April 27, 2013

Werewolves, Roman Gods and a Wolf Lord

Thank you, Clare for hosting me today.

I’d like to take a moment to reacquaint readers with my Dog Wild series. So far two books have been published, book one: Dog Wild and book 2, Forget Me Knot. I’m in the process of juggling the next four installments in the hopes of bringing all of them to readers to readers quickly to readers in 2013/2014, edits permitting. I have a statement up how the next four books are Fang Tower, Crazy Cat Lady, and Cool Rider, with Legal Beagle. Trickster’s Folly wasn’t listed because it’s nearly done – I had a total ‘duh, idiot author’ moment when I forgot the list book number three..lol.

To that end, here’s a fast taste of the originals (for a quick taste of what’s to come, just to show how hard I’ve been working visit my blog, every Friday in the teases, I’ve been hosting excerpts from the new installments)…


Ashley Cooper took to the skies to find the man of her dreams. But when her career crash-landed at a travel agency, she decided to safely keep her nose to the men in novels. Lupercus Dianus thought he was resigned to the role of ‘lone wolf’ until the morning he saw a vibrant feminine form basking in a wash of winter sunshine.

Love is never simple but when complicated by two screwball dogs, Roman gods, a clan of werewolves, and an unknown menace threatening to destroy everything furry – how’s a woman supposed to know if she’s finally found love or losing her mind? By reading her horoscope of course!


Hungrily, he reached forward and pulled the knotted tie of her robe, sliding Ashley from the table to straddle his lap. She had no idea how alluring her simple beauty was. When her hair had escaped the bun, flowing over her shoulders in a tumult of tangles, he had wanted to bury both fists in the tresses and lift them to his nose.

She smelled of summer-kissed fields and the musky heart of desire. Feather light, her fingers traced the bones of his face as if watching for the wolf to appear from under the man.
Wanting to be petted, he dipped his head under her hands and stilled as her fingers dragged along his scalp, sliding through his hair, gripping and releasing at the different lengths from crown to nape and back again. The need to have her hands touching him grew to a physical pain. Tugging his shirt free, Lupercus pulled the stiff linen lapels apart, scattering buttons on the floor.

So much for Quint’s obsession with pandering to fashion. 

He dropped the rent garment in disdain. Freed of the fabric, he nosed her chin up to taste the sweet skin of her throat, forcing her hands to clutch his shoulders for balance.
Ashley’s touch was like a smooth liquid flowing over his knotted muscles. Her fingers burned, sending up waves of vibrations under the surface of his skin. As his tongue dipped into the hollow of her throat, feeling the racing pulse there, he luxuriated in the spasms racking her body, luring her closer to his heat.

Her scent wrapped around his mind as he traced her collarbone with his tongue and teeth, nibbling and tasting the smooth expanse of her shoulder. The real objective was to nudge the sleek material off without her noticing and retreating behind the stolid practicality he sensed lurking in her mind.

Dreams were the doorway he walked through with relish. Watching her soft coral-tipped lips move, forming around the words framing her tale, had been distracting to the point of pain as his cock tightened in his pants. His innocent storyteller had fueled his fires with images of naked breasts brushing against his chest and her tousled locks dragging over his thighs. Never had he wanted another woman with the same soul subsuming force as he did this proud American woman.

Delicately, the sateen fabric slipped closer to the edge of her shoulder as he found a small spot where the muscle rounded towards the slim slope of her back. His tongue circled the spot, tasting mint and soft female as her hands slid around his waist, smoothing the base of his spine. She wriggled on his lap, trying to move closer as he caught the scent of her desire and dropped the veil of civility.

Biting down, he suckled the spot as he dipped in the delta of her spread thighs to trail his fingers against the feathered fur of her mound. Her nostrils flared and her heartbeat trip-hammered under this coaxing fingers.

* * * *
Ashley’s head dropped to his shoulder. Impatiently she rubbed her face against his hot, sleek hide. Every wet lick and toothy drag across her skin erupted in her center. Her womb clenched as the muscles of her stomach twitched and jumped, making her writhe on his lap, seeking a way to put out this heat that burned insatiable in her blood.

Cool air stirred against her belly a second before the onslaught of his hands. A part of her brain screamed against his touch, that he was unknown, a danger. But another force rose within, quashing the fears with primal need.

She clawed his back, wanting, needing something elusive. With every heartbeat her mind told her to be patient, that he was the one, but she was done waiting. Heaving her hips closer to his questing fingers, she moaned as the thick digits obliged her want and slipped between her lower lips, gliding around the pearl of her clit as they sought entrance to her dripping sheath. His wide hand cupped her entrance and she wept to be filled, but teasingly his palm flattened against her damp skin.

“In me, fill me, please,” she begged, nipping his earlobe. One finger tauntingly traced her raised clit as another dipped and thrust, barely breaching her hungry center. Nearly in tears, she begged again and again, “Fill me.”

