tried to distract her by guiding her toward another group that included several friends from Club Mystique.

“Then, right now I’m camouflage?” she asked, grinning then looking around. “Which one is she?”

Ignoring her question, he said, “There’s Dania. Didn’t you say you wanted to talk to her?”

Kelly pursed her lips, scanned the yard, and then said, “The platinum blonde in the peach-colored dress and the yummy heels standing next to the hot redhead wearing the someone-please-come-here-and-fuck-me outfit,” she guessed.

Narrowing his eyes, Jackson frowned. “Mind your own business.”

“Oh, come on, Jackson. You said I could say anything I wanted to say. Besides, we’ve been friends for years and don’t forget I’m a bartender, which means I’m really good at reading people. Tell me what’s going on. Why are you avoiding her?” Leaning forward, she quietly asked him, “Is it the dad thing?”

“What?” he growled, surprised that she would ask him that and be so near the truth.

Shrugging she smiled at him. “You’ve spoken about your adoptive parents, Jake and Katherine Ramsey. You’ve even mentioned your mother a couple of times but you’ve never said anything about your dad. Want to talk about it?”

“No. Just let it go.” Leading her over to their friends from the club, he pulled his sunglasses from his pocket, put them on, and then watched Jenna from the safety of the tinted lenses. A little frown appeared on his lips as he noticed she’d cut that beautiful mass of platinum hair again. He’d spent hours fantasizing about burying his hands in her hair while she sucked his cock. In his fantasies he made her look at him while he fucked her mouth. Her jade-green eyes would be dark with arousal but he would make her wait a long time before he let her come. Knowing that he had put half a world between them and that Jenna was safe in Texas had gotten him through a lot of bad nights. He let his smile slip away as he acknowledged to himself that it was getting harder and harder to stay away from her now that he was home for good. He only resisted the temptation to take a chance and go after her by remembering what a disaster his real parents’ marriage had been.

His parents’ constant fighting had made their home life a nightmare. The early fights had been his father accusing his mother of cheating on him, which she had tearfully denied. Then, eventually, the fights had changed to his mother yelling that his father’s jealousy was ruining their family, and his father yelling that her fucking every man she encountered was what was ruining their family. The worst moment for Jackson had come after one of his parents’ fights when his mother had told him he was just like his father. A week later his parents had died in a car wreck, but the memory of his mother saying that had stuck and he’d decided then that he would never fall in love and put a woman through that kind of hell. A promise he’d managed to keep until Jenna.

Watching Jenna and Addison, he acknowledged that Addison was beautiful but Jenna was unique. She had no idea how her sensuous innocence and over-the-top curvaceous body drew men like him to her. Or how the expressions that flashed across her face fascinated him. One moment she would be smiling and laughing, the next somber and quiet. Those later moments were rare, but they bothered him and made him want to take her into his arms and protect her from whatever it was that put that look in her eyes.

Other times, like today, those eyes and the dress she wore, sent a silent challenge to him. The soft innocent color of her dress blended into her lightly tanned skin, making her appear almost naked. From where he was standing he couldn’t see a panty line beneath the body-hugging material of her dress. Not even the narrow strap of a thong.


Besides being her idea of the perfect man, Jenna admired Jackson’s ability to control his emotions and actions no matter the circumstance. Even when she’d been deliberately annoying, he’d just smiled and ignored her. Frowning, she decided his calmness really pissed her off sometimes.

The only time she’d seen him rattled was when she was nineteen and she’d been involved in a pileup on the highway. Jackson had arrived just as the last car had gone into the ditch, barely missing her car as it slid past her. Before the ambulances and police cars had arrived, he’d had the chaos under control, the uninjured sitting with the injured, and the gawkers moving on so the emergency vehicles could get through. But, before any of that, he’d checked on her first, his face almost frantic as he’d run his hands over her, making sure she was alright. It had been the last time he’d smiled at her.

Then two years ago he’d been home on leave from the Marines. She and Addison had been walking home after spending the day tubing on the river when they’d caught Jackson skinny-dipping. Dropping behind a tree, they’d watched and smothered their giggles as he’d splashed around in the river. Every now and then his butt had risen above the water and given them little glimpses of his well-shaped bronze ass. When he’d moved into the shallower water and stood up, the water at his waist, Addison had mumbled an “ick” and taken off, but Jenna had stayed, unable to miss the chance of seeing Jackson naked.

Her heart had nearly pounded out of her chest when he’d walked out of the river, shaking his head and spraying water out around him. He’d been the most beautiful living work of art she’d ever seen, and she’d wished desperately that she’d had her camera with her. She’d watched as he’d stroked his hands over his body and imagined it was her hands stroking over him. When he’d slid his hands down his belly, she’d licked her lips and watched his hand close around his cock and begin stroking it. Her own arousal had grown as she’d watched him masturbate, his cock lengthening and thickening, the head turning red and glistening with pre-cum.

Her lungs had strained to draw air into them. Her heart had pounded until all she could hear was the sound of her own pulse as her nipples had beaded and pressed against her bikini top. Beneath her knees, twigs and tiny rocks had dug into her skin but she hadn’t cared. The crotch of her bikini bottoms had become soaked with her own arousal as her clit had pulsed with the need to be touched.

Watching him in the sunlight, pleasuring himself, she’d slid her fingers beneath the crotch of her bikini and stroked her fingers over her swollen, wet clit. She’d had to bite her lip to hold back her own cries of pleasure. When Jackson had stiffened and thrust his hips forward and stroked his cock faster, she’d slid her fingers over her clit, matching his rhythm. Finally, when she’d felt as if she was going to lose her mind, Jackson had groaned then bellowed his pleasure to the sky as his cum had exploded from him in long spurts. She’d pressed hard on her clit, her other hand digging into the rough bark of the tree as she’d exploded, and a gasping cry of need and relief had torn from her throat. She’d fallen against the tree, the rough bark scraping her cheek.

Immediately Jackson’s eyes had zeroed in on her and she’d froze, her fingers still on her clit, as she panted out her orgasm. Before she could move, he’d been standing over her, his hands on her shoulders, lifting her to her feet. His scent had surrounded her and she’d turned her head and seen his cum on his fingers. She’d licked her lips, wanting, needing to taste him. When she’d tried to pull her hand from between her legs he’d slid his cum-covered fingers over her hand and mixed their essences together.

His sage-green eyes had stared into hers as his other hand tightened around the back of her neck and held her still as he lifted their entwined fingers to his mouth. She’d panted and moaned and almost cried with newly building arousal as he’d licked their fingers clean. When his mouth had covered hers, his tongue pushing between her lips, she’d tasted the two of them together. For the first time in her life, she’d wanted to drop to her knees and take a man’s cock into her mouth. His mouth had devoured her mouth, and his tongue had claimed her, pulling her into his world until she didn’t know where she ended and he began. Then suddenly he’d let her go and walked away.

Jenna had watched as Jackson had lifted his jeans from the tree branch he’d thrown them over then shook them out before stepping into them. She’d stood mute, her hands by her sides, and watched him pull on his socks then stomp his feet into his boots. He’d grabbed his wide belt and tucked the large buckle into the front pocket of his jeans then grabbed his shirt and shrugged into it. As he began to button it he’d told her, his voice gruff, “If you’re still there when I turn around I’m going to use my belt on your ass, Jenna.”

She’d hesitated then fled, running for two reasons. First, because he had meant what he’d said, but more importantly, because something in her had responded to that threat. She’d wanted more than anything for him to bend her over and use that wide belt on her ass until she was begging him to fuck her and screaming with pleasure.


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