January 27, 2011

Where Story Ideas Come From!! From Sexy Scifi Romance Author Annette Shelley

Today we welcome Annette Shelley, author of several sexy sci fi romances from eXtasy books.  Visit Annette online at www.annetteshelley.com

Where Story Ideas Come From
Annette Shelley

As a writer, one of the most commonly asked questions I get is, “Where do you your ideas come from?”  This is an interesting topic of discussion, when you really think about it.  Are all us writers out of our minds, or are we really super geniuses, or is something else at work here?

I believe it’s perhaps a bit of all of these, but especially the latter.  When it comes to my strange science fiction trilogy, Beyond 2012, I know for sure that idea was way beyond the realm of my feeble imagination.  The story began when I had a little movie running in my mind about men hooked up to machines.  “This is interesting…” I thought, believing myself to be officially deranged.  

When the movie failed to leave my mind, I decided to jot it down, and that first set of notes became the opening scene in my three book trilogy.  I kept it in my computer for at least two years before I came back to it and other ‘half baked’ ideas and thought it sounded most interesting of them all.  I have to occasionally recheck the documents folder in my computer to see if there are any hidden treasures there waiting to be born.

I needed a quick story to write and so I picked the one with the evil queen and sperm machines because, let’s just say, I was in one of those kinds of moods.    Little did I know I would be sitting there for months and three books later until I finally had all the questions answered and the story complete.

I think that’s why I love sci-fi so much.  The creators are so…well, creative.  When you see shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars, for example, you have to sit back and wonder, “Where is this all coming from?”

I’ve long believed Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was channeling some weird creatures from another space and time.  Who’s to say?  Now all stories have pretty much been told, but in his time, the way he described the creatures and planets so well visually, you have to wonder…Perhaps he’d been probed as a child! LOL!

So what do you think?  Where do creative ideas come from?  And by creative, I mean any kind of creative energy from baking a new recipe to grooming the dog in a new style.  Is it a god thing, or are we really just all that?

I’d love to get into a discussion about all this. It’s fascinating.  Meanwhile, go out and create something today and enjoy!

Annette Shelley is author of several sci-fi, mystery and horror novels.  Visit her online at www.annetteshelley.com

For More Information about Annette’s books, click here:

Book one – Beyond 2012: Return to Love - Mankind is genetically modified to consume only fructose corn syrup and thanks to an evil Queen, men and women are segregated and used for reproductive purposes only.  One woman, Myra, fights to bring men and woman back together and end the cycle of darkness.  She falls in love with an alien named Cecil who helps her and teaches her about steak ( an aphrodisiac) and physical intimacy.
Book Two – Beyond 2012: Return of the Reptilians The Great Shift occurred but darkness is still looming.  Myra’s brother Thomas always had a dark streak.  Now he must fight those urges if he wants to continue to have a relationship with Cecil’s sister, Cecilia.  Can he tame his nature and find true love?

Book Three – Rise of the Queen - Here we go back to the beginning, to cataclysmic events of 2012 and find out how the future Queen Devlyn wound up like she did.  All the pieces of the puzzle are wrapped up as she falls in love with Nelek, commander of the Reptilian star fleet.

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