Dog Wild: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=138&products_id=1218


In the first book, the Wolf Lord find his mate and discovers how an old friend wasn’t quite what he thought. Remember the old adage, ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’? Well, this hand fed the man-wolf pack a slow-dose of poison for centuries until it grew strong enough to strangle them from the shadows – or so they thought!


Dr. Celena Black tied regrets around her fingers like Forget-Me-Knots – each one about the man-wolf alpha, Madden “Red” Silvestri. After a decade of keeping his distance, Red needs Celena’s help as badly as he needs her love, but can their tangled past forge a clear future?  

As the weedy wildflower between rose triplets, being unforgettable wasn’t even a dream for Flora Daniels. But dreams are what Lupercus’ twin, Frank Horne, blames for his animalistic attraction to the natural beauty.  

What are a werewolf and a Roman god to do when everything goes to the dogs?


“Since you don’t want to talk about what’s kept us apart for the last decade, I guess I could find something else we never finished.” Hooded blue eyes pinned her in place when his mouth dropped to hover above her own. “Remember what we were doing when that big ol’ cat fell out of the sky?” The hot grin that crawled across his face sent heat blazing through her body.

“Oh yeah.” She remembered. 

That one kiss was enough to make her hungry for nothing else for the next ten damned years. He’d asked for her promise to wait for him, slid the ring on her finger, and her heart felt ready to burst as his mouth found hers. His hands had cupped her ribcage, the weight of his thumbs beneath her small breasts. There could be no way he could have missed how fast her heart was racing when he pulled her close and gently teased her lips with his. A handful of men had kissed her since, but none ever made her heart race or her blood burn the way Madden had. Telltale moisture dampened her panties. God, he made her wet without even trying.

Celena caught her breath as his head dipped, lips sampling her cheek, moving across to her earlobe. When he tugged the soft flesh between his teeth, the air whooshed out of her lungs and she shifted restlessly beneath him as butterflies erupted in her stomach.

He had such soft, sensual lips and they trailed along her neck to the top of her shoulder where the crisp white blouse barred his seeking tongue. A tremor racked her body when he gently licked the soft skin at the bottom of her throat, moving to the other collarbone. Lightly, he dragged his teeth across the surface of her skin, and the sharp teasing caress made her arch into him, craving more.

“Easy, Lena, I haven’t even kissed you yet.” The tone was joking but the feel of his breath tickling her neck rolled over her senses like a warm wave. 

This side of her neck felt every caress so much deeper that she shivered and shook as he slowly tasted his way to the spot just below her ear. The feel of his tongue swirling there made her moan. It was the most incredible feeling, the way a touch on her neck sent shockwaves through her nerves. Her breasts felt heavy, swollen, and a curious ache developed. It was a hard knot of pain, low inside her core.

“Tell me what you feel, Lena,” Madden begged as his tongue slid along the shell of her ear.
She felt him breathe in deep, inhaling her scent and something twisted inside her lower belly.

“Tell me,” he urged again repeating the caress.

Without thinking she responded, “My breasts feel full and…when you do that I get this ache down deep inside me.”

“Want me to stop?”

Celena felt the smile against her neck.

“Never,” she admitted, pushing closer, trying to rub against his body like a cat.
Madden chuckled, pushing back, pinning her against the mattress as he kissed the line of her jaw. Centered between her thighs, he paused and stared hungrily at her lips.

“Kiss me,” she begged.

Smiling, he gently kissed the crease above her chin. Her lips parted and followed his as he feathered kisses around her mouth. Distracted, she didn’t notice his other hand slowly slipping the buttons free on her blouse until the cooler air washed across her chest and belly a second before his fingers followed suit. Her mind tripped back to the feel of his fingers cupping her ribs, his thumb just beneath her breast, and her nipples tightened in response. As if acting out the memory, he cupped her ribs, making her arch. Celena restlessly rubbed her breasts against his chest. His hands slid under the irritating elastic of her bra.
By the end of Book 2 more is known about the two minor gods and the underpinnings of the organization going against them. But, now there are threats against clans in other states, a dying wolf tricked into betraying the clan, and hints of an even greater untapped world lying in wait. The major gods told them to eschew humanity, they did not. So what of humanity’s magic…

(Those answers lay in the future installments.)

Forget Me Knot: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?products_id=1217    

My blog: http://dogwild.blogspot.com/

April 21, 2013

Virgins No More!

I’ve written several Regency romances. I adore Georgette Heyer and love the Regency era so it was natural for me to try writing a few romances set then myself.

But it’s a lot of work, checking all the facts, and making sure characters don’t act like twenty-first century people. Women had basically no rights back then, so life was very different. But none-the-less women managed to make their dreams come true. They just used different methods from how we might do things today.

A well-born woman couldn’t just leave home, get a job in an industry that interested her, rent an apartment, and live alone. None of those steps was possible. She had to be chaperoned 24/7, preferably by an older male family member, although a younger brother or an older married female would do for social events. She couldn’t rent property, or open a bank account, or work in most areas. Governessing or being a companion was about the limit of the options open to her. This means plots need to be built around the conventions of the day.

