August 3, 2014

Some Men Prefer Pain! Seducing Kayn By Eva Lefoy. An Erotic Futuristic M/M BDSM Romance.

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'Some boys prefer pain'

A little bit of physical pain can be pleasurable for some. It can help them focus, take their mind off of emotional or mental anguish and can enhance sexual pleasure. Those that practice a bondage/discipline lifestyle already know this. It’s nothing new. Pain can also be a test of one’s limits, and, used for too long, can also become a crutch.

Becoming Bound To The Pain

In Seducing Kayn, Commander Tyre begins to use controllable doses of physical pain to manage his sadness and depression over his lover’s death. When we meet him in the story years later, he’s used it successfully for many years without a hitch. Then, something changes. That change is First Office Kayn.

When Kayn’s long-time lover abandons him, Tyre sees his chance to snag the man he’s always wanted but first he must seduce and win him. For that, he gets a little help from a love drug and they’re off and running. Or are they?

Turns out Tyre hates Kayn’s ex-lover Rhace so much he wouldn’t mind killing him and finally has the chance to mete out justice when Rhace is accused of traitorous acts. But since Kayn begged to save Rhace’s life, Tyre can’t kill him without driving a wedge between himself and the man he wants. He’s caught in a bind. Then the fears settle in. Will Kayn always want Rhace? Will Tyre ever fully own his heart? With turmoil comes emotional pain. Old hurts resurface. Tyre’s reliance on self-torture gets upped a notch. But this time, the physical pain may be too much for him to handle….

Which proves a crutch only lasts so long, even in space.

Seducing Kayn will be out soon. My formatter is currently on deadline for a fairy tale story and I don’t want to disturb her writing mojo. But I can share with you the gorgeous cover.

Isn’t it pretty? *pets*

Here’s more info on the story SEDUCING KAYN:

A tale of lust and betrayal told from three men’s perspectives….

With his lover sentenced to die, Kayn has no choice but to go to his commanding officer and beg for a pardon. But when he arrives, he’s drugged and seduced into Tyre’s bed instead. Once the dust hits his system and Kayn discovers Tyre’s hidden secret, he’s overcome with desire and their lovemaking breaks ship protocols. Knowing Tyre is who he really wants, Kayn agrees to move in if Tyre will let Rhace live. Tyre agrees, but their plans are thwarted by an unexpected enemy arrival.

Privileged Rhace detests everything about shipboard life. He barely tolerates his lower-status lover, Kayn, and worries Tyre is out to get him. But when Tyre hands him a dream job – spying on their enemy at the pleasure planet New Dheni – he accepts with glee, planning to abandon his post for good.  When he meets the A’Chati prince, he falls head over heels for a man his equal, only to find he’s been set up. Arrested as a traitor, he’s headed to the gallows until his sexually acrobatic A’Chati lover shows up to rescue him. But for Rhace, the last minute reprieve will cost him more than he suspects.

Tyre has tried for years to come to terms with his longing for Kayn but failed miserably. When he finds Rhace’s good-bye note, he seizes his chance to act. Tyre will do anything to get Kayn in his arms, even drug them both into a lustful stupor, but afterwards, can he convince Kayn to stay or does his heart truly belong to the aristocratic Rhace? Tortured by his own need, Tyre turns to his crutch of self-inflicted pain to ease his anguish only to find that this time, he’s gone too far and only Kayn can save him. 

Warning: contains overactive waste disposal units, unusual alien sexual abilities, self-torture of male sensitive parts, and high-energy virtual reality space lovin’

Excerpt: Tyre, the pain junkie

Then the fear had settled deep in my guts. What if Kayn doesn’t want me? What if I’m not enough for him?

Though we’d fucked, though Kayn had promised to share my bed, those same fears pounded through me as I waited. I resisted the urge to call the bridge and order him to my quarters. He’d obey out of duty, even if his heart had turned black toward me. No, I couldn’t do it that way. I needed to know Kayn came of his own volition. As a man. As a lover. If Kayn refused… if he’d secretly hated me and his heart only belonged to Rhace… I closed my eyes and whimpered, my chest tight with desperation and fear. I couldn’t stand one more minute of this torture. There was only one thing I could do to end this suffering. I put his thumb on the level depressor button and sucked in a breath, preparing.

The unit came with four different levels. Each time I pressed the button, the little metal posts on the ring magically elongated, burrowing deeper into my flesh. I’d been warned when I bought it never to use level four. Given the size of my sac, and the heaviness of my balls, it would likely do me permanent harm. But I had no other way to staunch the hot ache threatening to overpower me. So I did what I could. I held my breath, manned up, and pressed the button.

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Author Bio and Contact:

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.





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