March 11, 2011

Writer's Block!

There is nothing worse than looking at a blank MSWord document. Trust me, I've been doing it for the past hour. Why? Well, I have a guest blog to write. It's supposed to be insightful as I talk about my latest release, Blood Moon, and just a tad amusing. I mean, who doesn't want to be liked by their readers. I did everything I could think of to get the creativity going, but nothing worked. Finally, after I asked my husband for what seemed like the millionth time what I should blog about, he said, "Tell them what you do when you're stuck."

Don't tell him this, but sometimes my husband is a genius.

When I get stuck, infamously known as writer's block, I first read through what I have to see if my main character doesn't like what I've done. It's been known to happen, especially when I'm writing from Sarah's perspective, but it's not always the case. I then go through a list, checking off things that might have stalled my Muse. Do I have the right music, munchies, drink, etc.? If I was listening to music I'll turn it off to see if that does the trick. But sometimes, even after all of that, I am still stuck with a blank MSWord document. Then I have to face reality…

My Muse has gone on a fabulous vacation and left me here to rot.

Gee, thanks Muse. It would have been nice if you let me know this an hour ago.

Don't tell my Muse this, but some days I like when she goes on vacation. Like today; I got to spend time with my family, go to the park with my son, and have an all around great day.

So tomorrow, when I sit down to write, I know I'll have lots to say. After a day like today, who wouldn't be inspired? Sometimes, writer's block is a fabulous thing.

My latest release, Blood Moon, is the third book in the Sarah Vargas series, picking up right where Malevolent Dead left off.

Blood Moon Blurb:

After she broke her contract with the Blood Moon Corporation, Sarah Vargas knew that it was only a matter of time before they came for her. What she didn't know is what lengths they would go to make sure that she had no where to run. Everyone Sarah has every relied on is in danger during a time when friends become enemies, and Sarah quickly realizes that the Blood Moon Corporation will never give up until she is dead. The Blood Moon Corporation is coming, and even Sarah doesn't think she can make it out alive.

All proceeds from Blood Moon will be going to MUSC Children's Hospital.

Please visit for more information about this wonderful children's hospital.

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Blood Moon: Book Three of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press
Malevolent Dead: Book Two of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press
Fade to Black: Book One of the Sarah Vargas Series, Eternal Press
Promises to Keep, Eternal Press

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Epiphany, Decadent Publishing (TBA 2011)

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