Every time I finish writing a Regency story I say, “It’s too much work. Never again.” And yet…

The “Virgins No More” series came about when the story of the Arnott family just kept getting longer and longer, as more family members wanted their own HEA.

Book 1: “The Vicar’s Virgin” Blurb:

The Reverend Mr. Ridley needs a wife so he focuses his attentions on Georgina Arnott, a sensible, intelligent, yet attractive woman.

On their wedding night he’s relieved to discover she enjoys the pleasures of the bed, and, after a slow start, their evenings are full of passion and joy for both of them.

Unfortunately, when she takes an interest in his parish, it seems to involve filling his house with noisy people tramping muddy boots through the hallways, and filling his kitchen with dirty children.

He loves his wife. But can this marriage work?

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/the-vicars-virgin-by-berengaria-brown/

Book 2: “Almost a Virgin” Blurb:

Theodora has loved John Smith ever since she was a little girl. But he’s very wealthy and she is only a vicar’s daughter and sister.

John had been waiting for Theodora to grow up. When he kisses Theodora in the garden at the ball, lust roars through him and he takes her there in the garden, fully dressed, only a few yards away from a hundred people. She’s warm and more than willing in his arms, and it’s not until the deed is done that he realizes he’s just dishonored his best friend’s sister.

Theodora doesn’t regret what she’s done. She enjoyed it and wants more of him. Even though he’s only marrying her because he dishonored her, she doesn’t care. She’ll make him so happy in bed and in his home he’ll stay with her even though he may never love her.

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/almost-a-virgin-by-berengaria-brown/

Book 3: “A Promising Virgin” Blurb:

Zethan, Earl of Mitcham, decides that the stunningly beautiful Miss Sapphira Arnott will make him the perfect wife. It’s only when she declines his oh-so-flattering offer, that he realizes how rude and arrogant he’d been, and how much he loves her. The only solution is to woo her properly.

Meanwhile Simeon Arnott is in love with Miss Anne Smith. But she’s incredibly rich and he’s a mere Baronet. Fortunately her brother and she herself accept his proposal and they have an extremely successful wedding night. Their ball, however, was almost less than successful thanks to the “help” of the three youngest Arnotts and their plans to go one better than a recent much-talked-about society event.

Will Sapphira trust Zethan? And what other disasters will the children get involved in?

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/a-promising-virgin-by-berengaria-brown/

The Vicar's Virgin-  STORY EXCERPT--

The Reverend Mr. Barnabas Ridley stepped down from his carriage, nodded his thanks to his groom, settled his top hat on his shiny black hair, and said, “Now David. Make sure you’re back here to meet me in exactly half an hour. My mother may have browbeaten me into making this morning call, but not even for her will I stay one second past the proper half hour.”

The elderly retainer’s eyes sparkled with suppressed laughter but his voice was suitably respectful. “Of course, sir. Half an hour it is, sir.”

Barnabas climbed the steps to the front door of the smart town house, touched his hat again to reassure himself all was at it should be, then raised his hand to knock.

The butler had evidently seen or heard his approach for the door opened before he could grasp the knocker and he was ushered into the hallway.

“The Dowager Lady Arnott is expecting you sir,” the butler said, tenderly laying Barnabas’s gloves, cane and hat on the hall table, before helping him out of his greatcoat.

Barnabas followed him toward the door of the morning room, mentally noting that in at least one aspect his mama had been correct. Old Mrs. Arnott did seem to require use of the courtesy title she no longer held. Well, it would be a small price to pay to flatter the old biddy if she agreed to take Theodora to some Ton parties along with her two grand-daughters. And as for his mama’s plan that he marry the eldest grand-daughter, Georgina, that would depend on whether or not she was an appropriate wife for a man of the cloth.

The butler opened the door and announced sonorously, “The Rev—”

A thunderous crash split the air, followed by a moment of total silence, then hysterical screaming. Barnabas swung around facing the hallway, looking right and left for whatever danger approached.

A young woman jumped up from her chair by the fire and hurried out into the hallway which was becoming crowded as people arrived from every direction. A housekeeper, several maids and footmen all talking at once, a young man dressed in the height of fashion, a stunningly beautiful young blonde woman, a small girl, and two boys hotly pursued by a fat cook waving a carving knife.

The boys ran to the front door which the little girl had just opened, and disappeared down the steps, the cook still running after them.

Barnabas wasn’t sure what he’d just seen, but could only assume this was not an auspicious time for a morning visit. Silently he picked up his greatcoat, gloves and cane, slapped his hat on his head, and departed.

Berengaria Brown Bio:

Berengaria is a multi-published author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (ghosts, vampires, fairies and werewolves) and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men, two women/one man…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

 You can find her on the web at: 

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April 17, 2013

Come Live Raelene's Fantasy in the Handmaiden's Choice...

Erotic Menage Romance
Rating- 5 Flames


As the favorite handmaiden to Queen Magda, Raelene enjoys her status and the life she has. But now that The Great Contest had begun, she questions the laws of the country of Magdalith and the queen she serves after falling in love with one of the contestants––who loves her in return. 

