March 13, 2011

An Excerpt of "Rachel's Desire" by Dawne Prochilo

Rachel's Desire

Rachel's Desire Promo


What's a woman to do when her sexual needs are ignored? Every woman has needs and sexual desire.

When Rachel Chambers' married lover is selfish and demanding, she turns to her best friend Kari Burton for support, venting...and love. A girl knows what she needs and right now Rachel needs Kari.

A girl's night in turns into a night of explosive passion and realization of frenzied love.


Deke Ellington wasn't obsessive compulsive. He just liked order in his life. He kept a routine. A strict schedule was of the utmost importance, even when it came to sex. In and out, literally in six minutes flat. That is, six minutes if his cock cooperated. If not, the act could take up to nine minutes. But good ole' Deke prepared for that nine-minute deadline and if he finished in the six-minutes, then he had three more minutes in his day to be productive.
Rachel Chambers watched the older man as he buttoned his dress shirt. Each button took precisely one and a half seconds to clasp. But who was counting? She stretched under the cotton sheets, her bare legs escaping the confines of the sheet, exposing a perfectly toned leg. She released a yawn as Deke finished buttoning his shirt and moved onto the tuck.
The tuck us, for all mental purposes, the extreme measures Deke took to make sure his shirt was exactly  perfect and evenly positioned into the waistband of his pants. The process annoyed Rachel every time she witnessed it.
She glanced at the bedside alarm clock. Today's f*** was a good one. Deke finished in record time. He arrived, stripped, fucked her and was almost re-dressed in under seven minutes. He'd probably have to try to break the record some day. Wouldn't that be just like him she thought. Get his fuck of the day and be back at his Fortune 500 Company in a matter of a quarter of an hour.
Rachel released an elongated sigh then leaned on her right elbow, “Can't you stay a little longer Deke?”


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