November 11, 2014

Drunk In Love; The New Erotic M/M/M Paranormal Werewolf Romance by Olivia Black. Book 13 in The Silver Bullet Series

[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]


Steve and Brent Perez are married shifters. In the world of paranormals some might think that’s odd, considering both men are wolves, but it’s the norm for these two. From a very early age they knew they were meant to be together, despite what their homophobic pack might believe. When the anguish of hiding their mating from friends and family becomes too much, they leave home, traveling around the world, performing on stage. While dancing at the Silver Bullet, they are stunned to realize that their mating isn’t complete.

When two gorgeous go-go dancers start checking Jayson North out, he’s not sure what to think. Used to being flirted with in his position as a bartender, Jayson tries to keep his distance. Not an easy feat when the two performers draw him like a magnet. When he learns that they’re mates, Jayson is confused. Since working at the shifter-owned bar, he’s learned one major rule—mates are sacred. So why are these two wolves checking him out? But someone else thinks that Steve and Brent belongs to him and he’s more than willing to get rid of Jayson to keep the two shifters to himself. Mating Jayson is the easy part. Keeping him alive may take more strength than two shifters have.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jayson North watched the go-go dancers as he served drinks to the patrons. It was hard to concentrate on his job when two gorgeous men were grinding against one another on top of the bar, but he somehow managed. Every once in a while, the two men would look down at him, and he could swear he saw desire in their eyes. Their mouths moved, but he couldn’t figure out what they were saying.

Were they talking about him?

As he watched them, the two men continued to dance, moving away from one another down the bar, splitting Jayson’s attention.

Swallowing hard, an image rose inside his mind of the three of them together, of him between the two tanned Adonises. Kissing and touching, building up the anticipation, until finally, both men would bend him over and fuck him. He wanted them, both of them, not one over the other. For some reason, Jayson knew he would never be able to choose.

He didn’t know their names, not yet, anyway, but he hoped he would be able to make their acquaintance very soon. Both men were built to perfection, one slightly shorter and carrying less muscle than the other. The shorter of the pair had softer features, with full lips, a bright smile, and the cutest dimples Jayson had ever seen. The taller man appeared more manly and strong, with a sharp jawline and a straight nose, although his lips were just as tempting. Jayson wasn’t sure why he’d noticed the subtle differences, except for the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off either one of them. Short hair, soft, slick skin, muscles, and dance moves that proved they could move in the bedroom. Jayson sighed, hoping that his night would end against hot, naked flesh.

The men stared at him as they slowly moved toward one another from opposite ends of the bar, almost as if they wanted him to have a private show, until they were wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing. Jayson watched, mesmerized. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. The kiss went on and on, their lips moving in tandem, their bodies dancing and grinding. The taller of the two men stared straight at Jayson as he reached down between them and palmed the other man’s cock. He turned and pulled the flimsy white underwear to the side, showing Jayson what he was missing.

Holy shit!

Licking his lips, Jayson swallowed, trying to moisten his dry throat. Both sets of eyes were trained on him as they jacked each other. Oh, fuck. Jayson groaned, his own cock jerking to attention.

“Those two.” Sam chuckled as he grabbed a new, unopened bottle of vodka from the shelf.

Jayson cleared his throat and, using the heel of his hand, pressed his erection down. “Yeah,” he agreed, even though he didn’t know why.

He didn’t know much about the two men, but the small group of dancers traveled to all the popular gay clubs around the world. Jayson had seen some of their online videos, but a show up-close and personal was a real treat. And he was in the front row, closer than anyone else.

“They’re mates.” Those two simple words stopped Jayson dead in his tracks and his hard shaft softened immediately. “I know, right?” Sam continued at Jayson’s stunned expression. “I wouldn’t be able get up there with Charles and dance. I wouldn’t want everyone seeing my mate without his clothes on. Then again”—he shrugged nonchalantly as if his words hadn’t just ruined Jayson’s whole damn night—“I’m a tiger. Cats can be a bit more possessive than wolves.”

Glancing up at the wolf shifters, Jayson’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. He may be a human, but he knew about paranormals from working at the Silver Bullet. The biggest rule—mates were sacred. The looks the men were casting him were obviously not what he initially assumed. Shaking his head, Jayson took his eyes off the couple and focused on working.



Brent licked his lips as his cock jerked, hardening.

Stepping back, he started stripping off his clothing, dropping the material to the floor. Once he was naked, he was content to stand back and watch them kiss for a while as he stroked his erection. The kiss grew as the two moaned, moving against one another as if trying to get closer. Needing to touch and kiss, Brent moved up behind Jayson. He gripped the bottom of the man’s shirt and pulled it up, quickly removing the material. Brent moved his hands up and down the length of Jayson’s muscular back, kneading his soft skin, before placing a few open-mouthed kisses along his shoulder blades.