This is forbidden. If anyone discovers their love, their lives, especially Raelene's, will be in jeopardy. Meeting in secret, they plot their escape from the palace. But with few resources, where can they go? When a handsome envoy from an unknown kingdom appears at Court, Raelene wonders if she can prevail on this stranger for help. But will her attraction for him complicate things even more?

Adult Excerpt

"You shouldn't say that. It's forbidden." 

But forbidden or not, Clarid put his arm around her and drew her close. So close Raelene could feel his heart beat against her breasts. He put his hands on her buttocks. He kissed her mouth and then her naked breasts as he pressed his penis against her body. She felt hot between her legs. 

"I want to couple with you," she said. 

"I am special to you, aren't I?" he said. 

"Yes. But it must be our secret. There is a corridor beyond. Follow me."

She took his hand and led him down another hallway, this more dimly lit than the one they had just come from. Clarid lost no time. He scooped her into his arms. With her back to the wall, he pressed his penis against her. 

"Your body is a perfect fit for me. Your breasts tantalize me." 

Raelene grabbed his buttocks and squeezed it. "Oh, you feel so good," she said, spreading her legs against his.

"But wait," she cried. She stepped away from him and put her mouth on his penis. She licked and sucked on the tip of it, for the rest of it was too large to fit inside her mouth. 

"Oh! I'm so glad you're sucking on me," he moaned. 

She looked up at him and smiled. "I had to do that. I couldn't wait anymore."

She gave his penis another kiss. Then holding on to his shoulders, she lifted herself up and straddled her legs around his torso.

"Oh, enter me," she whispered. "Now, before someone comes." 

He pulled apart her loincloth and put his penis inside her vagina slowly. "Am I too big?" he whispered. 

"No. You're wonderful. Oh, push into me." 

And he did, his gigantic penis thrusting deep inside her, making her vagina tremble with delight. 

"Oh, never stop," she cried. Her body shook until it became one giant orgasm of pleasure. The world as she knew it ceased to exist. She experienced only this amazing convergence of their bodies. 

Clarid grinded and pounded his penis into her, while his mouth sucked on her nipples as he moved faster and faster inside her––until he burst. Raelene felt her lust turn into joy. This was not just coupling. This was magic. 

With no cushions to lie on, they clung to each other. They didn't move for some time. Clarid's penis stayed inside her vagina, her legs still straddled his torso. Finally, Raelene realized quite a bit of time had passed.

"I think we better separate our bodies, or we'll soon be discovered." She kissed Clarid's ear as she slipped her legs down to the floor. They rearranged their loincloths to cover themselves. 

"We have to act as if nothing has happened," she said. 

"Yes, though I hope we can make what hasn't happened, happen again––soon." 

Raelene smiled. "You're clever...and a delight. And I wish it could happen again, now. Just the sound of your voice makes my vagina ache with longing." 

He put his hand inside her loincloth and squeezed her vulva. "I wish it too. See...I'm stiff again." He pulled out his penis. 

Raelene stroked it and massaged his testicles. "It's so hard, but we have to wait––have to get to the dormitory. Oh, how I ache for you." 

"Please. I can't wait. I have to put my penis inside you now." 

"Hurry, then!" 

He pressed her against the wall and opened the lips of her vagina with his hands. She grabbed his penis and put it inside her there. How good it felt to have him thrust himself inside her again. 

"Your penis is so exquisite. Oh, move it faster. Oh." 

Her body shook with chills and then with fever. She caressed his buttocks. She bit his neck. And still the pleasure from his penis amazed her as it had the first time. He began to move his penis in a circular motion. She moaned with ecstasy, her vagina pulsating with sensations not even imagined before. And when he ejaculated, it felt as if the sky opened up and swallowed her. 

But footsteps–– 
Quickly, they disengaged, with hardly time to catch their breath. Raelene saw a man wander into the corridor. He didn't look like a contestant or a servant. He wore a shirt made of gold threads––she could see it gleaming under the light from the torch. His hair––the strangest thing about him––grew all over his head. He didn't have his head shaved. 

Raelene pressed herself against the wall, covering her breasts. Clarid turned toward the wall too. The man didn't see them hiding in the shadows. He went down another corridor, his footsteps receding until they couldn't hear them anymore. 

"I wonder who that was," Raelene whispered. "We took too much of a chance. But such an amazing chance." 

Clarid nodded. "I would risk everything for another chance like that." 



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April 14, 2013

A Mohawk Warrior and a Frontier Teacher Find Love in this Gripping Historical Romance!

Thanks for having me!  I’m excited to tell you about my latest historical romance release, Blackbird. 


Adahya, a Mohawk warrior aiding the British, wants no part of love--especially not with the chattering white woman he has just taken captive.  

Katherine St. James, a teacher at a frontier mission, will stop at nothing to return to the man she has always loved, Reverend Joshua Knox.  

