January 26, 2015

Meet My Character Monday Blog Hop- Reid DeWitt- Reluctant Alpha Leader

Meet Reid Dewitt- an alpha who is reluctant about his role as pack leader.

He lives in Michigan and owns a ranch that he has inherited from his father.  Reid is fifty but looks thirty four. 

A lover more than a fighter- Reid can more than hold his own in a fight but would prefer to talk first because it's just his way.  

His story is the first in a series that takes place on his ranch.  

Here is an excerpt (unedited)...

As they pulled up to the ranch.  He saw his friend waiting for him.  Pulling up beside him, Reid lowered the driver's side window.  

“How is she?”

“I think it's broken.”

“Drive her over to the clinic it's all set up.  Cassie's waiting.”


He drove them over to their small clinic.  One of the first things that he added on when he took over the general running of the ranch, it was now fully stocked with everything a ranch hand could need from medical equipment like a couple of exam tables and an X-Ray machine, to medicines including a small pharmacy.  Something they needed on occasion. 

Since the nearest town was at least an hour away, it was helpful to have in case they ever needed.  Weres needed doctors just like everyone else but not always for the same ailments.  
“Don't worry miss,” Cassie said opening the door.  “We'll take real good care of you.”

“I think I can make it,” she said sliding down on to her good foot.  He watched as she wrapped her arm around Cassie's neck, attempting to hop and walk at the same time.

“Allow me,” Sumner said approaching.

Reid held out his hand.  “I got it,” he said lifting her into his arms and taking her inside.  He set her down on the exam table.  

“It'll be alright,” Cassie said gesturing for him to leave the two alone.  

Suddenly feeling exhausted he stepped outside.  The sun shone brightly.  It had been a perfect day, he hadn't had a care in the world. But  now, he was concerned.  

“Sir? What about the truck?” one of his ranch hands asked.

“Park it on the back drive way. I suspect, she won't be going any where tonight,” Reid said handing the man her keys.

“I hear we have a guest,” his father said walking toward him.

“Word travels fast.”

“What can I say? We don't get too much excitement around here,” his father replied.

“I saw her over near the Red Oak.  She stumbled on a rock, hurt her ankle. The doctor is taking a look at it now.”

“I'll have Iris set up the guest room.  I suspect she'll be too tired to drive.  Plus the sun will be going down and it wouldn't be proper to have her out a driving by herself that late.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Son, you alright?”


His father slapped him on the back.  “Let's get as much work done as we can before dinner.”

He knew his father was right.  There was tons to do but he didn't want to leave her.

“She'll be fine,” his father prompted gently.

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  1. Loving Reid's worry. I'll have to add this to my to-read list. I love alphas, but who doesn't. :)


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