April 6, 2017

#SweetandSexyThursday-No One Is Allowed To Touch His Subs #RomanceNovel #Dom #BDSM

An Excerpt From My Forthcoming book with Siren Publishing, "Joy To His World," The Love Play Matchmaking Service Book 2.


“I don't want anyone zeroing their sights on my husband and wife.  We live a quiet life.  We have our jobs and our friends and that's cool.  And it seems like if we come out so to speak, we risk exposing ourselves to people who might not be happy about the life we have. Heck that might even want we have for themselves and would try to take it.”    

Anxiety rose inside of him as he thought about exposing his family's private life to strangers.  What if someone took this information and used his husband and wife's submissive tendencies against them. 

They were certain behaviors, words that could bring them to their knees.  Even a furtive glance on his behalf and they presented themselves to him without hesitation.  That kind of love was sacred and belonged only to him.  No one else had the right to know that.  


Thanks for stopping by.  Look for "Joy To His World" to be released soon from Siren Publishing.

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  1. A good Dom always wants to look out for his sub(s). Great excerpt!


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