Adahya’s attraction for Katherine is threatening his plans to kill Knox.  Katherine is determined to save Joshua’s life…but Adahya is just as arousing as he is dangerous.  

In a fortnight’s journey wrought with danger and deception, Adahya and Katherine make the trek of a lifetime…and sleeping with the enemy might become a very distinct possibility… 


The Indian slowly ran a hand down the side of her face.  “What do you do with Knox?”


“Tell me.”  His fingers traced the curve of her jaw.  “Do not lie.  I will know.”


“Tell me.”

“I’ve kissed him.”

The Indian lowered one arm.  “Kissed him?”

Katherine found her opportunity to escape and ducked from his trap.  She distanced herself yards from him.

“What does kissed him mean?”

Katherine stared at him, momentarily shaken.  He could not be serious.  But he looked serious.

“You’ve never kissed anyone before?”

He looked confused.  Panic turned to incredulousness and exploded into laughter.  Seeing his scowl, she covered her mouth.  

“Kissing is what people do to show that they care for one another.”

He seemed genuinely puzzled.

“What do Mohawks do to show their affection?” She should not have asked, but it was too late...  

End Excerpt...

I love to hear from readers!

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Thanks for having me Clare! 

April 11, 2013

Are You Ready to Follow Sarah's Hot Journey?

Rating:  Sextreme
MFM Menage


Eight years ago Jesse Colter fled his small town, leaving behind eighteen-year-old Sarah Marshall, broken-hearted and devastated.  Now a retired Navy SEAL, he’s back and he wants only one thing—Sarah Marshall—preferably bound, naked, and on her knees before him.

She has never forgotten Jesse.  He’s been the object of all her sexual fantasies since she was fifteen, as well as the star of nightly dreams that have become increasingly erotic over the years.  So when he suddenly reappears in her life, she is torn.  Can she trust him not to hurt her, or will he once again break her heart?  Warily, she agrees to let him introduce her to his world—the world of bondage, Domination, and erotic slavery.  When he also introduces her to his best friend, Adam Sinclair, Sarah faces a daunting future of sexual submission to two powerful alpha males.

But Sarah faces an even bigger challenge.  Someone is stalking her.  Is it the old enemy who’s just been released from prison?  Or is it someone else from her past who is determined to destroy any chance she has at happiness?  Can Adam’s and Jesse’s love protect her?  Or will her world explode in a cataclysm of betrayal and violence that will destroy them all?

Q. Hi Julie,  LOVING SARAH looks interesting!  Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m recently retired after a 25-year career as a professional storyteller and puppeteer.  I just moved for the seventeenth time in my life.  I spent four months touring Europe on a shoestring budget—forty years ago!  England was my favorite of all the places we visited.  Amazingly, the girlfriend who went with me is still friends with me!  In 1982,Kidstuff, a monthly language-arts resource newsletter for early childhood educators that I wrote, won the 1982 EDPRESS Award, given by the Educational Press Association of America.  I love violets, ballet, England, the Middle Ages, gorgeous scenery, reading, and writing.  I am the author of Loving Sarah, my first published novel.

Q.  Tell us a little bit about Loving Sarah.

Loving Sarah, an M/f/M Menage, BDSM Collection, with a Heat Rating of Sextreme, was published by Siren-Bookstrand on November 28, 2012.

Q:  Sounds delicious.  What are you working on at the moment?

The sequel to Loving Sarah, titled Owning Sarah.  It completes the story of Sarah, Jesse and Adam and includes a collaring ceremony, some M/M action, a devastating car crash, a visit to a sex club,  a raid on an armed skinhead encampment, and a wedding, not necessarily in that order.  I’m hoping to complete it in the next three weeks.

Q.  Why did you decide to write romance novels?

Because that’s what I’ve been reading all my adult life, ever since I discovered Mary Stewart and Phyllis Whitney many, many, many years ago.  I’ve also been writing romance novels all my adult life, just never sending them out to any publishers.  Until Loving Sarah.  BDSM, which I incorporated into Loving Sarah, is a fairly recent discovery on my part and I’m so intrigued by it, I plan to incorporate it in all my current and future projects.

Q.  What influenced you to send your novel off to a publisher?  And why Siren-Bookstrand?

I felt that Loving Sarah was a really well-written book, with enormously appealing characters, an exciting plot and a once-in-a-lifetime romance that was at once sweet and scorching hot.  I felt it compared favorably with books written by my favorite best-selling authors and that it had the potential of providing pleasure and entertainment to a lot of people.  Plus, lol, I figured it would be a good way to earn a little pocket change.  (Obviously, I did not check this assumption with any currently-published romance authors).

 Siren was the first publisher I submitted it to, mainly because they publish many of my favorite authors.  Around three weeks after I sent it off, they emailed me and asked me to make a few minor changes (mainly, upping the heroine’s age at the time of an attempted rape, from seventeen to eighteen).  I figured this was a pretty good sign, thinking if they weren’t interested in it at all, they wouldn’t have bothered to ask for the changes.  They offered to publish it less than two weeks after I submitted the revised manuscript.

