March 29, 2017

#MidweekTease-You May Address Me as Sir... #BDSM #RomanceNovel #Menage

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Welcome to this week's sexy tease is from my nearly complete, untitled, WIP, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, MMF, romance.  Heavy on the BDSM!  Before I begin I want to thank #AngelicaDawson for organizing this fun blog hop.  

On to today's excerpt. If it's nearly complete you are probably wondering why there is no title. That's because I title my books once they are 100 percent done, complete, that's all she wrote folks done. Then I think of the story as a whole and craft a title from there. So until that title and is still a WIP to me. 

A little about this scene.  The Dom has just 'acquired' his two subs for the week.  He has been away from the lifestyle for a long time and hasn't had a full-time sub in years. 


“Yes Sir,” they replied. 

He liked the sound of that Sir.  For years the word, Sir had many meanings in his life.  It was what he called his father on my many occasions, as evidence of their distant relationship.  It also stood for the gentry and peerage with whom his family associated along with the people he grew up with.  

Then there was its use as a term of respect and endearment from a sub to his Master. He preferred that usage.  It was intimate, loving and suggested a commitment that was more than just sex. The Dom has taken someone under his care.  And the submissive has willingly given him or herself to the Dom because they trust that the Dom will always have their best interests in the forefront of His mind. And once a sub was collared by a Dom, the bond between them became even stronger.  It was a sacred and should never be broken.  

At one point he had hoped he'd be able to collar someone again.  But allowing himself to feel that strongly about a man or woman was too dangerous. Cecily has showed him that.   

“For the duration of the contracted weekend you may address me as Sir around those in our social circles and as Ian if we are in town or in London.  If we do go to London, then you are my American friends here on holiday and I'm your host there to show you around," Ian said. “Do you understand and agree?”

“Yes Sir,” they replied.  

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