April 8, 2017

#SatSpankings #MySexySaturday-It's Unwise To Tease A Dom #RomanceNovel #BDSM #Menage


Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Sexy Saturday Spanking-esque snippet.

Today's selection is from my untitled, contemporary, erotic, menage, BDSM, romance WIP. It's a fun about a Dom who is married to his two subs, a man and a woman.  Despite his strict, no nonsense nature, they love to tease him.  

“Yes Master,” she said smiling.  “You know I love you.”

“Not because of the shoes I hope?” he declared.

She frowned.  “Don't be silly.  I love you because you are warm, generous, handsome, kind...”

He nodded.  “Alright, go on, flattery will get you everywhere. Purchase undies while you are at it.”

She clutched the card, yelping as she grabbed her jacket.

“And not the granny kind either! I mean it!” he warned hearing the front door close.

Donny chuckled softly.

“Good God,” Ian said shaking his head.  “You saw them, all three of us could fit into them.”

“I believe she said they were maternity underwear.”

“But she's not bloody pregnant,” he said shaking his head trying to remove the image of the jumbo sized brief out of his mind.  Then he paused.  “She isn't is she?”

Donny furled his brow.  “Master, she would have told you.”

“You're right.” It's not that he didn't want to children.  He loved them and wanted to have a family. He just didn't want to find out that his wife was pregnant by looking at a pair of truck sized bloomers.  

“It was supposed to be a joke,” Donny said getting up.

“More like a bloody scare. And you better not bring home any saggy boxers either,” he warned.  

“Me?  Never.”  Donny waggled his eyebrows at him.

Ian frowned.  After Julianna's little stunt, he hoped his wife and husband weren't turning into bratty subs.  If they were, he had no one to blame but himself.  Perhaps he was in need of a spanking to remind him to pay closer attention to his subs' behavior.

Smirked and shook his head.  Me? Get a spanking?  Never. 

Giving Donny and Julianna one was an idea he could get behind.

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  1. Granny undies are definitely a "no-no." Love the snippet, Clare. Made me smile.


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