Q:  Could you tell us a couple of favorite authors who inspired you to write?

Round up the usual suspects—Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Cherise Sinclair, Sophie Oak, Lisa Marie Rice, Lauren Dane, Joey W. Hill, Leah Brooke, Eden Bradley, Kristen Ashley, the list goes on and on.  My earliest influences, years and years ago, back in the dark ages, were Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense novels and Phyllis Whitney’s gothic novels.

Q. What were some early influences on your writing?

Nancy Drew and Mad magazine.

Q. Where do your ideas come from?

 Everything I’ve ever seen, read, heard or done.  I wrote an entire Medieval Historical romance just from seeing a blue gown worn by a minor female character in the movie Becket.  The entire novel just sprang into my mind fully-blown.  I could hardly write it down fast enough.  I wrote it on 3 x 5 index cards, one sentence at a time, so I could switch the order of sentences or entire scenes more easily.  I still have it, as a matter of fact.  It’s in two shoeboxes on top of my bookcase.

Q.  Do you feel humor is important in romantic fiction?

I feel that humor is important in everything!  I can’t imagine how dreary life would be without it.

Q.  Do you listen to music while you’re writing?

Sometimes.  Although, when I put music on, I usually put it on to listen to it, so I find it distracting to have it on when I write because I find myself tapping my feet, bopping in my chair, or singing or humming along with it.  See?  Distracting.  That being said, I happen to be listening to music right now as I write this—the soundtrack from the movie Rudy.

Q.  What is your favorite kind of music?

Classical.  Followed by movie soundtracks, Folk music of the 60’s, and light rock—especially the 80’s rock ballads.  I also love Christmas music, but only (Spoiler Alert!) at Christmas.

Q.  Are sex scenes easy or difficult to write?

Easy, in that I know where all the parts go.  Difficult in finding exciting and interesting new ways to describe how the parts get there and what happens as a result.  Otherwise it’s a medical treatise.  After all, there are only a finite number of words in the English language suitable for describing an orgasm.  And they’ve all been used ad nauseum.

Q. Name three things that inspire you?

Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, the Smoky mountains, England’s Royal Ballet’s version of Romeo and Juliet, starring Wayne Eagling and Alessandra Ferri, with choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan, and medieval illuminated manuscripts.  Okay, that’s four things.  So sue me.

Q.  What was your favorite part about becoming a published author?

Getting the email from Siren telling me they wanted to publish my book.  (I framed it)  Seeing my cover for the first time.  (It’s immortalized on a T-shirt).  Reading all the glowing 4, 4.5, and 5-star reviews it has already received and continues to receive.  Seeing it on Amazon, my favorite website of all time.  Getting my first royalty check (small, very small).

Q.  How about your least favorite part?

Having to promote, publicize and, basically, pimp my book.  If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.  For someone like me, who is totally non-computer savvy, this has been an unendingly frustrating nightmare.  Hopefully, by the time Owning Sarah is published, I will be more of an expert at it.  (But I’m not holding my breath.)

Q.  What’s your favorite part of Loving Sarah?

The soul-deep emotional bond these three people share.  And the smoldering hot sex.  Oh, and the part between page 1 and page 291.  And did I mention the sex?

Q.  What did you think when you first saw your cover?

Honestly?  Since my heroes are both 6’3 and Sarah is only 5’3, my first thought was, “The guys are too short.”  But the more I looked at those three gorgeous people, the more I realized that the photographer had made the heroine stand on a box (lol).  Now I absolutely love it.

Q.  Have your ever experienced writer’s block?  If so, how do you work through it?

I go back and rewrite/edit the last scene I wrote, or I go through my notes, looking for scenes, dialogue, or fragments of ideas that might inspire me.  Or I read.  I try to avoid writer’s block altogether by stopping at a point where I know what’s coming next and can pick right up on it the next session.

Q.  What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Great characters, a sweet, tender love story, conflict, heartache, and, since I write erotic romances, lots and lots of hot, steamy sex.

Something A Little Fun!

Q.:  Dogs or cats?


Q.  Chocolate or Vanilla?


Q.  Coke or Pepsi?

Coke.  Definitely Coke.

Q.  Coffee or tea?

Coke.  Definitely Coke.

Q. Leather or Lace?

Lace.  And Velvet.  And silk.  Oh, and satin.  Yeah, satin…with lace…

Q. Now or Later?

Hoping for Now, I’ll probably get Later.

Q. Sparkles or Bursting into flames?

Without a doubt, Bursting.

Q.  Guilty Pleasure?

Coke.  Definitely Coke.  When the Coca Cola company made their epically boneheaded decision to go with Coke II, I thought my life was over.

Let's Take a Look at Loving Sarah....


Jesse held his breath, waiting for his body to break out in a cold sweat.  Even as little as a week ago, the word “wedding” would have filled him with panic.  But now…  In a blinding flash of revelation, he realized that, as much as she belonged to him, he belonged equally to her.  She had crawled into his heart and stolen his soul.  She lit the darkness within him and chased all his shadows away.

