April 27, 2013

Werewolves, Roman Gods and a Wolf Lord

Thank you, Clare for hosting me today.

I’d like to take a moment to reacquaint readers with my Dog Wild series. So far two books have been published, book one: Dog Wild and book 2, Forget Me Knot. I’m in the process of juggling the next four installments in the hopes of bringing all of them to readers to readers quickly to readers in 2013/2014, edits permitting. I have a statement up how the next four books are Fang Tower, Crazy Cat Lady, and Cool Rider, with Legal Beagle. Trickster’s Folly wasn’t listed because it’s nearly done – I had a total ‘duh, idiot author’ moment when I forgot the list book number three..lol.

To that end, here’s a fast taste of the originals (for a quick taste of what’s to come, just to show how hard I’ve been working visit my blog, every Friday in the teases, I’ve been hosting excerpts from the new installments)…


Ashley Cooper took to the skies to find the man of her dreams. But when her career crash-landed at a travel agency, she decided to safely keep her nose to the men in novels. Lupercus Dianus thought he was resigned to the role of ‘lone wolf’ until the morning he saw a vibrant feminine form basking in a wash of winter sunshine.

Love is never simple but when complicated by two screwball dogs, Roman gods, a clan of werewolves, and an unknown menace threatening to destroy everything furry – how’s a woman supposed to know if she’s finally found love or losing her mind? By reading her horoscope of course!


Hungrily, he reached forward and pulled the knotted tie of her robe, sliding Ashley from the table to straddle his lap. She had no idea how alluring her simple beauty was. When her hair had escaped the bun, flowing over her shoulders in a tumult of tangles, he had wanted to bury both fists in the tresses and lift them to his nose.

She smelled of summer-kissed fields and the musky heart of desire. Feather light, her fingers traced the bones of his face as if watching for the wolf to appear from under the man.
Wanting to be petted, he dipped his head under her hands and stilled as her fingers dragged along his scalp, sliding through his hair, gripping and releasing at the different lengths from crown to nape and back again. The need to have her hands touching him grew to a physical pain. Tugging his shirt free, Lupercus pulled the stiff linen lapels apart, scattering buttons on the floor.

So much for Quint’s obsession with pandering to fashion. 

He dropped the rent garment in disdain. Freed of the fabric, he nosed her chin up to taste the sweet skin of her throat, forcing her hands to clutch his shoulders for balance.
Ashley’s touch was like a smooth liquid flowing over his knotted muscles. Her fingers burned, sending up waves of vibrations under the surface of his skin. As his tongue dipped into the hollow of her throat, feeling the racing pulse there, he luxuriated in the spasms racking her body, luring her closer to his heat.

Her scent wrapped around his mind as he traced her collarbone with his tongue and teeth, nibbling and tasting the smooth expanse of her shoulder. The real objective was to nudge the sleek material off without her noticing and retreating behind the stolid practicality he sensed lurking in her mind.

Dreams were the doorway he walked through with relish. Watching her soft coral-tipped lips move, forming around the words framing her tale, had been distracting to the point of pain as his cock tightened in his pants. His innocent storyteller had fueled his fires with images of naked breasts brushing against his chest and her tousled locks dragging over his thighs. Never had he wanted another woman with the same soul subsuming force as he did this proud American woman.

Delicately, the sateen fabric slipped closer to the edge of her shoulder as he found a small spot where the muscle rounded towards the slim slope of her back. His tongue circled the spot, tasting mint and soft female as her hands slid around his waist, smoothing the base of his spine. She wriggled on his lap, trying to move closer as he caught the scent of her desire and dropped the veil of civility.

Biting down, he suckled the spot as he dipped in the delta of her spread thighs to trail his fingers against the feathered fur of her mound. Her nostrils flared and her heartbeat trip-hammered under this coaxing fingers.

* * * *
Ashley’s head dropped to his shoulder. Impatiently she rubbed her face against his hot, sleek hide. Every wet lick and toothy drag across her skin erupted in her center. Her womb clenched as the muscles of her stomach twitched and jumped, making her writhe on his lap, seeking a way to put out this heat that burned insatiable in her blood.

Cool air stirred against her belly a second before the onslaught of his hands. A part of her brain screamed against his touch, that he was unknown, a danger. But another force rose within, quashing the fears with primal need.

She clawed his back, wanting, needing something elusive. With every heartbeat her mind told her to be patient, that he was the one, but she was done waiting. Heaving her hips closer to his questing fingers, she moaned as the thick digits obliged her want and slipped between her lower lips, gliding around the pearl of her clit as they sought entrance to her dripping sheath. His wide hand cupped her entrance and she wept to be filled, but teasingly his palm flattened against her damp skin.

