August 8, 2014

Miranda's Unfinished Business, A Contemporary Erotic Menage Romance Series by Elle Thorne


Jessica and Rick don't give their little sex games a second thought. Until Miranda.

For Miranda, craving Jessica is a whole different situation. Except for one complication, Lucas. A man she'd rather have left in her past.

But Rick goes out of town for the weekend and Lucas reappears in Miranda's life.

Rick and Jessica’s (and now Miranda and Lucas’s) escapades and pleasures.

This book is for 18+


The piercings on my lips, Lucas put them there, and it wasn’t an accident. It was his way of laying claim to me. It doesn’t look like I’ve done anything to dispute or deny his claim, even though we aren’t together.

Together? I don’t even know how to define that. We are so on, and off, and then on again, and it’s never consistent in length of time, nor is it every verbalized. We enter and exit each other’s lives at will and unpredictably.

He’s still in me. Buried. Waiting. Waiting for me to beg, or to get pissed. Waiting for me to react. Keeping waiting, Lucas. I’m not the high school senior who thought her twenty-one year old stepbrother hung the moon.

I’m not the twenty-year-old who cried herself to sleep and drowned her love in alcohol.

No, you’re the twenty-four-year-old loser who uses cocaine to stay in denial. To be able to get on a stage and do stuff for men, in front of men that you don’t want to think about later. 

Fuck off! I want to scream at that damned voice that pops up in my head. Fuck the fuck off, already. 

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