And he realized something else.  Something so searing it closed his throat and stung his eyes.  He never wanted to live without her.  She made his heart complete.  And he would do whatever it took in order to keep her with him for the rest of their lives.Burying his face against the nape of her neck, he pressed a kiss to the damp silk of her skin.

She knew he was struggling, but she wasn’t going to settle for less than she herself was willing to give.  She wanted him.  But she wanted all of him.  Heart hammering in her breast at the chance she was taking, she drew back, lifting both hands to frame his face.  Looking him square in the eye, she asked, “Are you asking me to marry you, Jesse?”

He cleared his throat.  “I—”

“Do you love me, Jesse?”

“I don’t know, Sarah.”  Anguish twisted his features, roughening his voice, making it sound…rusty.  As if it had been left too long out in the rain.  He shook his head.  Honesty, remember?  “I don’t know what love is.  What I do know is that I want to cherish you, protect you, and spend the rest of my life with you.  I know you’re afraid that this is just about sex, but, trust me.  This is wa-a-a-ay more than just sex.  You are the very air that I breathe.  I need you, sugar, not just for sex or companionship, but for my very existence.”

He swallowed hard, lifting his hand to caress the side of her face.  “You make me whole, sugar.  I can’t live without you.  I don’t want to live without you.  I don’t know what you call

that, but I don’t think it’s love.  What I feel for you is so much deeper than that.  It goes all the way to my soul.”

She held herself very still, hardly daring to breathe as hope blossomed inside her.  Hope that illuminated the shadows in her soul and led her out into the healing sunlight.  Jesse Colter was not the boy next door.  In fact, he was as close to being the boy next door as the Terminator was to being Ward Cleaver.  And that’s precisely what made him the man for her.  A man she needed as much as he apparently needed her.  Not just, as he said, for sex or companionship.  But for her very existence.

“Jesse…”  Lifting her hand, she touched his cheek reverently.  “Those feelings you just described?  That’s love, sweetheart.  True, deep, abiding love.  The rare kind of love that builds and grows over a lifetime.”

His eyes narrowed.  He looked at her appraisingly, one black eyebrow raised.  “So, what’re you tellin’ me?  That this heart-stoppin’, soul-destroyin’, all-consumin’, I’m gonna-die-without-you feelin’…”

She laughed as pure joy exploded inside her, making her feel as though she were flying.  “Is love, Jesse.  The Happily-Ever-After kind of love.  The kind of love I’ve felt for you since I was thirteen years old.”

He stared at her, his eyes flickering with the stunning power of her revelation.  The love he saw in her eyes leveled him.  It soaked into his battered soul like spring rain soaking into parched winter earth.  Threading his fingers through the silk of her hair, he cupped the nape of her neck.  He drew a ragged breath deep into his lungs.  “Then I do love you, Sarah Madeleine

Marshall,” he said hoarsely.  “I love you to the bottom of my heart and soul.  And yes, I am askin’ you to marry me.”

“Don’t you think this is a bit sudden?” she teased.  “A proposal after only one date?”

“Not after only one date,” he corrected as he moved his big body to roll her over onto her back.  “After eight long, excruciatin’ly lonely years.”

“And the date’s not even over yet,” she continued as if he hadn‘t spoken.  “That has to be some kind of new world record.”

“I’ll check with the Guinness people first thing in the mornin’,” he promised, spreading her thighs wide as he came up onto his knees between them.  He rose over her, a roguish grin on his face.  Placing his hands flat on either side of her shoulders, he braced himself above her, never taking his eyes off hers.  His black gaze drilled into her as he flexed his hips, notching the head of his cock just inside her entrance, preparing to penetrate her.  “So, is that a yes I hear?” he prompted.

“Yes!”  She threw her arms around his neck, nearly choking him in her enthusiasm.  “Yes, yes, oh, ye-e-e-es!”  It turned into a scream as his cock head opened her up and drove into her.  Deep.  So deep.  Stretching her, filling her as no other man ever had.  As no other man ever could.  Except possibly...  Slamming the lid on that traitorous thought, she gasped as pleasure rocketed through her.  “God, Jesse, I love it when you’re inside me!”

She lifted her legs to circle his waist, shifting the angle of her body to take him even deeper, intensifying the pleasure for both of them.  Clutching at his shoulders, she met him thrust for thrust as he pounded into her, his tongue dueling with hers, matching the movement of their hips.  The pressure of her orgasm built so quickly, the subsequent explosion shattered her.  The only thing keeping her together was Jesse’s arms around her as he poured himself into her welcoming sheath.


Jesse’s hands reached out and began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly pulling the flaps up out of her jeans.  The fabric parted, revealing the dusky slopes of her breasts, the shadowed valley between them.  For a moment he just stood and stared, breathing harshly.  Then he reached inside, skimming his hands up the sides of her rib cage, nudging the shirt off her

 shoulders and down her arms. It dropped to the floor, baring her completely above the waist.  Her nipples distended, becoming hard little beads of pleasure.

