March 12, 2017

#SexySnippets-Their Submission Made His World #RomanceNovel #BDSM #Menage #MMF

Here is a sexy snippet from Joy To His World, Book 2 in The Love Play Matchmaking Service series.  

It has been accepted by Siren Publishing and will be out soon!



He had no doubt that they would take him out of his head and help him forget all that bad memories at least temporarily.  

“Thank you Dueno,” Jilly replied her words sliding into a purr. 

Heat rose up from his belly and filled his chest. Whenever she reached up to touch his face, everything else faded into nothingness.  He craved her like a man starving for food.  She was the fire in his soul, the breath in his lungs, and the beat in his heart. Jilly was everything he’d ever wanted and needed.

“Tell me your safe word,” he said to Nate.

“Anzac,” Nate replied.  


Joy To His World.

The Love Play Matchmaking Service 2

Coming Soon to Siren Publishing

Book 1 is available Now...

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  1. Looks like things are about to heat up! Congratulations on the upcoming release!

  2. Congrats on the acceptance, Clare. What a passionate snippet :-)

  3. Love the depth of emotion we witness in him even though he's the dominant in this scene. Fab snippet.


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