October 29, 2014

A Pre-Halloween Treat! 'Knot Intended' by Karenna Colcroft. A Husband and Wife Take Role Playing To The Next Level In This Erotic Contemporary Romp.

No matter how good someone’s marriage is, every once in a while, things get a little stale. After you’ve been together for a few years, things like careers and sometimes kids can get in the way of focusing on your spouse. And the longer you’re married, the further in the past the “can’t keep my hands off you” days get.

That doesn’t mean couples should simply let their marriages stagnate, though. When you start settling in, it’s important to work even harder to keep things fun, interesting—and especially hot.

In my novella Knot Intended, Nolie and Joseph have only been married for a few years, but they’ve already started letting their careers take priority over their marriage. Neither is happy about it, but neither really knows what to do about it, until Joseph suggests sexual roleplaying.

At first, Nolie thinks her husband has lost his mind. She never even liked wearing Halloween costumes as a kid, let alone pretending to be someone she isn’t. But when she admits her darkest fantasy to Joseph, he’s fascinated by Nolie’s desire to be “kidnapped” and sexually used by her “captor.” And he promises to make that fantasy come true.

Even though Joseph and Nolie have let their marriage and sex life slide, Joseph loves his wife enough to go to great lengths to become her fantasy “kidnapper” and bring the fire back to their bedroom. And Nolie is thrilled by how much Joseph is willing to do to get their marriage back on track.

Knot Intended releases November 18, 2014 from Loose Id, http://www.loose-id.com. Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt:

Nolie and Joseph are happily married, but their careers have taken priority over their time together, and sex has grown stale. When Joseph suggests roleplaying to spice things up, Nolie is resistant, until Joseph offers to fulfill her darkest fantasy.

Just when Nolie thinks Joseph has forgotten their discussion, someone breaks into their home. Someone wearing a mask, but with Joseph’s eyes and voice. Joseph, playing the role of the kidnapper in Nolie’s fantasy. Nolie can’t begin to guess what her mild-mannered husband will do next in their game–and that’s exciting as hell.


Nolie nodded and tried to meet Joseph’s gaze. Waiting for time to magically be available was what they’d been doing. And when they did have enough time, sometimes they simply slept instead of fucking. Joseph was right. They needed to be interested in sex—in each other—again if they wanted to keep their sex life from trickling down the drain.

“Spice things up,” she said. Too bad I have no clue how to do that. She hoped Joseph would have some thoughts. “Okay, I agree with you. Did you have something in mind?”

“Role-playing,” he said without hesitating.

Nolie yanked her hand out of his and shook her head. Of course Joseph had a solution. She just hadn’t expected it to be one so far outside her comfort zone.

As a kid, she hadn’t even liked dressing up for Halloween. She’d always felt stupid walking around pretending to be something she wasn’t. She’d never been able to figure out why it bothered her, but she’d always avoided any type of costume and acting.

Joseph knew it. Their first Halloween together he’d wanted matching costumes, and she had flat out refused to even consider it. And now he was suggesting they do something that would make her feel like a complete idiot while they tried to make their sex life better.

What the hell is he thinking?

She couldn’t prevent the sarcasm that thickened her tone. “Yeah, okay. What are we going to do? Go out and buy cute little costumes? Sorry, Joseph, not interested.”

He gave her a tolerant smile, which did nothing to lessen her irritation. She stared back at him until he looked down at his hands.

 “I had a feeling you might react that way,” he said. “Some couples like role-playing. We don’t have to wear costumes. Role-playing isn’t about dressing up. It’s about fulfilling fantasies. Think about it, Nolie. Don’t you ever imagine anything sexy? Hot little cheerleader with the football coach or something?”

“Being a teenager again? Hardly.” The idea turned her stomach, and she couldn’t bring herself to ask whether Joseph had a thing for cheerleaders. “I pretty much prefer reality. The only other thing I ever think about—”

She snapped her mouth shut. She’d never discussed her fantasies with Joseph before. At first, reality had been hotter than anything Nolie could have imagined. Now, they barely had time to talk about anything, and with the decrease in their time together, their sex life had cooled. Now, more often than not, it was perfunctory. Even Joseph’s changing of positions during sex followed the same sequence.

And when she masturbated, her favorite daydream was dark and disturbing. Not something she had ever contemplated sharing with her quiet, vanilla husband. But he wanted to spice up their sex life, and this would definitely accomplish that, if she dared to tell him about it.
Some fantasies were better off never becoming reality, and this might turn out to be one of them. But the only way to find out was to try.


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