“In me, fill me, please,” she begged, nipping his earlobe. One finger tauntingly traced her raised clit as another dipped and thrust, barely breaching her hungry center. Nearly in tears, she begged again and again, “Fill me.”

Dog Wild: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=138&products_id=1218


In the first book, the Wolf Lord find his mate and discovers how an old friend wasn’t quite what he thought. Remember the old adage, ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’? Well, this hand fed the man-wolf pack a slow-dose of poison for centuries until it grew strong enough to strangle them from the shadows – or so they thought!


Dr. Celena Black tied regrets around her fingers like Forget-Me-Knots – each one about the man-wolf alpha, Madden “Red” Silvestri. After a decade of keeping his distance, Red needs Celena’s help as badly as he needs her love, but can their tangled past forge a clear future?  

As the weedy wildflower between rose triplets, being unforgettable wasn’t even a dream for Flora Daniels. But dreams are what Lupercus’ twin, Frank Horne, blames for his animalistic attraction to the natural beauty.  

What are a werewolf and a Roman god to do when everything goes to the dogs?


“Since you don’t want to talk about what’s kept us apart for the last decade, I guess I could find something else we never finished.” Hooded blue eyes pinned her in place when his mouth dropped to hover above her own. “Remember what we were doing when that big ol’ cat fell out of the sky?” The hot grin that crawled across his face sent heat blazing through her body.

“Oh yeah.” She remembered. 

That one kiss was enough to make her hungry for nothing else for the next ten damned years. He’d asked for her promise to wait for him, slid the ring on her finger, and her heart felt ready to burst as his mouth found hers. His hands had cupped her ribcage, the weight of his thumbs beneath her small breasts. There could be no way he could have missed how fast her heart was racing when he pulled her close and gently teased her lips with his. A handful of men had kissed her since, but none ever made her heart race or her blood burn the way Madden had. Telltale moisture dampened her panties. God, he made her wet without even trying.

Celena caught her breath as his head dipped, lips sampling her cheek, moving across to her earlobe. When he tugged the soft flesh between his teeth, the air whooshed out of her lungs and she shifted restlessly beneath him as butterflies erupted in her stomach.

He had such soft, sensual lips and they trailed along her neck to the top of her shoulder where the crisp white blouse barred his seeking tongue. A tremor racked her body when he gently licked the soft skin at the bottom of her throat, moving to the other collarbone. Lightly, he dragged his teeth across the surface of her skin, and the sharp teasing caress made her arch into him, craving more.

“Easy, Lena, I haven’t even kissed you yet.” The tone was joking but the feel of his breath tickling her neck rolled over her senses like a warm wave. 

This side of her neck felt every caress so much deeper that she shivered and shook as he slowly tasted his way to the spot just below her ear. The feel of his tongue swirling there made her moan. It was the most incredible feeling, the way a touch on her neck sent shockwaves through her nerves. Her breasts felt heavy, swollen, and a curious ache developed. It was a hard knot of pain, low inside her core.

“Tell me what you feel, Lena,” Madden begged as his tongue slid along the shell of her ear.
She felt him breathe in deep, inhaling her scent and something twisted inside her lower belly.

“Tell me,” he urged again repeating the caress.

Without thinking she responded, “My breasts feel full and…when you do that I get this ache down deep inside me.”

“Want me to stop?”

Celena felt the smile against her neck.

“Never,” she admitted, pushing closer, trying to rub against his body like a cat.
Madden chuckled, pushing back, pinning her against the mattress as he kissed the line of her jaw. Centered between her thighs, he paused and stared hungrily at her lips.

“Kiss me,” she begged.

Smiling, he gently kissed the crease above her chin. Her lips parted and followed his as he feathered kisses around her mouth. Distracted, she didn’t notice his other hand slowly slipping the buttons free on her blouse until the cooler air washed across her chest and belly a second before his fingers followed suit. Her mind tripped back to the feel of his fingers cupping her ribs, his thumb just beneath her breast, and her nipples tightened in response. As if acting out the memory, he cupped her ribs, making her arch. Celena restlessly rubbed her breasts against his chest. His hands slid under the irritating elastic of her bra.
By the end of Book 2 more is known about the two minor gods and the underpinnings of the organization going against them. But, now there are threats against clans in other states, a dying wolf tricked into betraying the clan, and hints of an even greater untapped world lying in wait. The major gods told them to eschew humanity, they did not. So what of humanity’s magic…

(Those answers lay in the future installments.)

Forget Me Knot: http://redrosepublishing.com/books/product_info.php?products_id=1217    

My blog: http://dogwild.blogspot.com/

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