January 12, 2015

Kissa Under The Mistletoe by Courtney Sheets


Professor Lucas Slate is sexy and smart and can have any woman in the world. What could he possibly want with his size fourteen best friend Kissa Nazir? When he asks her to go with him to London for the Christmas season, she thinks it is friendly moral support. But what she doesn’t know is Lucas has other plans in mind for her.

For five years, Lucas has waited for a chance to show the beautiful bellydancer he can be more than just a friend. Not taking any more chances on Kissa’s love, he’ll lie if he has to, cheat all the fates, and whisk her away for the holidays. One way or another, Lucas plans to live out his long-awaited fantasy. At the end of this holiday season, he’s stealing more than a “Kissa Under the Mistletoe”.


“Cold? We'll be in the library soon. It's just around the corner.”

“I'm fine.” She lifted her face up to his and met his gaze. Heat flared in his eyes turning them a rich navy. His lips spread into a wolfish grin, as if he could see the images in her head. She was trying to behave, but now she'd had a taste of him, she wanted more.

“I can see.”

He pulled her off the main road down a side street. Shifting her in his arms, he walked her backward until she felt the hard brick wall of the building against her. He traced a single fingertip down her jawline and simply looked at her as if trying to memorize her face.

“Lucas.” His name sounded more like a question than a statement. She needed to feel his lips on hers, his body tight against hers. Plain and simple, she needed him.

His arms felt warm and strong against the small of her back despite the chill in the December air. He lowered his head until his mouth was only a hairbreadth from her face.

“You can't look at me like that out here in the open and expect me to behave respectably.” Husky and soft, his voice thrummed through her, skating along her nerve endings and turning her knees to water. He tightened his arm around her waist, holding her closer. She could feel the heat from his body radiating off him in waves, and she generated some heat of her own.

He tipped her chin up with his free hand and gazed into her eyes. A faint smile tugged at his lips, and then he brought his mouth down hard on hers. There was nothing gentle in his kiss this time. He plundered her mouth with a fierce hunger, and she met him with equal passion. It roused her blood. Desire flooded her veins, thick and spicy like the Turkish coffee her grandmother use to drink.

As he drove her crazy with his mouth, she twined her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Not a single pound note could fit between their bodies. With a groan, he released her waist, only to move her more fully against the wall, leaving his hands free to stroke her wherever he wanted. With expert fingers, he unbuttoned her jacket and slipped inside to cup her full breast through her knit sweater.

“Lucas,” she whispered against his lips. “We can't do this in public-”

He cut off her words with another kiss. She moaned low in her throat when his thumb traced over her nipple.

“That's it, sigh for me. I love the little noises you make when I tease you.” He placed kisses on her cheeks, her eyelids, and her nose. “Yes, love, just like that.”

She laughed breathlessly and pushed his hand away.

“That wasn't me, Lucas.”

He pulled back and looked down at her in surprise. She gestured over his shoulder. He turned, still holding her in his arms, almost shielding her body with his.

A bobby stood grinning at them in amusement, his hands crossed over his chest. “Not on the street now. Take that back to your flat,” the police officer said sternly, but the twinkle in his eyes belied the seriousness of his tone.

“Yes, Officer, we shall.”


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