September 24, 2016

They Got Me! I've Been Hacked! My Old Twitter Account Had to Be Mercifully Put Down.

You tell yourself, that will never happen to me but it did.  Yes it was horrible too.  Everything I built, my great empire-- in shambles... ruins... and for what?  

So I can look at lots of tweets from somewhere in Asia or something???? I don't know....

But I will not let that stop me from spreading my message of Smutty Romances Can Actually Unite Humanity or a few people at a time... depending on whether it's a menage.

I digress....

I lost everyone I followed and those who've been following me.  So please re-follow me and I too will re-follow you because I actually had fun reading tweets and re-tweeting the really good ones.

My new Twitter handle is AT claredargin

-Thank you and Happy Tweeting!

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