January 1, 2011

What is the MICE Quotient?

According to Orson Scott Card,

Every fictional story has it.  But the question is, what is it?  

MICE is an acronym which stands for Milieu, Idea, Character and Event.

So every story fits into at least one or more of these categories.  

  • Milieu - The Milieu is the world--the planet, the society, the weather, the family--all the elements that went into creating that special world.

  • Idea - Idea stories are about the process of finding information.

  • Character - The Character story is about the transformation of a character's role in the communities that matter most to him or her.

  • Event - Event stories focus on events which rip the fabric of the universe or disrupt the natural order and cause the world to be in a state of flux.

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