April 17, 2013

Come Live Raelene's Fantasy in the Handmaiden's Choice...

Erotic Menage Romance
Rating- 5 Flames


As the favorite handmaiden to Queen Magda, Raelene enjoys her status and the life she has. But now that The Great Contest had begun, she questions the laws of the country of Magdalith and the queen she serves after falling in love with one of the contestants––who loves her in return. 

This is forbidden. If anyone discovers their love, their lives, especially Raelene's, will be in jeopardy. Meeting in secret, they plot their escape from the palace. But with few resources, where can they go? When a handsome envoy from an unknown kingdom appears at Court, Raelene wonders if she can prevail on this stranger for help. But will her attraction for him complicate things even more?

Adult Excerpt

"You shouldn't say that. It's forbidden." 

But forbidden or not, Clarid put his arm around her and drew her close. So close Raelene could feel his heart beat against her breasts. He put his hands on her buttocks. He kissed her mouth and then her naked breasts as he pressed his penis against her body. She felt hot between her legs. 

"I want to couple with you," she said. 

"I am special to you, aren't I?" he said. 

"Yes. But it must be our secret. There is a corridor beyond. Follow me."

She took his hand and led him down another hallway, this more dimly lit than the one they had just come from. Clarid lost no time. He scooped her into his arms. With her back to the wall, he pressed his penis against her. 

"Your body is a perfect fit for me. Your breasts tantalize me." 

Raelene grabbed his buttocks and squeezed it. "Oh, you feel so good," she said, spreading her legs against his.

"But wait," she cried. She stepped away from him and put her mouth on his penis. She licked and sucked on the tip of it, for the rest of it was too large to fit inside her mouth. 

"Oh! I'm so glad you're sucking on me," he moaned. 

She looked up at him and smiled. "I had to do that. I couldn't wait anymore."

She gave his penis another kiss. Then holding on to his shoulders, she lifted herself up and straddled her legs around his torso.

"Oh, enter me," she whispered. "Now, before someone comes." 

He pulled apart her loincloth and put his penis inside her vagina slowly. "Am I too big?" he whispered. 

"No. You're wonderful. Oh, push into me." 

And he did, his gigantic penis thrusting deep inside her, making her vagina tremble with delight. 

"Oh, never stop," she cried. Her body shook until it became one giant orgasm of pleasure. The world as she knew it ceased to exist. She experienced only this amazing convergence of their bodies. 

Clarid grinded and pounded his penis into her, while his mouth sucked on her nipples as he moved faster and faster inside her––until he burst. Raelene felt her lust turn into joy. This was not just coupling. This was magic. 

With no cushions to lie on, they clung to each other. They didn't move for some time. Clarid's penis stayed inside her vagina, her legs still straddled his torso. Finally, Raelene realized quite a bit of time had passed.

"I think we better separate our bodies, or we'll soon be discovered." She kissed Clarid's ear as she slipped her legs down to the floor. They rearranged their loincloths to cover themselves. 

"We have to act as if nothing has happened," she said. 

"Yes, though I hope we can make what hasn't happened, happen again––soon." 

Raelene smiled. "You're clever...and a delight. And I wish it could happen again, now. Just the sound of your voice makes my vagina ache with longing." 

He put his hand inside her loincloth and squeezed her vulva. "I wish it too. See...I'm stiff again." He pulled out his penis. 

Raelene stroked it and massaged his testicles. "It's so hard, but we have to wait––have to get to the dormitory. Oh, how I ache for you." 

"Please. I can't wait. I have to put my penis inside you now." 

"Hurry, then!" 

He pressed her against the wall and opened the lips of her vagina with his hands. She grabbed his penis and put it inside her there. How good it felt to have him thrust himself inside her again. 

"Your penis is so exquisite. Oh, move it faster. Oh." 

Her body shook with chills and then with fever. She caressed his buttocks. She bit his neck. And still the pleasure from his penis amazed her as it had the first time. He began to move his penis in a circular motion. She moaned with ecstasy, her vagina pulsating with sensations not even imagined before. And when he ejaculated, it felt as if the sky opened up and swallowed her. 

But footsteps–– 
Quickly, they disengaged, with hardly time to catch their breath. Raelene saw a man wander into the corridor. He didn't look like a contestant or a servant. He wore a shirt made of gold threads––she could see it gleaming under the light from the torch. His hair––the strangest thing about him––grew all over his head. He didn't have his head shaved. 

Raelene pressed herself against the wall, covering her breasts. Clarid turned toward the wall too. The man didn't see them hiding in the shadows. He went down another corridor, his footsteps receding until they couldn't hear them anymore. 

"I wonder who that was," Raelene whispered. "We took too much of a chance. But such an amazing chance." 

Clarid nodded. "I would risk everything for another chance like that." 



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