September 11, 2016

#SneakPeakSunday- A #Dom, #TwoSubs and an Auction. They're Perfect For It But He's Not Sharing. #BDSM, #MMF, #Erotic #Romance

Hi everyone!  Though I am knee deep in edits for the first book in my new series - Alien Love for DCL Publications, I am taking a little break to post a snippet from one of my WIPs!

It's for one of The Love Play Matchmaking Service books...and I am having a blast writing them.  As I have mentioned before Book 2 is done.  I just have to write the synopsis and stuff before I send it in. I will do that once I am done with the book for DCL Publications.

However, I think I will give Siren Publications two books because you guys have been so patient in waiting and I want to give you another book as a thank you for sticking by me.  <3

The sneak peek below is unedited and taken directly from the draft I'm working on now.  So please excuse any typos.  This is the other book I want to turn in along with book 2.



Taylor Kinney's character - Jared, a Seal Team Six Operator in Zero Dark Thirty
is my inspiration for Blake Rees.  He is Chris Spinnel's (from Merry Chris Mas), old Army buddy. He fought beside Chris in Afghanistan.
Sneak Peek Sunday for My WIP for Book 3 of The Love Play Matchmaking Service- 

It is a Contemporary, BDSM, MMF, Erotic Romance.  


Blake folded his arms and listened intently.

“The auction is for charity and your two lovelies would make a splendid addition to our bevy of prizes.”

Blake dragged in a deep breath and shook his head.  “No.”

“For a second there I thought you were going to agree.”

“That's a something I do when I need to calm down,” Blake said.  “My husband and wife are not going on the sub auction block.  Not now, not ever.”

“You understand they would not have to sex with anyone,” she said.  “Just play a scene or two with their respective winners.”

“My answer remains the same,” Blake said.

He glanced over at his soul mates.  They were in the sub area speaking to a few of their friends.  They wore his collar and would ever only scene with him.  If he chose to scene in public, then fine but he would never loan them out to play with any one ever.

“I see,” she said.  “Would you like to attend the auction with your subs of course.  It promises to be a lot of fun.”

“Sure we'll go but only to watch,” Blake said.  “My collar will be secured firmly around their necks.”



PTSD and BDSM, do they make a good combination?  Find out soon!  

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