“I want to suck you off.” Steve slid to his knees in front of Jayson. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the material down his legs. Brent moved to get a better view of the action. Steve wrapped his lips around the head of Jayson’s shaft, swallowing him down.

“Steve,” Jayson moaned and Steve sucked harder, shoving the material further down his legs. Steve didn’t waste any time. He inserted a finger into Jayson’s ass and the man jerked forward, his hips flexing. He tried to pull his legs up, to remove the denim pooling at his ankles, but his feet were locked together.

“Let’s move this to the bed,” Brent suggested.

He knelt by Jayson’s feet and pulled off his tennis shoes and socks before helping him to remove the jeans entirely. Steve continued to suck Jayson’s cock. He was like a dog with a brand-new toy and he wasn’t going to let go easily.

“Do you like Steve’s mouth?” Brent asked, rubbing a hand up and down Jayson’s toned thigh, and the human merely nodded as he looked from Steve to Brent, unsure if he should be accepting the blowjob. “It’s okay, baby. You’re our mate. The three of us belong together. We’re going to mark and claim you.”

“What?” Jayson asked, looking dazed, as if he wasn’t able to follow Brent’s words.

Brent smiled gently. They needed to remember that Jayson was human. “We’re going to fuck you and we’re going to bite you.” Jayson tilted his head back and moaned, as if he were imagining the three of them together. “Steve.” Brent wrapped his hand around Jayson’s cock, refusing to allow Steve to continue to swallow Jayson’s shaft. “Let’s take this to the bed.”

Steve growled, but he licked the tip of Jayson’s erection and stood up. “I want tails.”

Brent chuckled, “Of course, boo, and I get heads.”

Steve and Brent each took one of Jayson’s hands, putting their sweet human between them as they guided him to their bed. Steve barely gave Jayson a second to get comfortable before he spread Jayson’s ass cheeks and started eating his ass. Jayson let out a curse and Steve moaned with delight, his eyes closing. Steve loved eating dessert. Brent couldn’t help but smile. His Latin lover wasn’t known for his patience.

Climbing onto the bed, Brent knelt in front of Jayson, holding his shaft. “Suck my cock, baby.”

Jayson opened his mouth, taking Brent in and sucking him greedily. Brent growled in pleasure as he watched Jayson’s head bob up and down. His lips stretched tightly around the girth of his shaft and Brent couldn’t help but feed the man more of his length. He gripped Jayson’s skull, rubbing the buzz cut and groaning. Jayson was amazing. He fit in between Steve and Brent perfectly.

Brent looked up when Steve moved to his knees behind Jayson and winked. “He’s ready,” he said, licking his lips, his eyes glowing bright. Brent knew the wolf was right at the surface, needing to mark his mate.

Jayson whimpered around Brent’s cock, moving his hips wildly, proving that he was ready to be fucked. “It’s okay, baby. Steve’s going to claim you.”

Steve gripped Jayson’s shoulder with his left hand and guided his length inside Jayson with his right. “Fuck, you’re so damn tight,” he moaned. “I’m not gonna last long…” Steve stared into Brent’s eyes as he fucked Jayson without mercy. They had been waiting for days to get Jayson in their bed. It was no wonder that Steve wasn’t going to last long.

Jayson tilted his head to the side, giving his submission freely, and Steve dropped over his back. He licked Jayson’s neck before sinking his teeth into his shoulder, marking him. Jayson gripped the base of Brent’s cock in a tight grip before removing his mouth and shouting out Steve’s name, his body shaking. With the scent of cum the air, Brent couldn’t wait another second. He needed Jayson.

“My turn.” Brent moved around Jayson’s body, taking Steve’s place.

With Steve’s cum deep inside Jayson’s ass, he didn’t bother with lube. Lining up his shaft, he pushed in and his mouth dropped open in awe. Tight, wet heat surrounded his shaft in a hug and his eyes rolled back. Holy shit! Nothing had ever felt so good. Brent always considered himself a bottom since Steve was a top, so he never had this particular pleasure before. Taking Jayson, sinking his shaft deep inside his mate, made it hard to breathe.

He wanted to go slow. He wanted to take his time, but Brent couldn’t stop himself. His hips moved erratically as he thrust his cock hard inside of Jayson’s welcoming body. The pleasure was so intense that his wolf rose to the surface and his teeth lengthened.

“You’re ours,” Brent growled possessively as he fucked Jayson.


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