September 11, 2014

A Bit of Sensual Fun With-- The Brain Exchange by Robin Glasser. A Fun Look At What Happens When A Self Obsessed Male Fitness Guru Switches Mind With A Not So Sexy Woman.

If you could walk in someone else's shoes, would they fit? 

This is the line I wrote for The Brain Exchange to attract a publisher or agent. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be somebody else? Whether a celebrity, a bestselling author, a hitchhiker to the galaxy, or even your own best friend? Isn't it human nature to want something you don't have? In my case, I desired to experience being a man for, well let's say, several days, perhaps a week, maybe months! 

Don't get me wrong, I adore being a woman but (isn't there always a but) I want to know what a man feels, especially in the throes of passion. Is his orgasm as powerful as mine even though I can have multiples? How does it really feel to carry around all those dangly bits? What does the world look like from a manly point of view?

All these questions needed answers, which is why I wrote The Brain Exchange. Based on a screenplay, called Transformation I'd scribbled many moons ago when I was busily crafting both TV and film scripts, I actually flew to Hollywood to pitch my idea. 

Having no uncle, cousin, aunt, sibling or any nepotistic contacts in show biz, I transformed my big movie idea into a book. An avid reader myself, I pay homage to some of my favorite authors by slightly changing the spelling of their characters’ names—example: Jax Reecher is a takeoff on Lee Child’s hero, Jack Reacher. 

The following is a taste of what you'll find between the covers of The Brain Exchange:

Sexy celeb Damien Crest says: “In a world of ten billion people, instead of jetting off to vacay in an exotic locale, why not take a trip in someone else’s body? The Brain Exchange is the only place to go for the ultimate getaway. Book a break from your body today!” 

Captivated by this commercial, Amana and Steel, both single and dissatisfied with life, decide this is exactly the jolt they need to jumpstart their hamster-wheeling existences. Horny, misogynistic, fitness freak Steel—employed at Crapshoot Dating Service yet has no luck with the ladies—wants to Exchange with Damien Crest, who has no trouble keeping his wicket sticky. 

Sweet as the black-market candy she hoards, Amana, a taster for GLOP (GLobal Organic Protein), only wants to Exchange her ample girth for a much slimmer model. A savvy Brain Exchange exec tells her the wait-list for that is eons long—selling Amana on the idea of experiencing life as a man. Due to a major mix-up, Amana awakens in Steel’s six-pack shape. But, instead of the action hero he’d selected, Steel finds himself buried inside layers and layers and layers of flesh belonging to a…woman! 

What follows is a ten-year odyssey that changes them dramatically—will it be for better or worse? 


This is what's so wonderful about being an author—having a fantastic fantasy you and your readers can escape to for awhile before turning back into the unique person you are.

All my books come with a guarantee to put a twinkle in your eyes and sparkles in your pants. 

Here are two links for The Brain Exchange but (that word again!) it is available at any virtual bookstore near you.



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