 Adam’s hands came around her from behind to cup her breasts, lifting them, kneading

them, marveling at the pink flush spreading across her creamy skin.  “Christ, Sarah, you have the most beautiful breasts,” he whispered in awe.  “They’re perfect, absolutely perfect.”

She moaned, pressing back against his hard chest, arching her back to give him fuller access.  He flicked his thumbs rapidly across both nipples, sending aching curls of sensation straight to her clit.  She cried out in rapture, lifting her hands to hold him harder against her.  Giving her nipples a hard pinch, he twisted and rolled them back and forth, making her cry out sharply.

“Oh!  God!”  She hissed in her breath as pleasure shot straight to her pussy.  She had never been more aroused or more wet in her life.  Her clit pounded, sending need pulsing through her with every frantic beat of her heart.

Jesse unzipped her jeans and pushed them down her legs.  “Step out.”

Shivering, she did as she was told.

While Adam continued to plump her breasts, Jesse’s hands grazed the smooth, firm skin of her belly, hips and ass.  He cupped her mound and she let out a groan, squirming as he skimmed two fingers through her wet folds.  Chuckling softly, Jesse pulled his hand away, nodding for Adam to do the same, leaving her bereft and panting and whimpering with loss.  “Kneel up, little sub.”  The harshness of Jesse’s tone sent her heart plummeting to her feet.


“On your knees, back straight, eyes down, legs spread wide, hands clasped behind your

neck, elbows out.”

Sarah sank to her knees, trying to maneuver into the awkward position.

“Bend your toes forward.”  He pushed against her knees with the toe of his boot.  “Legs

wider apart.  We want to see our wet, shiny pussy.”

Good Lord.  She had never felt more vulnerable in her entire life.  Or more aroused.  She was completely naked, her glistening folds exposed to the avid gazes of two Dominant men.  Her entire body hummed, shivering with the excitement coursing through her.  She was floating, buoyed by currents of energy that seemed to flow through her like electricity.  She was sparking, crackling, like short-circuiting live wires.

Adam stepped around her, his jeans open.  His fist was wrapped around his cock, stroking it slowly from base to tip, slicking his thumb over the slit, picking up the pre-cum that dribbled from it to lubricate his glide.  He stood directly in front of her, his cock mere inches from her face.

She stared, transfixed by his long, hard, elegant penis, thick and nearly purple with engorged blood, curving upward from a nest of dark blond curls.  Longer than Jesse’s.  Thinner than Jesse’s.  The shiny satin knob flared out at the end of a stalk that was heavily corded with thick veins.  His balls were suspended beneath the base of that stalk like two ripe plums.

She could hardly wait to taste him.

Grabbing her chin with one hand, he forced her gaze upward.  “You are not actually a slave, Sarah, but we are going to give you a slave name.  A name we will call you when we are ready to use your delectable body for our pleasure, like right now.  When we address you by this name, you are to stop what you are doing and assume the ’Kneel Up’ position and await our further orders, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”  Good Lord, had she just called him…Master?  The title fell so naturally from her lips she hadn’t even realized it.

“Good girl.  Many Masters give their slaves demeaning names, like ‘Hole’ or ‘Thing’ or ‘Worm’.  But we love and respect you, and we honor the gift of your submission.  Therefore, your slave name will be Sunny, because you are like sunshine to us.”

Her throat tightened as if being gripped by an invisible hand.  “Thank you, Master,” she whispered.

“That doesn’t mean we won’t punish you when you’ve done something to earn it,” he chuckled.  “We will.  Punishment, after all, is merely a tool for us to use in order to make you a better sub.  It is our gift to you, and you will thank us for it every time we administer it.”

“Yes, Master.”

Releasing her chin, he pressed the weeping tip of his cock against her nose.  “Smell it, Sunny.  Smell my cock.”  She inhaled his musk and her mouth began to water uncontrollably.  She gulped, knowing that her mouth was just the first of many holes that this cock would eventually penetrate tonight.  What was she doing?  She had to be completely insane!  But even as her mind questioned, her body was already betraying her.  Eyes closing, she leaned toward him slightly and drew his musky, masculine scent into the bottom of her lungs.

“Lick the head.”

She stuck out her tongue and curled it around the spongy head, licking up the pearly drops of pre-cum that oozed from the tiny slit.

“Open your eyes, Sunny.”

Her gaze flew up to meet the glittering hardness of his.

“Now, I am going to allow you to suck my cock.  Use your mouth only.  You have two minutes to make me come.  Every minute it takes you beyond that limit will earn you five swats on your bare ass, do you understand?”

She gulped.  “Y-yes, Master.”

“You must not come.  This is for my pleasure, not yours.  Am I clear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.  Open up.”  He forced her chin downward and held her jaw immobile as he slowly fed her the tip of his massive cock.  “I like it wet, so lots of spit.  You must swallow all of my cum.”

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