August 15, 2014

Breaking Jessica's Rules; A Contemporary Erotic Menage Romance Series by Elle Thorne


Jessica and Rick enjoy sex games.  

Jessica has a few simple rules and Rick has to make sure he doesn't cross the line.

And then one night: Enter Miranda. Exit common sense.


I look at my cell phone for what must be the thousandth time in the last hour.
It’s 5:15.

I took off of work early to get to the hotel, set up the toys and stuff and wait for Miranda. I told her to be here at 5 o’clock sharp. In case Jess was early. When Jess is horny, she’s never late. That would give me plenty of time to brief Miranda on what I want for Jess, for us.
It’s not looking like I’ll have time to tell her shit. And I’m wishing I’d gone to the club and talked to her about tonight. Way to go, Rick, leaving shit ‘til the last minute.

Now I’m sweating bullets. Jess is probably on her way, and Miranda’s not here. I wanted to have her waiting in the closet. I wanted to make sure we could cover the plan in detail. Shit. Fuck. I don’t want Miranda knocking on the door when Jess is here. Damn it.

I settle the champagne bottle a little deeper into the ice, check the two ties I’ve attached to the legs of the coffee table, and the two I’ve secured to the back legs of the sofa. Tight. I fiddle with an assortment of toys I picked up at Jess’s favorite toy store.
I look at the clock.


Now I wish I had Miranda’s number. I’d call her and find out if she was bailing. I didn’t think she would since I paid her a month’s salary for one evening. Not even the whole night. I even told her she didn’t have to give up sex if she didn’t want to. And she doesn’t have to. And though I’m curious as hell about sex with Miranda, it would break Jess’s rules. And I’m not interested in losing Jess, not even for a fine piece of ass like Miranda.


I’m going to get into the panic stage. No I won’t. I’ll improvise. I’ll figure something out. Think, Rick, think. Surely I could come up with something else that will do it. Something else that will thrill and shock Jess.

There’s a tiny scratch at the door. Almost imperceptible. Like a mouse. Or one fingernail. Crap. I’m sweating bullets. I don’t bother with the peephole. I know it’s Jess. And I know it’s time to start figuring something else out.

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