August 11, 2014

Meet Lindy Lou Majors The Main Character In the M/F Erotic Paranormal Romance; Giving It Up For The Gods.

Hi, I’m Kryssie Fortune. Claire’s let me loose on her blog. I’m a Yorkshire lass, and proud of it. I set my book, Giving It Up For The Gods there, and my heroine, Lindy would love to give you a quick tour of some of the places she raced through to escape Neptune’s mermen. 
HI, Lindy Lou Majors here—Siren extraordinaire. You know I’ve had this little virginity problem lately? As in I had to lose it, fast. That or let Neptune tie me down naked and use my body to gather solstice power. Of course he’d regain his youth, but that’s not the way I planned to lose my virginity.

Things looked bad when his mermen had me cornered at the Country and Western Club, but Jase and Saul came to my rescue. Of course, Jase didn’t like me much then, but hey, can I help being a Siren?

Anyway they took me to this amazing old house near Ripon. It has priests’ holes, secret passages, and everything. Only those blasted mermen found us there so we went on the lam. (I do love gangster speak. It makes me feel like I’m Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde) Anyway, here’s a potted tour of the places we raced through in, Giving it Up For the Gods.

Let’s start with Ripon. It’s a small market town that dates back to Roman times. Back when Jase and I were outrunning mermen, I didn’t give it a second look, not when I needed to get as far as away from those mermen as possible.

Ripon Cathedral’s crypt dates back over 1350 years, but the rest of the church dates from the Norman Conquest and the War of the Roses. The market square houses an obelisk where, at 9pm every night, the city’s horn blower sounds his horn. He wears a black tricorn hat, and a beige frockcoat trimmed with scarlet. I mean honestly, who needs a horn blower nowadays. Still, us sirens like our traditions too.

Being a good-natured sort of siren, I’ve added a picture of the Cathedra’s interior for you to see it’s Gothic glory.

Back when Jase and I went on the run, we had Neptune’s stinky mermen on our tail. You’d think since they were sea dwellers, they’d smell clean and fresh. No. Not them. Think rotting seaweed and dead fish.

We fled to Leeds. That’s an old wool town that grew into a vibrant city. It’s Town Hall is domed just like Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. The shopping in the Victorian quarter is to die for.  The town had some beautiful Victorian arcades. The City Council pedestrianized a couple of streets and joined them into one amazing shopping precinct.

Mostly, I’m a shoeaholic, but let me loose in there, and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. Talking of which, they have this amazing chocolatier there. Jase loves them, and they always put him the mood. The shop could market them as aphrodisiacs, but they don’t seem to know it. Oh, yeah, apparently Leeds has some pretty good museums, (yawn) but we’ve not checked them out yet.

Another place we passed through was Harrogate. Jase got me really drunk there, just to put off sleeping with me. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but he had this whole other agenda going on. Anyway, back to Harrogate. It’s a genteel Spa town, but don’t drink the water. I did once. It tastes of bad eggs, and the flavor stayed with me for nearly a week.

 They have landscaped public gardens where Georgian visitors once strolled, and a Turkish bath you wouldn’t believe. Okay, the cold plunge is always a shock to the system, but a session there always leaves me full of energy. Jase always enjoys the way I let off steam. Now he’s used to my Siren heritage, he can’t get enough Siren loving, if you know what I mean.

Then there was that field where some cows got up close and personal while we… No, that’s too embarrassing. I won’t go on about that. 

Anyway, after Harrogate, we headed out to Aldborough to meet up with Saul and Merc. The place is a rural village now, but it was once a Roman town full of traders and passing soldiers. Anyone going up the east side of England to Hadrian’s Wall passed through it. The best thing is that the current church of St Andrews stands on the site where the ancient Temple of Mercury stood.

Okay, tour over, but let me tell you about Merc. The poor kid’s thousands of years old, but he acts like a sixteen year old. He’s all mood swings, hormones, and lack of verbal filters. He had the worst imaginable upbringing, but thankfully Jase and Saul rescued him from his cage. Yeah, really. His cage.

You know Saul and Jase are Roman Gods of course? They fooled me at first, with their modern names and all, but Merc isn’t one to keep secrets. Anyway, must dash. I’ve just heard Jase come in. I’ve wearing this new lacy bra and matching thong, and he hasn’t seen it yet. I’ve bought him a box of those chocolate truffles that act like aphrodisiacs. I’ll feed them to him, along with some honeyed wine, and we’ll take things from there.


Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, the warrior god Janus plummeted from the heights of Olympus to the depths of the Underworld. After centuries of pain and torment, he finally clawed his way free. He'll never forgive the gods who condemned him, or the sirens for their part in his downfall.

Each summer, to celebrate the Feast of Neptunealia, Neptune demands a virgin sacrifice. And his sacrifice of choice is a siren.

Sirens are strong, sassy, and sexy.

Lindy’s siren heritage makes her fierce, lusty, and curious but she dreams of loving one man forever. She won’t give her heart—or her virginity—to a short lived mortal she might accidentally break in bed. When Neptune demands her as his sacrifice, she’s determined to give her virginity to anybody except him.

Janus, or Jase as he calls himself now, rescues Lindy from Neptune’s mermen. He’s the one man she’s eager to bed. The clock’s ticking. Lindy has forty-eight hours to seduce the siren-hating Jase and win his heart. That or Neptune will find her and take her against her will.

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