December 7, 2014

Trusting Pleasure by Tonya Ramagos. From the Rescue Ranch Series.

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]


Jacqueline Cross kicked off her twenty-first birthday with a double bang. Literally! That one night of hot, soul-claiming ménage sex with Hunter and Kasey wasn’t enough. Ten years later, she’s an FBI agent still longing for a repeat when the trail of a terrorist leader takes her back to Pleasure, Tennessee and into Hunter and Kasey’s arms.

Hunter and Kasey didn’t promise Jacqueline forever on that long ago night even though they wanted to. They had a commitment to honor that sent them to the US Air Force where they later became combat rescue officers. Now they’re operatives with the ETDF, an elite counter-terrorist force working independently of government protocol.

When Hunter and Kasey see Jacqueline again for the first time in ten years, they embark on a mission to claim their beautiful, tough-as-nails sex-kitten again. But Jacqueline is on a different mission, one that will put their trust, their loyalty to their country, and their love to the test.


Jacqueline lifted her cheek off the table and turned her head as far as she could to meet his gaze. 

“Prepare me, Kasey. I’m not walking away again until I get the experience of both of you inside me at the same time.”

Kasey’s heart tightened in his chest. She wasn’t walking away again period, but he would pick another time to make that clear. For now, he would grant her request and, later, he and Hunter would make love to her the way they had always wanted to do…together.

He picked up the tube of lubrication he had placed on the table by her hip and flipped open the cap. He saw her startle at the soft sound as she returned her cheek to rest on the table. Her sultry body trembled in what he could only define after her request as anticipation as he squeezed the cool gel onto the fingers of one hand and spread her sexy ass cheeks with the other.

She really did have a fantastic ass. It was firm and perfectly rounded and the absence of hair through the slit and around the hole told him she kept it well maintained and ready to fuck.

She jolted when he slipped his well-lubed fingers between her cheeks, then sighed as he found her forbidden opening and circled it before gently pressing one fingertip inside.

He took it slow, working his finger in a circle as he pushed it deeper, massaging the tight muscles and requesting entrance. They gave it to him, loosening even as they convulsed to suck his finger inside. He heard her breath quicken, but she didn’t make a sound. When he reached as far inside her as he could, he paused to wiggle the finger and stroke away the bittersweet pain he suspected she felt.

“Kasey.” His name was barely a whisper from her lips. “Please.”

“Are you wanting more, sweet thing?”

“Yes.” She hissed the word, drawing out the s and making him grin.

He pulled the digit back, spread the lube collected on his other fingers onto that one, too, and inserted two side-by-side into her greedy entrance.

“Oh, God.” Her arms stretched to opposite sides of the table, her hands closing around the edge for purchase as he delved his fingers all the way in.

“How does it feel, darlin’?” Hunter’s question was husky with his own arousal.

Kasey could relate. Playing with her ass, watching her, and listening to the sultry sounds she was starting to make had his cock throbbing in demand.

“Good. Oh, God. It feels so good. More. Please. I want more.”

Kasey gave it to her, breaking for only a moment to spread more lubrication onto his fingers before he pushed three inside her. Her hips came off the table at that, her muscles clenching around his fingers before drawing them all the way inside, and his balls screamed in agony.

“Sonuvabitch,” Hunter breathed through clenched teeth.

“Do you feel that, Jackie?” Kasey asked as he wiggled his fingers deeper. “I’ve got three fingers inside your tight ass, sweet thing. It’s so fucking pretty. I wish you could see it.”

“I can.” Hunter had moved around the table for a better view. “Fuck! Darlin’, I can’t wait until you’re ready for my cock.”

“I’m ready.” The words burst from her on a gasping moan. “Please. I’m ready now, Hunter.”

“No, you’re not, baby,” Hunter soothed. “But you will be soon. Kasey?” He gave him a look that was both a plea and a demand.

Kasey eased his fingers out of her questing ass, nodding when she whimpered. Yes, she was close, but not close enough. “I’m going to put the plug in your ass now, Jackie. Remember, you can’t come unless we give you permission.”

Her body tensed as she took a deep breath and let it out slow. “I understand.”

Kasey felt himself grin like a loon as he picked up the butt plug and covered it with the lube. He grazed the tip of it down her crack and watched her shiver. When he reached her hole, he paused and pressed just the tip to her anus, letting her get a sense of how large it was. It was marginally smaller than Hunter’s cock, but not by much. It was definitely larger than his three fingers had been. If she could take the plug and keep it inside her, she could handle it when Hunter fucked her.

“Take another deep breath, sweet thing. This might hurt, but only for a moment if you let it.”

She obediently took a deep breath and he pushed the toy inside her. A mewling cry escaped her throat, her head turned toward the table, and lifted, her forehead banging on the wood as he ruthlessly inched the plug deeper into her ass.

“Holy shit!”

“Let it feel good, Jackie,” he instructed as he settled the plug into her ass until the flared base rested against her flesh.

“It does feel good. Oh, God. It feels too good. I’m going to come.”

“Not without our permission, and you don’t have it,” Hunter reminded her.

“Fuck!” The expletive exploded from her sounded of equal parts venom and frustration, but she didn’t ask for permission and she didn’t come.

Kasey lifted a brow as he glanced at Hunter.

“You’re not gonna ask, darling?” Hunter’s voice sounded with as much surprise as Kasey felt.

Jacqueline’s forehead lolled on the table. “No. I can do this, damn it.”

Pleased beyond measure, Kasey flattened his hands on her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. “That’s our girl.”

“I better get something good out of this.”

Her clenched words made him chuckle. “Are you getting something good already?”

“Not what I want.”

Grinning his ass off, Hunter reached for her, pulled her up off the table, and cradled her in his arms. “That’s ’cause what you’re wantin’ now is a sandwich.”


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