June 10, 2013

You Scared the Hell Out of Me...And I Liked it. Do it Again!

Like so many people, I awaited JJ Abrams next installment in Star Trek franchise like it was the Second Coming. Prior to his first foray into the Trekosphere, I had never heard of him and had no idea why so many people thought he was cool. After watching it, I knew why. 

The first movie was exciting, full of energy and enough plot to keep a trekkie and none trekkie alike on the edge of their seat. So of course it was only natural that I camp out in line to see the sequel. (Yes, I am that kind of a geek but due to my laziness, lack of funds and general aversion to standing in long lines—so I opted out of the midnight Wednesday showing and went to see it that Friday instead.) And I loved it so much, I saw it again the next day. Squeeee!!

Okay, for those who of you didn't see it, I can promise you there are no spoilers in this post but those of you who have seen it and have been bitten by Khan's rapturous charms—then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I have to admit, through both showings, I was firmly in the Enterprise's crews corner, all the way no questions asked. Why? Because, I gave up bad boys back in the 80's. You see, once I got through my Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of the vampire leader- David in the Lost Boys, stage, I realized loving bad boys was generally not good for me. They generally were self centered egotists who left destruction be it physical and/or emotional destruction in their wake. Plus in real life, they were generally mean and I'm not into that.

But in the filmdom, fangirlosphere, I'd occasionally fall off the wagon when I'd come across old favorites like Darth Vader (original series) or a new baddie like Loki (whose character was once described as profoundly manipulative. So much so that it would behoove anyone around him not to trust him. Not even for a second. Heck even his own brother chided him for his inability to be sincere).

Yet like any girl with her head screwed on right, I remembered what my Momma always said, “choose a nice man cause the other ones will just use you and break your heart. Not to mention if they were of the movie variety, they'd break other things too. Like the kind of stuff that would require a really skilled surgical team to fix. 

Then came Benedict Cumberbatch. Familiar with his work as the very odd yet intense Sherlock Holmes, he somehow endeared me to the character whom I've always found well...boring. His Sherlock Holmes on the other hand was complicated, intense, genius and ADD with a bit of Autism thrown in for good measure. So before seeing ST: Into Darkness, I knew Benny could pull off the role as a baddy. 

But when I saw him on screen and heard that deep base vocal timbre, I was like---Dayum. His ability to stand, be silent and command your obedience made me well freakin' scared. I was like don't they have mental hospitals for people like you? But the more, I saw him and learned about why he did what he did and the passion behind his resolve—not to mention his incredibly taut muscles...I felt like Morticia Addams tied to the bed staring with love in her eyes at her beloved Gomez... “You you were unhinged...like some desperate demon....You frightened me. Do it again.”

And knowing Benedict's Khan, he would. Over and over and over again. I am Khan's slave.

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  1. I wish I could have seen the movie with you. I had to go by myself. Awesome movie, but it would have been so much better to have shared it with another Trekkie.

  2. I've seen it 3x's now and the screwed up part I'm up for more. And it would have been cool to see it with another fellow trekkie. Dang it you live too far away!


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