May 15, 2013

Can’t take the Trekkie outta the girl!

Okay, this is dating myself here, but I was actually alive during Star Trek’s initial run. Yep, probably not old enough to know what I was watching, but it must have burned a path through my retinas to my brain. My mom even met Leonard Nimoy at the small local airport when I was a little kid. He signed her grocery list! But the clincher that sealed my fate as a sci-fi girl was the fact mom sat me down on a chair and made me watch the moon landing on TV on July 20, 1969. Yep, I remember it well. That and Watergate – which was horribly, horribly boring to my youthful mind. But back to scifi.

As I got a little older, Star Blazers came on the TV before school. I loved it! I totally dug that show. I still do, as a matter of fact. Remember Derek Wildstar and Nova?  Now that was an early SciFi Romance I got into.  It started showing in 1979 and ran until 1984.

Then came Battlestar Gallactica. What can I say? Yum! Sexy men. The galaxy a hot mess. What’s there for a girl not to love? I think I even had a Dirk Benedict poster! Was there romance on that show? Probably a little. But there certainly was on Star Trek The Next Generation. TNG pretty much kept me in SFR for a long time to come. True, it didn’t always end well for the lovers … but it was TV, not a book.

Later on, I think the SciFi got harder and the romance a little riskier. A little more UF in feel perhaps. Aliens paired with other species. More violence on the shows (such as Andromeda). Or so it seemed to me. And sometimes the lovers were never truly united – like Mal and Inara on Firefly.

Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise had some good love stories too. Which brings us pretty much to present day. (Let’s just skip over Farscape, shall we?) I think the last SciFi show I watched on TV was cancelled after five eppies or so. Does anybody else miss Defying Gravity? I was totally hooked!

Thankfully we have a slew of SFR romance authors to keep us reading these days and give us our HEA’s or HFN’s. And to inspire us would-be writers of SFR. I have serial story in the works – I actually have the cover done already! – that will be coming out soon. In the meantime, I have straight SF (okay, yeah, there’s penetration – twice! *cheeky grin*) book out with two other authors called “Tentacles.” If you have time to check out it out, do. The book is now FREE on Smashwords to coincide with the May 16th release of the new Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness.” Coupon code is: SU36K.

I hope to come back and visit Clare soon when the first installment of my SFR is out. In the meantime, here’s a snippet for y’all and I’m sure you can spot the areas where Star Trek was a huge influence! (Oddly, so was ZOE IDOLO).

Happy reading!

Eva Lefoy




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The Trouble with Memories

Aviation Base Vault 9, Huldra Cliffs, Thalius Prime
February 14, 2353
0800 Standard Time

Lucy stood outside the door to the viewport room, her body braced and stiff, as though her life might end as soon as the door opened. In a way, it would. In just a few hours, everything she’d dreamed of, worked for, and the life she’d planned for, she’d throw away forever. The person to blame for that was Cal Sykes and in under thirty seconds, she’d set eyes on him for the very last time.

Her schedule pad beeped, and she made the mistake of glancing down at and seeing today’s date: February 14th.  Fragg almighty, how had she done this to herself? In all the weeks of careful planning she hadn’t noticed her off-date was freakin’ Valentine’s Day?  “How ironic,” she muttered.

She shook her already aching head and curled her fingers around the tray so hard her fingers went numb. Let’s get this over with. There’s no point in hoping for a change in him anyway. It’s been too long.

Drawing in a deep breath, she lifted her chin and angled her access badge towards the door’s scanner. The doors whished open without hesitation, giving her a good view of his backside. The only side she’d seen in the last eighteen months. She clenched her teeth and stepped inside.

Captain Sykes stood in the same position she found him every morning when she delivered the day’s orders: next to the high windowed wall watching the sleek faster-than-light fighters he’d once flown roar past on their training runs, engines glowing in the early twin-sun dawn.

As usual, he did not acknowledge her arrival. Didn’t twitch a muscle anywhere on his rigid frame. However, his eagle-like eyes followed every dip and swoop the fighters made as though he could force his consciousness into one of their cockpits by sheer force of will and fly it, if only he concentrated hard enough.

He’d looked at her with that intensity once, too. But in the eighteen months since he’d been back from the Mars mission he’d never even glanced at her – no matter how she’d tried to entice him. Long-standing frustration created a knot in her stomach that traveled upwards, picking up anger before settling over her shoulders like a mantle, causing them to tense. This is it. He’s obviously made his choice. Now I’m making mine.

She glared at his reconstituted mashed potato, sauerkraut and bratwurst breakfast, then at him. How in the hell could he live on that diet and expect to see the ass end of 60 anyway? Not that it should matter to her anyway. He’d made it quite clear he didn’t want any further involvement.

“Your breakfast.” More quietly she hissed, “Sir.”

When he didn’t respond – not even his usual grunt – she stepped closer. “I said, your breakfast, sir. Where would you like me to put it?” Her teeth ground together as her mind instantly supplied a few suggestions.

The fighters made another pass and he seemed to sway in their wake. In fact, he closed his eyes as if savoring the moment. As if lost in some invisible lover’s embrace. Not hers.

Damn but that hurt.

“How about here?” She didn’t merely drop the platter, she slammed it downward, adding an extra helping of gravity to the potatoes, mustard, and ketchup, so that the tray crashed onto the floor and sent ceramic shards scattering. The tray’s destruction echoed off the windows, crooning sweet vengeance to her ears.

He at last turned his head, one eyebrow raised, cold eyes assessing.

“Breakfast is served, sir,” she snarled, hands fisted at her sides. “Enjoy. Your. Meal.” Quick, purposeful strides carried her to the door. Her bags lay packed on her bed and ready, her resignation already drafted and in her outbox.

“One moment, Lieutenant.”

Oh hell.

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